Liz, mid handstand walk (mega impressive) & Carmen and Jenn showing everyone how the bottom of the squat should look.

3 Rounds…
AMRAP in 10 Minutes, Rest for 2 Minutes:
50 Double Unders
15 Ring Dips
15 Knees to Elbows
15 BACK Extensions
Bear Crawl Down & Back the Gym

**  Pick up where you left off at the beginning of each AMRAP to make one total score.
**  Back Extensions, not Hip Extensions – Maintain control with a slow and steady tempo down and up for each rep.

“There is no such thing as a small miracle. A gym is a place of miracles. People do things they once thought impossible — lifting heavier, squeezing out one more rep, finding discipline and willpower they didn’t know they had. They’re amazed at how good they feel and look, and they carry their new power into the world. This is the miracle I wanted to give to the world.”
– Joe Wieder, excerpt from Brothers of Iron

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  1. phillipc

    Morning all from Paris.

    Workout in Park Jardin du Luxembourg.

    – Yoga + Spiderman stretches
    – 3 rounds: 10 alternating jumping lunges, 15 pushups, 20 squats
    – Plank-off (wife won)
    – Run around park ~1mile
    – 20 boxjumps on park bench

    Cash out: Fresh punnet of strawberries (insanely good), croissant, Greek yoghurt. Off to Bordeaux now – adieu!

  2. marilina

    @Phillip- you no longer have an excuse to complain when someone refers you as Phillipe.

    @every one but Phillipe
    Saturday = Metropolis Summer Kick-off party
    7:30pm – midnight
    Bring drinks or food, bring company!
    215/217 E 96th, on the NE corner at 3rd, next to the mosque.

    Ask to go to the party room as Bialos/Kim’s guests.
    Press ST elevator button.
    My number is 914-584-3805

    Let me know if you have a sports event you can’t miss on TV via [email protected]

  3. Vikram

    Bonjour Phillipe!

    4 + Blah today.

    I normally do OK at the cardio/endurance stuff. But today was a lot more strength than it looks on paper (at least to me). Pretty modified by round 3.

    Great seeing Kiley. Worked out with the famous Liz in today’s awesome photo.

  4. mcohen

    Today proves an oldie but goodie in the cliche department, “Its not the heat, its the humidity”.

    4 rounds and 76 reps Rx’d.

    Going to hit the Oceanstate Masters 2nd WOD with Brad tonight at 5:30 if anyone is interested in joining us.

    10 minute AMRAP of 12 deadlits, 8 hang power cleans, 6 shoulder to overhead and 150 meter sprints, followed 2 mintues later by 2 minutes of KB swings. Come one come all, it shoudl be fun

  5. zlewis3187

    I have a fight coming up on Sunday so now it is time to rest, relax, and take it easy beforehand. I will see you guys, bright and early on Monday though. Video of the fight may, or may not be, posted here depending on whether or not it is embarrassing or not.

  6. Ben

    4 + 10

    Pushups instead of ring dips. DUs were fine towards the beginning, but evaporated at the end.

  7. PJ

    Gave my shoulders another rest day, but this looks putrid.

    Question – are we back on strength rotation tomorrow (pull / press?). Either way, looking forward to seeing you folks Friday.

  8. DT

    Marilina, Is Saturday BYOB or do you have the kegs on ice?

    I’d hate to be on the old people flip cup team.. for obvious reasons

  9. Brett

    3 + 2 DU.

    DU’s were a 90 second disaster. All the rest was done at RX. Ring dips took the longest but wanted to work on strength, hence the low round count.

  10. dcasey

    4 rounds + 51 RX

    Brett – you should warn that its not safe for work / not safe for when youre eating lunch.

  11. PJ

    @BAston – I am not taking the wrap for breaking pinky. That incident caused me to invest in EJ’s rope order & now exclusively use the custom cheese graters. Still, really glad to hear she is back online.

