Thursday, March 24th


Thursday, March 24th


Sun’s out guns out!¬†Happy Birthday JCash!


5 rounds for time:
20 hand release pushup
10 overhead squat, 115/85
400m run
2 minute rest

Post time to Comments.

Easter Sunday Schedule:
9:30 Oly Class
Open Gym from 10:30 am until noon, then closed.

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  1. Matt

    Fun WOD today, not too taxing.

    Aussie Regina crushed it for the ladies, with 29:11 @ 115 including the 4 rests.

    Matt: 26:26 Rx weights and reps, resting on the Jason Gordon clock (between 2:30 and 3:25 rest for me, 2:00 for Jason)
    Splits: 2:46, 2:52, 3:04, 3:03, 2:56. Jk lol, that was murder. Out of body experiences on the last three runs.

    Back Squat 10’s… maybe this wod affected my squats, about 60 min rest in between. PR is 185.

  2. BAston

    26:59 rx’d

    Splits: 3:12/3:35/4:05/4:16/3:51

    Unbroken first 2 rounds, then 5/5 for the OHS rounds 3-5.

    That was tough, but a great wod.

  3. Jason

    28:06 rx
    don’t remember the splits, but they went down hill quickly
    all OHS unbroken, but felt like i was running in sand

  4. dtm

    This WOD is my spirit animal but I need a rest day

    I’m almost definitely doing 16.5 tomorrow, let me know if anyone would like to join me.

    1. Melissa TruHero

      I’m off tomorrow too so it’s a possibility depending on what the wod is…or I could also go and practice.

    2. dtm

      I won’t say what I’m rooting for or against but let’s see what it is.

      Does the 5:30 or 6:30 work for either of you or were you looking to get it done early?

  5. Melanie

    Does anyone have access to a printer tomorrow to print the scorecards? I’ll bring you cookies or candy

  6. 7×3 squat cleans @ 185

    JCash out:
    6 rounds:
    30 sec hollow hold
    20 sec rest
    30 sec bicep flex
    20 sec rest

    Construction for homemade barn pull-up bar underway.

  7. Liz

    23:53 with knuckle push ups and 52# front squats (did ohs on the first round and my wrist was feeling pretty atrocious)

    and saved by all the caffeine from amanda and java!