Thursday, March 17th


Thursday, March 17th

>16.1Sol doesn’t believe in no reps.


For time, splitting the work:
4x500m Row
4x400m Run
4x500m Row
4x400m Run

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  1. BAston

    Walking around like a cripple today after all those deads. Rest day!

    Fingers crossed for no deads or WB’s during tonight’s open announcement.

    I’m thinking a rowing and HSPU ladder.

  2. Backyard liftin’ jamboree, with surprise rainstorm.
    Uneven wet ground = Variance.

    10×1 snatch,165
    10×1+2 clean+fs, 185
    5×3 press, 135

  3. johanna

    blogging for 7:30 class:
    Dave & Dro: 35:20
    Ada & Kenny & Ki (6 each round): 44:14

    woot woot! get ready for 16.4!

  4. Melissa TruHero

    Dropped in at Solace today

    3×5 front squats
    – apparently spent the time warming up since we were on our own but worked up to 145# (5)

    Kettlebell snatches/pull-ups @ 16kg (15 min cap)
    Scaled because I wanted to save my hands for 16.4
    12kg kb and ring rows 14 – 14:54

    16.4 – woof! You jinxed yourself @BAston!