    Strength Friday on 3

  12. Brooke

    @Brett – all you have to do is ask Elove and he’ll show you what a real man looks like…

  13. jmiz

    So what do you all think about this Bloomberg soda ban? I think I’ve decided I’m against it for two main reasons: 1) I’m just not a fan of curbing your civil liberty to drink and eat crap. What’s next, a ban on candy and sweet desserts over a certain amount? If people want to choose to be obese, go ahead. 2) For those of you who respond to #1 with, “well, I don’t want Fatty McFatterson sucking up my hard-earned tax dollars in the hospital, you’re right. I’m against the ban because we should be taxing the hell out of it instead. Missed opportunity here Mikey, let’s get those tax coffers flowing with some syrupy goodness from my 48 ox Mountain Dew Red Alert. Once people have to pay 10 bucks for that crap they may actually choose something else. Thoughts?

  14. sassypants

    Miz, I’m against it too. It’s about education. Do we still teach abstinence until marriage as the only choice or do we properly prepare our youth to make good, smart decisions with the right information?

    The real issue is parent education. How do we make sure lazy, uninformed parents either can’t procreate or at least learn how to parent before becoming parents? That’s where our money should be going.

  15. EJ


    With olympic lifting cycle approaching and since we’ve been doing high volume work on the pull up bar, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in placing an order for either/both of the following:

    – Wrist Wraps: offer wrist support when doing heavy lifts
    – Gymnast Grips: can help you from tearing your hands
    – Jump ropes: always nice to have your own

    Please click on the below doodle poll, enter your name/email address. If there’s a large interest, I’ll place a bulk order. I’ll work on pricing once I know how many are interested.

    Any questions, please e-mail me ([email protected])

  16. MacIntyre

    first 6am and first double unders- thank you eric for coaching those!
    @vikram- thanks for the shoutout, you’re too kind.

    Got somewhere in the middle of the 5th round…kept forgetting the bear crawls so had to add them in out of order.
    really enjoyed the 6am class!

  17. ledbelly

    Bloomberg is a dictator and I hate him! He also wants to eliminate happy hours and we all know how I feel about that shit!

  18. plugpilot

    4 rounds + 20 DU’s – however I substituted trying to do 50 DU’s for 90 seconds, vice actually doing 50 DU’s per round. Clearly this is a goat that I need work on.

  19. PJ

    I’m breaking my ‘no 3 post per day’ rule’, henceforth the Brett Rule, b/c I am so furious about this bloomberg / soda thing. Its one thing to force restaurants to post calories, although I find that condescending & unfair to small business, and totally another to actually banning food – sugar, salt, fat whatever. What is next? The Joy Burger guy saying, “Sir, I think you’ve had enough?” Cops slapping Super Big Gulps out of your hand? Contraband 16.5oz frappuccinos?

    Personally I haven’t had a slurpee in years, and certainly wouldn’t let my kids have 1 every day, but appreciate the freedom to do so. Will end it here. Sorry for the rant, but dammit Miz you are right brother. Freedom is a fragile thing.

  20. vicnord

    rest day today – had King the genius massage therapist work on my shoulders today – they are loose & lovely & positively jointless.
    I highly recommend him 917-202-8301 or [email protected]
    I’ll leave some of his cards tomorrow at the gym.

    Usually I try to zip the lip but can’t resist re:soda ban
    completely agree w/ @jmiz & @PJ – Let ’em drink soda!! (with apologies to Marie Antoinette)
    @EJ sign me up for a jump rope
    @elove one deliberate misreading is worth two in the bush. Or something. Never mind

  21. mcohen

    WOD 2

    10 min Amrap.
    95 lbs bar

    12 dead lift,
    9 hang clean
    6 shoulder to overhead.

    2 minutes rest the 1.5 pood kb swings for 2 minutes

    4 rounds, 12 deads. Then 36 swings.

    I am just gonna say it. Brad is a beast and and inspiration.

  22. maryseem

    Dinner plans plus a late day at work mean I can’t make it in today. 4 mi. run after work.

  23. Vikram

    Pissed and a little scared Big Mike is having an evening competition after a HARD 6 AM workout.

