Thursday Skills and Drills


Thursday Skills and Drills

2 rounds for reps of:
90s Wallballs, skylight
30s Rest
90s SDHP, 95/65
30s Rest
90s Push Press, 95/65
30s Rest

Post total reps to Comments.

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  1. PJ

    as usual a non-standard WOD: 65 lbs on bar, did 20-lb wb’s round 1, box jumps round 2; back squats in lieu of push press. 160 reps.

  2. belbogen

    So… we don’t have to do FGB on Saturday anymore… right?

    As Rx’d:
    Wallballs 47, 35
    SDHP 28, 21
    Push Press 31, 26

    Total: 188

  3. Brooke

    Brian-47 WBs, that’s impressive.

    DL-do you need any help for Saturday night? Just let me know.

    120 +/- 5 total reps, 45 lbs bar, 10 lb WB.

  4. dlede

    150, not sure about breakdown but probably did sets of 20-30+ on SDHP/pp to make up for my crappy wall balls… too damn high

    Brooke, only thing left to do is buy the BBQ food and we will probably go sometime saturday (in between octoberfest, or whatever)

    Everyone, there should be an envelope for food money in the gym so contribute what you would like and I will make up the rest, ALSO leave some food suggestions in there too so we make sure to get everyone covered, we will probably go with simple stuff like burgers, maybe throw in some turkey burgers, chicken, sides, etc