Thursday, June 2nd


Thursday, June 2nd


For time:
55 burpees
33 deadlift, 225/155
55 chest to bar pullups

Post time to Comments. For Rx+ perform 22 muscle-ups instead of 55 pull-ups.

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  1. Jason

    55 burpees
    33 DL @ 205#s
    4 MU’s
    19 C2B pullups

    Kept failing MU’s, so switched to C2B to get some more work in

    1. BAston

      Rich is a muscle up machine waiting to happen. Flying around the rings in warm up like a circus act!

  2. 50 C2B before I ripped too much to continue.
    Yeah, those were one or 2 at a time.

    The ring swings were fun, but probably did not help my hands. Nothing really helps my hands, though…

    TT 5K: 23:47
    Got to yell at a few people with bikes on the reservoir. What dicks.