    I say we tax Big MIke.

    Nuff said.

  24. mikey.bialos

    this wod looked like fun, but it was really nice outside.. soo-
    ran kinda slow in the park in the sunshine, heel striking the whole way around, then ate some carbs to complete the scenario.. i know i’m going to crossfit purgatory for this indiscretion; but it felt so good!

  25. dlede

    5 + 82 strict rx’ed
    turned wrists out on ring dips

    that turned out to be much more strength wod on the ring dips than I thought and core is on fire from stabilizing myself on the k2e, awesome wod

  26. jen

    5 rounds even – if you allow me to add 3 or 4 seconds to the cutoff
    * DU’s – 3/5 rounds unbroken!! 50 consecutive is PR (previous 47) – almost didn’t want to stop…almost
    *ring dips – tried to do 2 strict each round; rest with red band – could only get 1 strict on round 5. Turned wrists out on all
    * K2E – really hard strict without any swing – I hope my abs appreciate it!

  27. sassypants

    4 rounds + 98 reps (8 reps into back extensions)
    my trusty weiner band for ring dips, which i still suck at

    then some hspu practice with slow negatives and a few attempts at kipping

  28. jhenry

    First time working out with 730. Lots of fun.
    4+30. Rx. Double unders are exhausting for me. Not very efficient.

  29. bfarrel

    KPMG Softball. Get crushed as rx’d.

    I’m with all y’all: tax the ridiculous shit. Why? Because I need to stay employed in tax and I need a job and it makes sense. Elove, you got one Senate vote here brother. The world is a better place when the world is around people from Maine.

    V-neck Friday double down. I’m excited for tomorrow’s WOD? Will it be squats? Will it be pressed? Will it be some crazy combination I’ve never heard of before?

  30. Jared

    I just told Jenny I was excited for v neck Friday and I would check the blog before bed. She rolled her eyes.

    I predict dead lifts and dancing, with a bit of dance music.

  31. kpo17


    4+60 Rx’d.

    Today Mark said to focus on going slow and feeling the burn. I listened, and those back extensions were absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had on a GHD machine.

    elove for senate. B-Boy for surgeon general. DT for president.

    Just a few more hours before we get to perform constantly varied high-intensity functional movements in V NECKS.

  32. AllisonV

    3 rounds + 90sec DU practice + 15 ring dips + 15 K2E + 7 back extensions

    Sub: 90sec DU practice, slow negative ring dips

  33. DT

    Oh andddddd… how the F is crossfit not subsidised?? Tax the fatties and their fatty ways, make crossfit/ weight watchers etc.. write-off-able.

    Elove, can you inc CFM as a non profit

    Tminus soon till vneck fridayyyyy

  34. cat

    4 rds plus 78?? i said 101 at the gym…but realized that’s not right bc i was doing situps when we stopped…

    50 du’s
    15 air squats
    15 sit ups
    15 back extension
    walking lunges

    du’s felt pretty good….until the last round!

  35. plugpilot

    Mike – thanks for the kind words. I’m definitely looking forward to representing CFM with you in the Masters Comp

    WOD 2: 5 rounds + 4 deads, then 45 swings

    Really looking forward to Saturday!

  36. Brooke

    modified wod to:
    20 DUs
    20 incline pushups (pushups still bother me a lot)
    20 abmat situps
    15 back extensions
    1 lap bear crawl

    4 rounds even.

  37. Jimmy Page

    Sometimes I want to chug a bottle of $0.99 gingerale. Don’t penalize me for it with taxes. Figure out a way to make healthcare cheaper and more efficient. The amount of paperwork and bargaining between insurance companies and healthcare providers is outrageous.

    ‘Merica’s agricultural output is something to be marveled at (and apparently susidized). There are a lot more issues at play here than just a tax on corn syrupy soft drinks.

  38. mjansen

    3 Rds + 54…need to work ROM on RD’s…need to work on strict k2e…and apparently I have a shitty bear crawl…