Thursday, June 27th, 2013

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  1. Melissa T.

    ***Repost from last night***


    Ok, now that I’ve got your attention. I literally just got in my Reebok Crossfit Lifter shoes TODAY and wore them to the WOD but realized they are too big in the toe. I wear a size 8 regularly and these are an 8. They are perfect for someone who wears an 8 1/2. I want to get 7 1/2 so I thought I’d offer them to someone at the box before I returned them. Got a great deal with 40% off code so they are ONLY $90 (from $150). If you’re interested, email me at [email protected]. I will only wait a couple of days (because now that I’ve tried them I’m anxious to wear them). So spread the word! Here’s what they look like.

  2. Vikram

    MODIFIED Maria: 6 + blah (first time, I think)

    We were asked to list all our modifications, and I don’t think there is enough space here.

    -HSPUs, faded after 3 rounds – moved to the grey box.
    -Pistols, red box height. So much work needed.
    -PUs, no major issues.

    Great coaching by Ally as always. Big 6 am.

  3. BAston

    Mary: 7 rounds + 16 reps

    All strict HSPU’s
    Pole assisted pistols (ass to ankles, definitely the lowest I’ve gotten on these)
    Kipping pull ups

    25 GHD’s

  4. Paige

    7 rounds + 6 reps

    HSPU mod = feet on red box

    pistols- rx on one leg, kept collapsing on other

    Ali in the AM 🙂

  5. Alicia

    **** SOCIAL EVENT : BRONX ZOO ****

    Hey everyone – we are planning a trip to the Bronx Zoo on 8/3 to play with JCash and his animals. If interested, please sign up here:

    We are capping this event at 30 people.

    The plan is to meet up with Jason at 2pm. Plan on the visit with the animals to take up the rest of the afternoon. Therefore, if you want to check out the zoo beforehand, come earlier. We will figure out a meeting spot closer to the event.

  6. ledbelly

    5 + 15 (scaled pistols, obviously)

    I did this in reverse to keep myself entertained, so I did 5 pull ups, pistols, 15 HSPU

    This is probably one of my least favorite benchmark WODs because of pistols, but sometimes in Crossfit, like in life, you have to do things you do not like.

    Mad deep bro

    Thursday….oooo so thirsty!

  7. jmiz

    First time doing Mary after avoiding it for more than three years:

    4 + 2 as rx’ed

    First time doing strict Coach A no hands pistols. Need to work on hollowing out/core strength on HSPUs and quad/ham flexibility.

  8. Amylynne

    So sad to miss Mary- it’s a fav of mine! Dropped in at aspen cf yesterday. Nicest box outside of metropolis people wise, and a beautiful set up here. I would absolutely recommend this box!!!! Erik the owner even offered to go out for dinner with me since I was here solo! <3 love the CF community!

  9. Carmen

    6 or 7 rounds
    Mods were:
    HSPU on Grey box, until I fell on my head, did red box for a second but that was annoying so just broke ’em up more
    Ring rows
    Pistols to red box. The top leg mystery slowly getting solved. No one ever explained it was half the battle before!
    Arrivederci sucka’s!!!!

  10. ERIC S.

    Prep for Nor’Easter Masters Comp
    Clean & Jerk ladder
    With 2min rest btw lifts
    135 (10), 145 (9), 155 (8), 165 (7), 175 (6), 185 (5), 194 (4), 205 (3), 215 (2), 225 (1)

    Tabata double unders. Breaking in the new speed rope for the comp

  11. johanna

    HSPU on medium box. First round piked out then dropped to knees
    Pistols onto tiny box
    Pullups were kipping for first and last set. Ring rows for the rest.

  12. Julesnextdoor

    5 + 19, all modified.

    HSPUs on red box, pistols on red box, pullups with band, with EJ assisting (thanks!) and ring rows.

  13. mikey.bialos

    was planning on just running in the park, but i couldn’t resist and cut it off about 4 miles, then into the gym for a dlede session

    9+17 rx’d -knees are done

  14. JackW.NY

    6 + 20 all modified. First time doing “Mary” (giggidy) and I love it!

    HSPU :: Off a Box.
    Pistols :: Started with 10 lb plate, moved to bench after 2nd Rep
    Ring Rows :: In lieu of Pull Ups.

  15. dmaiuri

    5 + 17

    HSPU on the box (I still massively suck. Being upside down is not my bag)
    Pistols with a 15lb plate
    Ring rows

  16. wingsteroosky

    HSPU on tall box/knees
    pistols only on right side
    ring rows

    Friends, GO TO THE ZOO EVENT. thanks to jcash, we get to meet all these exotic animals face to face!!! It’s one of the most unique experiences! plus, when else can you eat lunch while watching gorillas and antelope roam? DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!!!!

  17. Alicia

    Love today’s pic! 🙂

    5+22, grey box hspus, bench pistols w 10# plate for left leg. Kipping pull-ups through 4th round then switched to ring rows to save hands

    Fun 8:30 😀

  18. Jeremy B

    5+ 1

    First time doing this WOD
    Strict HSPU and kipping pull ups
    Pistols with one wallball touch and go

  19. Melissa T.

    Went to the very last sports conditioning class to say goodbye. I’m very happy with my decision. 🙂 CFM!