“Nasty Girls”
3 Rounds for Time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans  95 / 135

**  Muscle-Up Modifications  **
  For those with Pull-Ups –  False Grip Pull-Ups
–   For those without Pull-Ups – Ring Rows / Negatives
–   Dips – Do them strict or Jump to support with as much of a negative as you can manage.

**  Clean looking reps only… Avoid the funky tweaked out shoulder one arm at a time stuff.  Not even a Muscle-Up is worth a torn rotator cuff.  **

“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”
― Thomas A. Edison

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  1. Vikram

    Today was a blast – but SUPER tough. PM classes pace yourselves.

    1. Only 3 Rx MUs; the rest 14 x 14 PUs & dips
    2. Only 95 lbs on cleans; not proud of my form at the end

    Awesome coaching by Brendan. So humbling. A lot to work on. Committing to more shoulder work before bed.

  2. belbogen

    “Nasty Toddlers”
    3 Rounds for Time:
    50 Squats
    7 strict pushups, 7 strict dips – x2
    10 Hang Power Cleans – 20lb medicine ball

    Only did one set of pullups/dips in the second two rounds. Lots of strength work to come.


  3. Jared


    First 6 muscle ups fine and then kept failing. I finally decided to forget the rx and do pullups and dips. Did the hang cleans at 135 and felt pretty good.

  4. amy edelman

    50 squats
    14 jumping pull ups / 14 ring dips. (starting to feel stronger on pull ups but still jumping…progress!)
    10 hang power cleans 58#

    I had a few good hand stands holds but couldn’t walk more than a few inches.

  5. mcohen


    115 on the Hang Power Clean.

    The good- squats, I got rid of the medball for good.

    The bad- I did not go heavy enough on the cleans. Rx’ weight next time

    The ugly- The last set of muscle ups were a nasty disaster.

    Just going to put this out there. I like writting stuff on the blog, I feel that it makes it real. I am done blaming mobility and flexibility for my short comings. No more excuses. Being inflexibile is the same thing as being weak. Get over it and work on in.

  6. EJ

    Event announcements to be posted tomorrow 🙂 check yesterday if you want to see what’s going on.

    I just wanted to take a moment to say how awesome it’s been seeing all the PRs, technical improvements, and skill sets everyone has been accomplishing.

    It’s part coaching, part understanding/education, but a huge part is your personal dedication to get stronger, faster and be better athletes! Continue to do what you do – you inspire not only other people at the gym, and new-comers, but you inspire us coaches 🙂

    ok enough with the wishy washy stuff.. get after it!

  7. Lara F


    14 pull ups (jumping)
    14 ring dips

    50 squats

    10 HPC 65#

    SO envious of everyone’s handstands!

    Great job everyone!

  8. BAston

    I have a spare ticket for the Yankees game tonight if anyone wants to come with. No cost. Shoot me a text if you want to go.


  9. Melanie

    – 58lbs HPC – should have gone a little heavier
    – 14 jumping pullups to negative
    – 14 ring holds to negative

  10. Vikram

    Nice words, Coach EJ. We’re fortunate to have some amazing coaches.

    Each wave of new people also brings a certain excitement. Welcome to our new morning regulars: Ron, Todd, Rolf & Amy, Lara, Paige…you all are so much fun. Great watching the gym and community evolve (and grow!).

  11. sara

    -48# HPC. Need to be a bit more aggressive with these as I move up in weight.
    -Jumping pull-ups to negative; ring holds to negative

  12. dcasey

    First Muscle Up!

    Big thanks to Allison, Brendan, Nico, and lots and lots of other people who have helped me with this.

    Also got a foot or so on the handstand walk so very happy about that and a great compliment on my HPC form from Allison.

    Never been so happy to get a DNF before…

  13. BAston


    Did 3 ring pull ups per round per Brendan’s request, the rest were strict pull ups. Ring dips need work, the fell off by the end.

    Went to 115# for the power cleans. Think 120 or 125 was possible, but that will be for another time.

    Worked on getting super low on the squats, I’m getting there with rom on squats.

    My hands look nasty right now.

