Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Thursday, June 20th, 2013


15 Minute Ladder:
Bench Press @ Body Weight
Strict Chin-Ups
30 Double Unders

**  Double Unders are 30 all Rounds
**  Sub for Double Unders is 50 Power Jumps

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  2. patrick

    Made it through round of 10 @190lbs

    Not even close to RX…lol. The weight got heavy really quickly

  3. Abby

    10 at 93lbs

    probably could have gotten through another round or two if there weren’t so many of us on one bench..

    too many MCs not enough mics

  4. Paige

    Through round 10 @ 83#

    D/us took a while as always…one day that will change-god willing!!!!

    @Sis, so strong!!!

  5. EJ


    Just a friendly reminder that it’s a CASH BAR

    There’s also an ATM on site if you need

  6. Jared

    sounds like another fun-filled 6am class. Abby, you probably should have deadlifted instead for this workout, I hope your wrist is ok. This sisterly competition is getting out of control, someone’s going to get hurt!

  7. Abby

    I hurt my wrist in a bar fight.

    Just kidding.. there is nothing wrong with my wrist..

    Jared.. I will never scale again. RX forever.

  8. Karin

    Balcony WOD Cappadocia, Turkey
    100 air squats
    100 sit ups
    100 lunges
    50 push ups
    Then about 10 handstands held for as long as I could

  9. Katie

    10 + 5 @ 80# but has to move down to 70# in the last round.
    Jumping slow negatives & 50 power jumps

  10. Nicole

    I was seriously impressed with Abby…agree with Paige, just go with it!!

    first day back after vacation – was like a kick in the knees. 8+14 @80#. last 10 dropped to 75#. strict chin ups slow as shit, took me freaking forever (i feel like i say that ALOT!). power jumps.

    Amylynne is a gas-masked, weighted vested badass, just sayin’!

  11. johanna

    round of 10 + 9 reps @ 70lbs, Ash assisted Chinups

    When DUs fall into place, they make the workout so much easier…

    Cashout: 3×12 GHD back extensions alternated with 3×8 GHD situps

  12. Ben O

    Ran 2 laps around the reservoir and posted my fastest time of 2013 (34:01). Query: did I run faster than usual because I was about to crap my pants for the entire second lap and needed to get to a bathroom or did I actually go slower than I am capable of going due to the severe stomach cramps? The world may never know.

  13. mikey.bialos

    Also made my wife ascend a fixed rope with a 50lb pack several times.. Totally worth the divorce

  14. sassypants

    I knew it going in…not my wod…du’s not flowing and clearly i have a relatively weak upper body.
    Finished the bench press in round 10.

    Everyone wish Ariel mazel tov. By the sound of it, he birthed a 10 lb baby in the corner during that wod.

  15. jen

    Round of 12 even at 15 min on the dot @80#
    Mostly strict chin ups- occasional little kip at the top to get chin over bar
    Double unders unbroken each round

    Wish I did 85#. Felt stronger as I went further into wod
    I love this wod!
    Steph is a beast!!

    Practiced front squats at 95# -the Rx weight for tri state games. Got 3 sets of 5. 4th set broken into 3 and 2. Did not clean it cause forearms toast from wod.

  16. zompetti

    8 rounds + 10 bench + 10 chin-ups+25 DU’s

    the DU’s finally clicked again, I lost them for a month or so, but I think I’m getting there.

    65# for bench and green band assisted chin-ups….

  17. Steve

    10+8 with back squats at 185# and GHD wall balls w/8# ball, DUs as rx’d
    Nice having Izzy as a disinterested spectator lol

  18. wingsteroosky

    reg DUs
    banded chin-ups (started with 1, then added another band at round 10)
    70# then down to 65# at round 10

  19. Joe

    10 rounds plus 8 Benches @ 135
    Dubs were good, chinups were good kipped the last 8 as I was dunzo.

    Fun times with Jon, Rob and Lightbody!

  20. PJ

    10 rounds even at 14:45, used 165#. Weighed in at 198 today, so not rx. Would like to see BW come down & strength go up.