Thursday, March 31st


Thursday, March 31st


Social! Saturday at 8pm at the Grayson Bar, 1st Ave & 1st St!
Come celebrate the end of the CrossFit Open and the start of Spring!


6 Rounds for Load and Reps:
5 Back Squats
Max Unbroken Toes to Bar

Scale toes to bar such that you can do at least 5 every round.
Rest as needed. Go as heavy as possible for all 6 sets of squats.


5 Minute Plank Hold

Post all loads and total toes to bar to Comments.

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  1. johanna

    Went around every 4 mins until the last two rounds and went closer to 5 mins. Finished in around 25 mins

    Will do the plank hold with 730 class!

  2. Matt

    Squats: 235-235-235-235-235-240, avg = 236

    Toes to bar: 26-22-18-18-16-16, total = 116

    Plank: Made it 3:36 before collapse, then about 15 seconds on 5 seconds off

  3. Liz

    Flywheel before flying out yesterday to New Orleans. Po’boy, fries and beignets immediately on landing, rxed.

    Run to the Superdome from the river and back. 3 ish miles?
    Plank hold after more beignets and bacon.

  4. dtm

    I posted to the ‘Crossfit Metropolis Endurance’ Facebook page but in case people haven’t had a chance to join the group yet below are the details about Sunday’s 3 mile run:

    We are meeting at the entrance of Central Park on 90th and 5th at 10:45. If you’re not familiar with Central Park I’m going to be fartlekking the loop to keep everyone together and make sure no one gets lost.

    See you on Sunday morning!!

    1. Kim

      Just to add a bit of encouragement if you’re on the fence about coming… I will be there and I am not fast. I’m talking 11-11:30 minute miles.

      Depending on the outcome of the Villanova game Saturday night, I’ll either be taking breaks to burst into tears or hug random strangers passing by. Should be interesting.

    2. BAston

      Fartlekking is a Swedish term that literally translates to “speed play.” Fartlek running involves randomly varying your pace throughout your run, alternating between fast bursts for unspecified periods of time, mixed with random periods of slower paces.

  5. dtm

    Long run recovery WOD:

    5 Rounds
    5 weighted pull ups 20#
    5 weighted ring dips 20#
    1 minute squat hold

    Hollow rocks in lieu of planks

  6. Bucky

    1) 135 – 14
    2) 135 – 14
    3) 145 – 8
    4) 145 – 8
    5) 150 – 8
    6) 155 – 7

    Between this and barbara my right hand is all ripped up now.

    Plank Hold for ~ 2 Minutes and then scattered times until the end.

  7. ERIC S.

    Stephanie Miller aka “Miller Time”
    Instagram handle @stephaniereh
    Today’s Wod
    Back squat average weight 140#
    T2B = 90 reps
    Days until wedding= 16 days and counting
    Body fat = a lean 12%
    Nickname= Steve O
    Interesting fact=Steph works on the medical team at an orphanage in Uganda. The non profit is called US 2 Uganda: The orphanage is called Jireh with about 180 of the cutest kids. Everyone should sponsor a kid for 34$ a month!
    Steph has inspired me so much by her humility and kindness that I’m really considering going to Uganda and helping out.

  8. Hey Metrop!

    I am yet again trying to raise money for Team JDRF, a charity that raises money and awareness for for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, by participating in the NYC Triathlon. M nephew was diagnosed at the age of 3 on Mother’s Day two years ago. This year the event is on July 24th. We start with an icy swim in the Hudson River at about 100th street and swim south with the current to 75th street, a .5m run to the transition in riverside park, bike up and back the Henry Hudson Parkway for 26 miles, transition again, and then run to CP along 72nd street and then run the loop clockwise to the finish. Last year I walked every hill….it was brutal. But, Liz Zhu joined be for a bit int he back stretch and I won my division, qualifying for Nationals this year in Omaha. If you are able to, please consider a donation to my charity here:

    I am 35% of the way there… and any donation, no matter how small is greatly appreciated in helping me reach my goal of $2500!

    1. Liz

      Ada is conveniently forgetting the part where she dropped me because she is a badass and doesn’t care if it’s a million degrees outside.

  9. Jason

    1) 215/12
    2) 220/13
    3) 225/10
    4) 229/ 10
    5) 235/12
    6) 240/12

    Avg BS: 227#s
    Total T2B: 69
    Plank: Held it for 5 mins, hips were kinda high for the first 45 seconds or so

  10. robseda

    20-20-14-14-10-13 =91
    Dropped plank at 2:30, accumulated another 1:50
    Hip hop Thursdays
    deepak plank for full 5 min = absofsteel

  11. Melissa TruHero

    Back squat 5s
    10-12-12-11-11-11 = 67
    Back was feeling tight so kept the same weight

    5 min plank hold
    – shifted from elbows to hands but unbroken, sweat everywhere

  12. steph_N

    Back squat average 118, did 1 t2b + max knee to elbow attempts each time (around 15 each)
    Dropped plank at 3 min, on and off after until 5

  13. BAston

    First day back from strep throat (don’t worry not contagious anymore)

    4 rounds of Wod @ 185#
    T2B: 20/19/14/15 (68)

    Feeling lightheaded so that’s it.

  14. a.Millie

    Back squat
    5 (rusty tall bar, no Bueno), 9, 10, 11, 12, 9
    Knees to chest

    Haven’t lifted in so long, felt good to get low. Working back up…
    Gosh can’t wait till I’m stronger #slightwork