Thursday Skills and Drills


Thursday Skills and Drills

1) With a running 12min clock, with only one rep per minute Clean and Jerk as many pounds as possible

2) 3 minutes, as many pullups as possible
1 minute rest
3 minutes, as many double unders as possible

Post total load, reps to Comments.

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  1. ashleigh

    Hey guys – I’m going to place an order for those palm grips this weekend. Brian, Let me know if you still want a pair and if anyone else would like a pair as well let me know by Sunday 🙂

  2. Karin

    Sign me up for a pair too!

    1x 75lbs, 1 fail at 85lbs, 11x 85lbs (gave myself a baker’s dozen to make up for the fail). Total 1,010 lbs

    39 pull ups (green band)
    31 DU

  3. mhigg

    Ashleigh, please order me a pair too. Thank you for taking care of the order.

    1) 1740lbs

    2) 188 (25 pullups)

  4. belbogen

    1.) 1970 (12 for 12 on lifts, will likely try 185 instead of 165 next time.

    2.) 32 pullups + 102 double unders = 134

  5. jwalkowitz

    1. Started with 95 and finished at 125. I failed a 115 and 125.

    2. 35 pull ups, 54 KB swings – 1 pood

  6. Brooke

    Ashleigh – me too. I’ll try anything!

    1. Total 905 lbs. Started at 65 lbs, ended at 80 lbs.
    2. 17 pu’s with black band (they are getting a little easier) and 21 DU’s (they are not getting easier)

  7. mjohnston

    Did a half volume “murph” solo in the park.

    Eric, you should incorporate the “Shake Weight” into the WODs. They look like they could revolutionize CrossFit.

  8. PJ

    Ye ModWoD

    1) box jumps w/ weighted vest; ended w/ 16 of whatever those weights are using 24″ box.

    2) 102 KBs w/ the little guy, 67 DUs.

    I should probably start learning how much stuff weighs.

  9. mjansen

    Ashleigh, Ryan Benson and I will purchase a set of those palm grips. Please let me know how much money it will cost! Thanks