Thursday, June 23rd

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  1. ledbelly

    OHS – rx’d +

    Subbed Strict Pull-ups for Rope Climbs – 4 strict each round – chasing goats

  2. BAston


    14/12/10/8 – Front rack lunges @ 115#
    14/12/10/8 – GHD’s with 10# plate

    My chest is killing me, so I was not about to do anything that involved climbing or holding a bar over my head. Matt called me a few choice names this morning. I don’t care.

    Rest day tomorrow.

    ** Matt’s new “hair metal” radio station is the greatest.

  3. Matt

    7:52 Rx+, unbroken squats, rope climbs were a struggle.

    Those names came from a loving place Brian, just pushing you! Wusses stay home when they’re sore, you ain’t no wuss. #PartnerChestRubs in the warm-up.

    1. Matt

      Also, a little bit less than 8 mile run in a little less than 80 minutes. Relatively painless, just boring!

  4. JLee

    Came in thinking hey rope climbs sound like fun. Left thinking hey at least the first one was.

    Need to put in work. Failed at the 3rd climb in round 2 at least 5 times.

    Can still feel the rope rubbing (burning) against my leg and that will power me through the rest of the day

  5. Darcy

    OHS @53# (felt like 100#!)
    First time doing OHS in a wod in a long time. Stil a lot of room for improvement, but I’m happy I got through it.

  6. Stacy

    Hi guys! I don’t usually post stuff here, but this is very important to me.

    My good friend Amanda Godsil was diagnosed with an aggressive, stage 3, brain tumor, just days after giving birth to her first child (on April 27, 2016). She has had 2 brain surgeries since her admission to the hospital on May 23, and is still in the hospital today (a few complications along the way and intense therapy). She cannot go back to work and her husband hasn’t been able to work since Luke was born because he is caring for both his wife and a newborn baby. Please consider donating ANYTHING. I am fully aware that we aren’t all made of money, but any amount helps and this family really needs us right now. If you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to reach out to me.

  7. amandajnz

    8:30/40 something #65 OHS 16/14/8/4 Ring rows in between. total of 2 Rope Climbs

    great class and demo’ing from Jess on the rope climbs!

    thanks eric!

  8. cloudon

    Congratulations to the Sassy Boorsteins ????

    Damn I was sore today time for some rest. Warmed up – 95# felt like shit. 115# was golden and #135 laughed at me and said sit down beeatch

    8:58 rx – First set at 115 unbroken. Second set for 3 and arms went to noodle state and dropped to 95#

  9. angela

    OH Squat @ 43lbs

    Banded pull-ups

    My first banded pull-up today! And I did a total of 22 to boot! AND I FINALLY left my feet and did a hand stand!! A huge Thank You to Chad for the extra push and his patience!!