Thursday, March 3rd


Thursday, March 3rd



For time:
90 Double-unders
9 Ring Muscle-ups
9 Squat Clean Thrusters
80 Double-unders
8 Muscle-ups
8 Squat Clean Thrusters
70 Double-unders
7 Muscle-ups
7 Squat Clean Thrusters

Courtesy of
Use heaviest possible kettlebells for the clusters. Post time to Comments.

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  1. elizabeth

    3rd round pass in 20
    Personal record of double unders 10! They were not in a row.
    Pull-ups with 2 red bands at first then I switched to one for more of a challenge. Muscle ups with a black band. Clusters with 12kilo kettle balls.

  2. BAston

    DNF (I actually stopped myself mid way through).

    MU’s were hit or miss this morning. I am still pretty banged up from Amanda the other night and didn’t realize it.

    Time for a rest day.

    **Impressive watching Patrick do the clusters with the big boy KB’s. That looked terrible.

  3. Matt

    Woof. Fun technical workout.
    19:55 with 32kg Kettlebells… took these one at a time. Would’ve been too fast at 24kg, but 28kg might’ve been perfect.

    Metropolis Book Club Selection for March is Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields by Charles Bowden. Get it now and do you some learning.

    We’ll meet Tuesday at 8:00pm at DTUT to discuss American Gods. Currently 6 people are in.

    Open Predictions anyone?
    Matt’s best guess:
    9 Minute AMRAP:
    9 Deadlift, 185/125
    3 Front Squat, 185/125
    9 Toes to Bar

    1. Matt

      Cash Out – Sun was shining, so I finally went for it:
      Fingers and face are cold heading up 100th and up Lex. Dog outside new Effy’s cafe is not happy about the loud giant metal jumping person. I get stuck at traffic light on 102nd, not a big deal.
      Lady: “You look like you’re having so much fun!” I’m not. I’m in the zone.
      Heading down 102nd is tough, downhill is always the hardest to balance and not get out of control.
      Turning up Park is a challenge, sharp change of gradient is tricky; I have to take my time. Sitting in the shadows now, but fingers and face are very warm at this point. Arches are struggling in thin Inov8s.
      As always, this stretch is mentally challenging, it’s long and boring and uphill. Thankfully, I find my rhythm, even catch myself daydreaming about halfway up.
      Lots of shaking out the shoulders, arm shakes are easy, arm circles are doable, but crossovers are very precarious — I start spinning right away. Frustrating because these feel the best, outer delts are really getting tight.
      Pick up some speed rounding corner onto 96th, which feels awesome, and now I’m in the sunlight. But it’s downhill, and at 9:00am there are a lot of people around. Thankfully, as usual, they give me a wide berth. Lots of stares though, little encouragement. Moving very slow.
      Crossing Lex is a big worry. Timing the traffic and the pedestrians will be a challenge. Coming up to the intersection now, 10 seconds left on the indicator. I’m not lined up with the ramp, but I’m going for it. Bad move. I jump the curb, probably higher than I need to, and bottom out. Feet take the last several pounds of force, but I keep my balance! No problem beating the timer across the street, and huge victory jump onto the opposite curb. Jumping up is much safer than jumping down – pro tip.
      Down to 3rd starting to feel pretty good about this endeavor, but can’t take it for granted. Abs are twitching, knees are tired of the friction, and shoulders are burning. No love from the college girls on 3rd heading to class either. What’s new?
      Surprise! Construction tunnel b/w 98th and 99th has low crossbeams, like 6 ft. Did not prepare for Marco Polo… I’m caught off guard – “Oh shit!” I have to crouch low to avoid them, while climbing the ramp onto the sidewalk. Yikes. But I’ve come too far.
      I make it through the tunnel, back into the sun, where some lady is filming me. “I’m almost there, 1 mile!” “That’s amazing!” Look for #elbarriopogoguy.
      No fear heading up 100th, confident, speedy bounces all the way. Hit the ‘trop, pop off and hoist the stick over my head! “Yessss!” Time on the clock is just past twenty, so I made it just under 20’.

      Metropolis Pogo Mile – Unbroken – Sub 20min – P.R.

    2. Melanie

      We definitely all feel like we were there with you after that post! I hope you got that lady’s contact information thought – if there’s no video then it didn’t really happen 😉

      Just kidding. Great job Matty!

  4. dtm

    Rest day with lots and lots of hip mobility work and foam rolling.

    I have to do the open workout tomorrow morning if anyone wants to join me…

  5. Melissa TruHero

    Book club is paying off for you Matty! What an amazing (read: insane) accomplishment! You can be an honorary Mexican Jumping Bean. 🙂

  6. Liz

    25# dumbbells, subbed pull up + ring dip with support for muscle up

    also got my pr in double unders and contemplated (briefly) just continuing rather than going ahead with the wod

  7. robseda

    14:12 rx 24kg kbs
    Strung them together fine hahaha – spent some time watching Jon and the 32s

  8. J Cash

    Movements I suck at
    19:36 with 24kgs. Almost fell over with the 32’s. Let’s hope this isn’t 16.2 tonight