TT Tuesday


TT Tuesday

By My Mama, Little Boo & Me!  Coloring with sidewalk chalk makes you feel like a 1st grader, just like jumping rope!

15 – 12 – 9
Thruster 95 / 135
C2B Pull-Up
KBS 24 / 72

“The hurried are not competent; the competent are not hurried.”
– Unknown

General observation…
Watching everyone squat today was really exciting.  I noticed that we didn’t have to tell anyone to get deeper.  It seems like we’ve drilled that so much that hitting the deepest depths is becoming second nature.. We’re moving on to the next thing!
You all ROCK!!! Good stuff.

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  1. Vikram

    Jogged home trying to think of the correct words to describe Big Mike and Jared: Professionalism? Nope. Sportsmanship? Nope. I’m going to go with EXCELLENCE – both in and beyond the box.

    After a trainer miscommunication, they dropped their own WODS and led the 6 AM session – complete with warm-ups and ROM demos. Tanks to them.

    Calling it 10 mins even for me. I was miscounting and out of whack this AM. Just 75 lbs on the thrusters (first time since I jacked my shoulder).

  2. Alicia

    Crossfit Lakewood Ranch
    SWOD: OH squat 3×8 – disappointing 63#. They run their strength wods differently and I was thrown off by lack of warmup sets. Boo
    For time:
    50 dus
    5 power cleans
    40 dus
    10 pc
    30 dus
    15 pc
    20 dus
    10 pc
    10 dus
    5 pc

    10:30 @ 75# – thought I’d finish under 10. Too much resting. Happy to be coming back to CFM tomorrow

  3. amy edelman

    Thank you so much Jared & Mike for all your help this morning & leading class. It was great!

    53 #
    Pull ups (1/2 jumps w/ neg. & rings rows)
    16kg KB

  4. mcohen

    Give the 6 a.m. crew lemons, they make lemon meringue pie. Amazing job everyone. It was inspiring to watch you all work this morning. Every person was deep (Brendan Deep) in their squats, locked out overhead, and tight through their cores for the KB’s. All in, our Coaches would have been proud of each and every one of you.

    Me, not so good. That was rough. 11:36 @ 115 lbs. My lungs still feel like I have glass shards in them.

  5. Adam Van Auken

    12:21 with 125# thrusters off rack.
    Thrusters –
    Round 1 – 9 and 6. 9 was easy but I still think it was good to break this up. 10 and 5 next time.
    Round 2 – 6 and 6? I forget. This was hard. Ideally, I want to do 7 plus 5.
    Round 3 – 3 X 3. I would save a ton of time if I could just do 5 X 4.

    C2Bs – Easiest part of WOD. I still had to break them up a lot.

    KBs – I had to break up every round.

    Mental toughness was lacking on this WOD despite good energy. Great working with my partner jtisa! You killed it, bro!

  6. Katie

    68# thrusters
    jumping pull-ups
    16 kbs

    AVA thanks for leading our warm up and EJ thanks for coming in so quickly!

  7. Melanie

    – 65lb thrusters
    – jumping pullups to negatives
    – 16k KBS

    Was moving VERY slow this morning. Round of 15 probably took me 6-7 min alone. Finally got warmed up in last round and was moving faster through the thrusters.

    Thanks to Jared and Mike for taking charge this morning!

  8. sara


    58# thrusters
    jumping pull-ups
    16kg KBs

    After first set, thrusters were totally broken. Did sets of 3. But tried to keep my rest super short.

    Thanks to EJ for coming in on short notice!

  9. Paige

    Thank you so much Mike and Jared for taking the lead this morning and for the encouragement.

    55 lb thrusters
    jumping negative pull-ups and RR
    24kg KB

  10. sassypants

    SFCF with the famous Kelly Starrett
    Not usually star struck, but I have to admit this guy knows his shit.
    Interestingly, got conflicting advice about touching back of thigh to calf though (he said I was landing too far down)….also was told feet should never be turned out in receiving position but rather pointing forward, which I never knew.

    15minutes, every minute on the minute do 2 squat cleans and finish out the minute with doubleunders

    Represented Metropolis well with my doubleunders!

  11. alexsnape

    13:38 @ 115# on the thrusters and 24kg on kettle bells.

    Thanks mike and jared for stepping up and coaching this morning. Was proud to representative TT Tuesday with a light green tank top , despite being totally impractical for thrusters.

  12. Sam B

    12:14 @ 95 lb thrusters & 24 kg KBs

    Painful, I had a difficult time pushing through, but made it. 🙂

  13. Joe

    On the DL for at least 2 weeks. Shoulder tweek and felt a hamstring strain rounding third this weekend at softball. So no overhead and no squatting for 2 weeks. I seem to be breaking down for some reason which worries me.

    Oh Metropolis…what will I do without you?

  14. Jared

    Joe – I hope you feel better soon! If you start wearing tank tops more often, you will probably heal faster. It’s worth a shot.

  15. Rolf

    16:09 @120# thrusters and 24 kg KBs. Pull ups were good but slow. Thanks 5:30 class and Allison for pushin me at the end there.. Was shot…

  16. Jason Castro

    16:58 RX’d
    Need to use my hips more. Was pressing the weight the whole time which made it harder.

  17. EJ

    8:42 rx’d

    After the awful thrusters this weekend at #105, #95 actually felt good

    KB were awful. This could be much faster, but nothing in the tank. I had Eroc in my peripherals so made sure he didn’t catch me 🙂 haha

  18. cat


    47 lb thrusters
    jumping pullups (need to work on slower negatives)
    12 kg kb’s

    shoulder has been tight; weights felt right for tonight.

    3 consecutive turkish get ups each arm- 12 kg
    1 get up each arm- 1 pood

  19. dlede

    13:40 rx’ed

    want to do this one again when I am (1) more rested after having a bad night’s sleep due to work and (2) hands are not tore up.. my hands are so bad I purposely broke everything up before I needed a true break given the pressure on my tear