Thursday, June 30th


Thursday, June 30th


Three rounds for reps:
90 Seconds Box Jump, 30/24″
90 Seconds Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
90 Seconds GHD Sit-Ups
90 Seconds Row for Calories

Rest 30 seconds between each movement.

Today is a good day to push your gymnasty limits! If you can only do one chest-to-bar pull-up, or one 24-inch box jump, that’s okay!

Post total reps to Comments.

July 4th Holiday Schedule:
Sunday 10am Class Only, Open Gym from 11 to 1pm.
Monday Independence Day WOD at 10am in the Park

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  1. Matt

    Death by Calories on the Rower
    Set up a 1 minute interval with no rest. Rowing into the minute is permitted.
    20 + 14

    This got tough at about 13, when I no longer had time to unstrap and stretch my legs.

    1. Matt

      Today’s WOD, heavily modified because I’m a wuss
      90sec on 30sec off
      Bar Dips – 28/28/28
      Strict Chest Hair to Bar Pullups – 12/11/12
      Strict Deficit HSPU (45’s) – 14/10/9
      Farmer’s Walk 2 x 32kg – 250/300/350ft

  2. BAston

    Solo 6am session

    224 reps rx+ (Bar MU’s instead of C2B)

    I don’t remember my total breakdown bc someone erased my board before I got to take a pic of it.

  3. In the blazing afternoon sun
    a) 10 emom of some light clean stuff
    b) main event:
    Deadlift, 185
    In btw each set
    Walking lunge out 20 steps
    Burpee broad jump back
    – 20:09
    c) cool off in the hose

  4. robseda

    271 rx
    Started with bar MUs- that ended quickly
    BJ: 20-20-20
    C2B: 11-20-15
    GHD: 35-25-25
    Row: 30-25-25

  5. johanna

    Sayre Park Weightlifting Club in Chicago:
    15 min EMOM power clean (weights in kilograms) turned into 17 min

    Push Press
    Push Jerk
    Split Jerk

  6. Tapout

    336 Rx
    Except for step ups, sit ups and pull ups (BAston that one’s for you)

    29-26-30 Step ups
    10-11-11 Pull ups
    50-50-50 Sit ups
    23-23-23 Row

  7. Melissa TruHero

    Yesterday’s “California girl”
    14:46 Rx’d – everything sucked today

    Then one round of today’s wod
    BJ (step-ups): 28
    C2B: 7
    GHD: 35
    Row: 22
    = 92

    1. JLee

      Pull ups need lotta work. 1st time on the GHD got smooooked half way through round 1 oops.

      Box jumps and rowing steady