7 Rounds:
1 Rope Climb
5 Wall Walks
7 Strict Toes to Bar
12 Weighted Step-UpsΒ  (Holding 2 KBs, 6 reps each side)

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  1. BAston


    I cannot get through rope climbs without getting a bloody ankle.

    Some rounds of step ups with 1.5 pood, some with 1 pood (whatever was available at the time).

  2. Vikram

    Chased Amy & Paige the whole way. 6 AM ladies are so strong.

    24:32 – last wall walk was sloppy

    Great having Dale with us. Jared, where are you!?

  3. Adam Van Auken

    24:30? My memory is terrible. First rope climb with legs and then I realized that just using arms was feasible and much faster. I rested too long on wall climbs but they tend to get sloppy if I don’t rest. Next time, I’ll do a strict 10 second rest. Step-ups with 1.5 pood.

    Thanks for the tank top, Vikram!!!

  4. amy edelman

    16Kg for step ups (except 1st round, used 12kg bc 16kg were not free)
    Wall climbs got sloppy at the very end-those are exhausting!

    AVA – I think your time was 24:22…I rember the debate at the board when your numbers were erased. (I look out for my 6am buddies) πŸ™‚

    Great, grueling workout!

  5. Ron

    Mobility day this am.

    Question for group, when practicing hollow do you also need to practice superman style midline extensions?

    See you all tomorrow.

  6. Paige


    that was a killer workout but great. The wall cllimbs were killer- lost form after the first couple each time.
    vaired between 12 and 16 kg

    6am did an awesome job. Skinny-your wall climbs were money
    AVA you rocked it!

  7. ledbelly

    I don’t know what my time was, not sure when I started – so πŸ™‚

    A little proud of myself today because I was not going to do any rope climbs because I hate them, but then I stopped being a little bitch and realised it is good to do things you don’t like.

    Wall Climbs were fun
    Step ups were tedious
    Rope climbs were better than the last time I did them

    One day closer to the wknd is all that matters!

  8. EJ


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  9. Katie

    32:50 I would be fine if we never did wall climbs again. Very impressed with Vicky’s though! She had her nose to the wall every single time!

  10. marilina

    Not to get too cocky, but I am confident team Green Weiner will win. It’s already the group most actively emailing. We are getting our war paint ready.

    C’mon fellow green weiners. Let’s hear it for the us.

    As for the rest of you: be afraid.

  11. ERIC S.

    Stuck at work so……..
    Power cleans
    Then “KAREN”
    150 wallballs @20lbs
    6:31 rx’d

  12. Amylynne

    60 C2B
    60 pushups
    60 K2E
    60 BS 65 lbs

    15:51 (? either that or 15:31 so im going with 51)

    last time we did this about a year ago I did it in 17 and change and with 45 lb BS

    yay progress

  13. Ang

    5 rounds

    1st round 4 wall climbs
    rest of the rounds 3 per round. Wall climbs are rough, but rope climbs getting easier.

  14. Jason Castro

    5 rounds + 1 rope climb and 3 wall walks
    all rope climbs started from sitting on the floor all arms. Weighted step ups with 24kg

  15. jen

    4 rounds + 19
    1st rd 5 wall climbs but not close enough to wall. Then B fixed it for me- thank you!- and i did 2 per round with much better form
    8 kg step ups red box. Meant to do 12 kg but realized at the end it was only 8. Oh well. It was hard enough!
    Still loving climbing a rope.

  16. TC

    5 rds even.

    Did all rope climbs L-Sit, starting and finishing with butt on the ground.

    Wall climbs were toughest for me. Struggled touching my nose to the wall. Overhead flexibility needs work.

    Step ups with 24kg

  17. dlede

    TC just hit his 3 post max! haha jk

    fun 730 crew, fun to do a wod not for time but for perfection with form.. think we did pretty well guys!

    6 rounds at 25 min then 7 at 30 min, might have done 8 rounds total but who cares, this was amazing gymnastics work

    l sit rope climbs from seat to seat, bit sloppy at end but pretty damn good
    wall climbs, nose to wall, hold it, each time, best wall climbs I have ever done
    strict t2b felt good and slow and controlled
    step ups just suck.. 24kg

    good crew tonight

  18. cat

    3 rds+ 1 rope climb – 20 min cut off

    -first time climbing rope- pretty happy about it!
    -5 wall walks. nose touched each time, form felt pretty good. also started from top of push up, not floor.
    -knees up
    -16kb step ups

    that was hard, but felt good.

  19. GusFerg

    Thought this a cool WOD – great for an open gym session where it can be done slowly and correctly for strength.

    3 Flat.

  20. marilina

    super late post
    5 rounds + 1 rope climb. I totally forgot I had 30 more seconds due to a staggered start. I would have been able to finish all seven rounds.

    first three rope climbs were feet less
    climb four was without feet on the way up, feet at the top to be able to touch the beam.
    climb five was a seated start then used feet
    climb six was all about the feet

    First time with wall climbs since pre-Thanksgiving 2011. Felt good.

    Fun wod!

  21. BrookeHCooper

    Also a very late post
    4 rounds + 3

    Only good rope climbs were with Brendan’s assist, the ones on my own were not too good.

    3 wall walks per round. Got my nose to the wall on most, although round 2 I didn’t on 2 of the 3. This is a good exercise but I didn’t like the blood rushing to my face when upside down and I popped a lot of blood vessels above my eye and it looks gross.

    Toes to bar was actual toes to bar– this came out of nowhere that I can do this all of a sudden.

    16kg step ups