Thursday, June 9th


Thursday, June 9th

Blue Steel


Not for time:
35 Tuck Up to Handstand

Use a wall if necessary. 10 Minute Cap.


Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
12 kettlebell deadlifts
9 kettlebell hang squat cleans
6 kettlebell push jerks

Post rounds completed and kettlebell weight to comments.

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  1. ATHF

    3 sets + 16 reps in the 4th round. @16 KG’s

    Cant get a hang of using KB’s without killing my forearms.

  2. Matt

    WOD: 4+11 with 24kg bells, wow those knock the wind out of me.

    Tuck Ups:
    25 to the low pull-up bar, feet tapping the bar. Not recommended for beginners. 😉
    25 Straddle Press to Handstand against wall on boxes

    1. Matt

      Oh yeah, I’ll recover during the 315lb deadlifts and 225lb cleans so I’ll be able to run those miles at a faster pace.

  3. dtm

    Trop Mile:
    Lots of traffic and people shiggy at 8am but a solid benchmark.

    I tried to do today’s workout but ended up entertaining the film crew for 30 minutes so just diddled around with the KBs. I’m not sorry I didn’t get to do it.