Tonight’s WOD Canceled


Tonight’s WOD Canceled

For those of you who didn’t get the comment by Red on the previous post, tonight’s WOD is canceled due to mechanical failure.  And by mechanical failure I mean explosive diarrhea………kidding.  Eric was, in fact, driving tens of thousands of pounds of gear through the rain somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard when his truck broke down.  His arrival in NYC is TBD.

Good luck on the NJ Turnpike Eric.  I knew driving this truck simply wouldn’t cut it, but you had to do it your way.

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  1. made it home, safe and sound. Big Red and I finished unloading the last bit of gear around 4:30am..epic day, more to come.
    Ps. kayti gets the “Best Emergency Stand-in Blog Post” award today as well as the “Humorous Use of the Word Diarrhea in a Sentence” Award