Thursday, May 19th


Thursday, May 19th


Jason is taking Step One on Thursday! Good luck dude!


3 Rounds for time of:
400m run with a medicine ball, 20/14
14 back squats, 155/105
14 Strict Ring-Dips

For Rx+, use 205/133, and perform 7 strict muscle-ups instead of dips.

Post time to Comments.

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  1. JLee


    125# Squats – With something that almost resembles hip mobility
    12 dips per round – Last round basically singles but feels good to get the volume in

    1. Matt

      Tomorrow’s WOD:
      Worked up to 215 on the first thing
      6:28 on second thing, rx, unassisted

      Between strict m-ups and tomorrow’s wod, I am feeling s.a.f.

  2. jasenS

    As an avid bathroom user at Metropolis I’m glad patient 0 of all the worlds infectious diseases(the previous toilet paper holder) is finally gone. Wipe without fear.

    Thanks matt.

    now just toss that issue of Kettlebell Monthly or whatever the fuck it is….

    strict MU’s
    that med ball run is a pig.

  3. RichS

    17:37 @ 125
    20# med ball
    strict ring dips

    Took Matts advice and ate half a banana on my way to the box, seems to have helped a little.

  4. ledbelly

    Circa 14 minutes rx’d minus the medicine ball thing. I don’t have any kids.

    From the rack because I can’t clean 155

  5. Tapout

    Kipping pull up practice with good hints from Joanna.

    18:25 @ 93#, small red band for ring dips

    Thought I had gotten my energy back…until I did this. But ready to work again.

  6. johanna

    Snatch EMOM from yesterday (ended up doing 19 mins):
    great long warmup to get dialed in, focused on sitting in the bottom position

    Today’s WOD: 15:58 @103 and 7 strict ring dips each round