  14. Adam Van Auken

    17:43 rx’d. Almost got MUs unbroken first round so I feel like that’s feasible next time. Triples and doubles after that.
    Cleans were tough. I did 5 and 5 first round but triples after that. I think I am resting too long between these sets.

  15. Nico


    – 75# on the Hang Power Clean (did HPCs at 95# when I was done with the WOD and felt I could have gone heavier)

    – muscle ups (some sets of 3 and 4 and a couple sets of 1 as well)

    I felt good on the muscle ups and could have probably tried to go unbroken the entire time but was afraid I would run out of energy

    Goals for next time: unbroken muscle ups and more weight on the bar

  16. dlede

    I have been waiting for this wod! Of course it comes up when I’m not there! Will do Sunday.

    Chipper in Hawaii

    10 overhead walking lunges 45 #
    20 bur pee box jump overs
    30 pull ups
    40 wall balls
    50 ohs 65#
    60 du


  17. Amylynne

    17:33 (?)

    HPC at 83 (lightish. next time RX’d)
    MUs RX’d until last 3 and just had no strength left. UGH. false grip was an issue today for some reason.

    next time nasty girls. next time.

  18. Jason Castro

    12:48 with 135lbs Power Cleans, felt good. False grip pull ups and dips. Need to work on muscle ups.

  19. nprofita

    12:32 rxd.

    Broke MU into 3-3-1 resting :30 in between each (per DQ’s suggestion), no failed reps. Hang cleans unbroken, but need better hip drive.

  20. AllisonV

    45# HPC: could have gone heavier
    Jumping pull-ups (so close to getting my first pull-up!)
    Slow negative ring dips

  21. jen

    65# cleans
    7Pullups/7dips for mu
    1st round of pullups were false grip on rings; rest strict pullups.
    Slow negative ring dips
    Thanks to the 6:30 crew for sticking with me til the very end.

  22. Charles

    13:00 Not Rx’d

    First time even thinking about attempting to do a muscle up. Big thanks to Allison for some pointers that I need to try out next time. I did the 7 false grip pullups + 7 ring dips as a substitute.

    105 lbs on the HPC. I can def go 125 or RX on this one next time as this ended up being the easy portion of the WOD.

  23. Julesnextdoor

    Still perfecting form, to quote Allison at this Saturday’s crash course, “Be true to yourself and get the form right first, do that before you put a bunch of weight on and try to be competitive.” Will do.

    Inspiring to watch Jen.

    The joy of swinging into a handstand– love the week’s warm up.

    50 fast squats modified halfway through to 30 for perfection– good coaching by Allison– some crazy-jumpy low ring things on my part, OK dips, working out form on cleans. Time on modified workout 12:43.

  24. Joe

    15:25 @ 115#
    looking back should have gone lighter as the form got wacky. Hard to see that when your pushing through the wow though.

    7 ring rows and 7Rx ring dips sub for MU’s

    Dr. Mike scheduled for Friday Sept 7th – Rx! If he can fix my shoulder…..Team Old Balls will be back in effect!!!

    Jeannie on 3!!!!

  25. Alicia

    DNF 2 + 61 in 17 mins @ 65#, sub 7 ring rows + 7 band dips x 2 for MUs

    focused on bringing the bar up through my hip. Free handstands getting better than handstand negatives…

  26. Mike T

    DNF – 17 min cut off
    2 rnds + 50

    Subbed 7 false grip ring pullups + 7 ring dips X 2, for the muscle ups

    95lb HPC

    Kicked into my first successful handstand against the wall today on my last try! Baby steps/small victories. 🙂

  27. Michael.Halsey

    2 rounds+20 HPC’s 95lbs. 7 pull ups+7 ring dips x2 instead of MUs. Really disappointed with this; so much work to do.

    Handstand practice was great; I can feel those getting better, although they still have a long way to go.

  28. AllisonNYC

    Congrats to everyone who made some improvements today! Everyone worked really hard and it was really fun to watch.

    I’m glad so many of you are benefiting from the Handstand work. In a few weeks everyone is going to rock at them!

    Good job, everyone!!!