Thursday, June 16th


Thursday, June 16th



In 15 Minutes
Find a heavy 2 rep back squat


Back squats to the tempo of
“Flower” by Moby

Rx is 135/95.


Tabata Hollow Hold

Post squat weight, and tempo squat success/failure to Comments.

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  1. patrick

    My back was tightening up so decided not to push it.

    Attempted 135 on Sally-up. Made it to about 1:50 before collapsing. Not fun after those lunges from yesterday

  2. Matt

    Sally-Up: Attempted 135. Made it to 2:06, and my legs just wouldn’t stand me up. Yesterday’s lunges may not have helped my performance today.

    Made it halfway through tabata hollows before I had to scale.

  3. Darcy

    2 RM BS:165# tried 175#, but was too high, didn’t count.
    1st attempting Sally, 1:30 @95#
    Rx’d Hollow Holds though ????

  4. Melissa TruHero

    Bummed to miss squats & Sally-up day! Forcing rest day to save my old knees.

    Planning to make this up either tomorrow or Saturday!

  5. RichS

    2RM: 210 on the bar but I should have/ could have gone lower.
    135, 185, 205, 210

    105, made it through the whole song, got most of the reps but didn’t hold the squats long enough. I felt the burn!

  6. dtm

    Squat Doubles:
    Attempted a single at 275 that didn’t go so well.

    Got through about 1:45 @135, wearing a belt was a bad idea but I wasn’t getting much further than 2 minutes regardless.

    Hollows – check, last two rounds weren’t very hollow but my butt felt good doing them so that’s a plus.

  7. chad

    Sally to 2:08ish, really taxed the core and back
    some tabata mixed with some pressing

  8. johanna

    squats: 155(2)- 175(2)- 185(2)- 195(2)- 205(2)
    Sally Rx to 1:40, rested then did another minute. yikes!

  9. PlayGurlPattyG

    Great way to make me not like a song on my run playlist ???????? back squat 163 2×5 kind of Sally at 83