Wednesday June 3 WOD


Wednesday June 3 WOD

800 meter run (one loop around the Great Lawn)
40 L-sit Pull-ups
800 meter run
40 strict Pull-ups
800 meter run
40 kipping Pull-ups

800 meter run
20 Hanging Knees to elbows
800 meter run
20 Pull-ups (any style; jumping, kipping, strict, rows, etc.)
800 meter run
20 Pull-ups (any style; jumping, kipping, strict, rows, etc.)

Lois Lane:
400 meter run (from the Pinetum to the Delacorte Theater and back)
25 Situps
400 meter run
25 Ring/swing rows
400 meter run
25 Ring/swing rows

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  1. dkiley

    Anyone going to the park today to do this??

    ELove- I pulled off the OH squats last night. Managed to get up to 125lbs. still need alot of work on the core when breaking 45 degrees, but the shoulder flexibility has improved dramatically. definitely has to do with the pullup work.

  2. dkiley finally making his debut on the boards! Awesome. Nice work on the OHS, its a phenomenal core workout and conveniently is also great squat therapy for your lumbar curve problem we were talking about in the squats last week. (turn that pelvis over). I would suggest throwing in very low/no weight OHS 3×10 into your warmup for a couple weeks. Glad to hear the shoulder is improving

    And hell yeah, I will be busting this WOD in the park this evening. I’ve got three new recruits signed up to start a Crash Course tonight at 7pm, so I will probably go about 6 to do this WOD..does that time work for you? If not could do it after the session, so about 8PM.

  3. dkiley

    going to try for 8pm.. will check in with you later this afternoon. perfect WOD for the great lawn.

  4. 20:50
    awesome WOD..nice work kiley..the L-sits will take more practice and need to remember to do strict pull-ups as well in warmups not just always kipping

  5. dkiley

    No doubt.. L-situps and stict pullups will now be put in my warmup. After 1 month, i bet we start seeing major progress (just like everything else – i.e double unders.)

    That was a brutal one. i think our goal should be to break 20 minutes. Think that should be possible if we get the L’s down.