Silly little love birds

Mainsite WOD:
Three rounds for time of:
45 pound Sots press, 15 reps
Handstand walk 15 meters
20 second L-sit hold
Handstand walk 15 meters

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  1. BAston

    Weight at 38#, attempted hand stand walks (which got better as the wod progressed), L sits. Really need to work on getting better mobility.

  2. Vikram

    After all the progress lately, a very humbling day. Having said that – gymnastics are awesome.

    Gave myself a “D” grade.

    Sots Press; a really intense OHS, need to work on these (keep the knees out, not cave in at the bottom)

    Wall Walks; still need to lock out, kiss the wall

    L-Sits – first time trying these, ugh

  3. Adam Van Auken

    DNF. Tweaked back on Sots press lol. I tend to round/relax my back at the bottom of squats. Not good. On a positive, I learned how to do wall climbs better (no sliding).

    I accidentally grabbed someone’s cfm hoodie which I think was on the box squats. I apologize and will bring it back tomorrow.

  4. Jared

    sots press with the girl bar (how much does that weigh?)

    got through 2 rounds with handstand walks and 1 sets of sots press.

    The only thing I did well were the L-sits on the kettlebells.

  5. amy edelman

    Sots @ 15#. Never did these before. I thought they were tough
    My L-sit holds were weak…they need work

    Definitely improved on my handstand walks. Went from not walking to walking probably about 3-5 feet.

    I got some handstand walks & a double under this week! I am pretty psyched!

  6. Paige

    Sots @ 22#. Never did those before- that weight felt good

    L sits were tough- need to work on those.
    Wall walks – had good form on some. Tried hard not to slide down the wall.

  7. jmiz

    Another rest day – shoulder bugging me.

    Here’s something for the coach comment box:

    If we’re going to have the option of taking 1) olympic lifting classes and 2) endurance classes, are we going to get back to regular old daily Crossfit workouts instead of cycles? I would vote for getting back to a regular schedule and let people that want to focus on the other two skill sets to go for it outside of regularly scheduled programming. The appeal of Crossfit for me was the constantly varied workouts; the cycle thing was really cool but I would vote to get back to the old schedule and let the specialists rock it out in those classes.

    Some people have mentioned that they would like to know the main CFM workouts ahead of schedule. Conflicting viewpoints here: I understand the “prepare for the unknowable” aspect as well as cherry-picking wods (which i hate), but knowing the workout ahead of time might allow people to get the right equipment ready and not do a workout similar the day before (if crossfit isn’t the only thing people do). To that end, one suggestion is to follow the main site WODs but trail it by a week (i.e. today’s workout would be last Tuesday’s) or some other short time period (maybe a day / a few days)? This might 1) satisfy folks that want to know wod more than a few minutes before going to the box if they don’t check this site regularly and 2) get us more connected to Crossfit as a whole. I also think the guys at HQ know what they’re doing program-wise, and it would give our coaches one less thing to think about when posting the wod.

    Sorry for the long post, bored at work today. These are merely suggestions, please don’t take them as criticisms as I believe our coaching is second to none.

  8. Brooke

    This sounds familiar (just replace 5 a.m. with 6 a.m.): https://community.crossfit.com/article/pre-dawn-patrol

    On another note…everyone check your email….you should have received an evite invitation to the 3rd Anniversary Metropoparty! Please RSVP by this Friday, and if you RSVP yes to bring in your money for the delicious meat we are bringing you. Money can be given to any of the coaches or me when I’m there.

    There are many more RSVPs than moneies, so please remember to bring it in!

    We will be getting Dinosaur BBQ and it’s going to be delicious and a really fun day cheering on our CFM runners (Gus, Brian A., Brian S, and Dlede) and the other 40,000 crazies!

  9. Brett

    I also want to chime in on the whole Oly cycle and endurance cycle. I’ve been hearing some conflicting views from people about this whole idea of charging extra for these other classes, and just want to put it all in perspective.

    Crossfit Metropolis is a business, not a hobby. Elove (is he still alive?), Brendan, Allison, and EJ primarily, as well as Eroc, Lolo and others, provide services in exchange for the fees we pay. These fees pay not only the rent, insurance, electricity, and equipment of the box itself, but also for their own individual apartment rents and to put food on their tables.

    We are each paying about $3K/year for what a non-crossfitter would see as a crappy gym with no showers, no towels, limited equipment, and no access outside of the 1 hour class schedule. It is a dump when compared to Globo gyms. We aren’t necessarily paying for programming either, since we could go to a Globo gym and pull our WODS off the main crossfit site. So why are we paying triple the amount that we do at NYSC which has tons of equipment and amenities? Because we have an expectation that the expertise of our trainers will bring us results commensurate to our fees. We think these particular trainers and this particular system, as well as the environment provided by them is worth it.

    Now understand that CFM management has a bit of a quandary to deal with. If they lower prices (or keep them the same) and take in too many members so that class sizes are too big, none of us will be happy because we won’t get the same individual attention we do in small classes. And if they raise prices too high, people will leave. So because they have to keep classes small, while at the same time accommodate work schedules that limit the specific times people will go to the gym, they in effect don’t have the ability to grow their business. Their income from Crossfit membership fees becomes almost fixed.

    Now I don’t know what their rent is, overhead, etc…, nor is it any of my business. Nor is it any of my business what each of them make. But if they want to supplement their income or grow their business in a manner that has no affect on the current scheduled classes nor on the quality of programming and training I receive, why should that bother me? Good for them!

    Now I’m the last person to verbally dry hump my trainers on this blog, but I have to say they all collectively go over and above what I expected from my membership fees anyway. I thought I was paying for a 1 hour class that I can attend daily, nothing more and nothing less.

    I kept my membership at NYSC for a few months after I joined CFM, and would often see EROC at the 86th St. location. I can’t tell you how many times he would spend 15-20 minutes with me correcting my squat (obviously not well enough if you have seen me squat!) or helping with double unders, etc… Did he ask me to pay him? No. How many times has EJ done the same with Double Under clinics? Allison doing a little extra OLY training after class? How about Brendan helping with Nutrition? Or speaking of Brendan, I did some private training with him at $150/hour. When the session ended up lasting over 2 hours because he really wanted to fix my extensive problems, do you think he reached out his hand asking for an additional $150? Of course not. You think your accountant or attorney would be so benevolent? Now look, part of the reason they do this is because they are nice, and part is because this extra attention helps build community, thereby making us more likely to renew our membership. No different than a bartender giving buy-backs to certain customers in the hopes that they will become regulars. But no matter the reason, it certainly is not part of what my expectations were when joining CFM.

    One thing I would like to see changed if possible is the actual access to the gym before or after classes. I’d come 15-30 minutes before class to do some stretching or some of the other things Brendan suggests we do on a daily basis like ring dips, or L-sits, or pull-ups. Maybe even some bench pressing now that we have benches. The problem is that some days the door is open because private sessions are going on, while on other days a trainer walks in about 2 minutes after class was supposed to start. And this would not be my ideal choice of a location to sight see for 30 minutes. I know the 6AM’ers have arranged for ways to get in prior to class, and I think that is great. Would be nice if maybe this could occur for other class times as well.

    And sorry for another long post…

  10. Jared

    Brooke – nice article. KPO sent that to a few 6am crew members yesterday. By the way, our tank top tuesdays have gotten a little weak (Vikram), so I expect everyone to wear their brightest tanks next Tuesday.

  11. Vikram

    What pressure to conform. All this talk about tank tops, classes and programming.

    Tomorrow I am contemplating ‘Skinny in a Speedo Wednesday.’

    …as if there wasn’t enough incentive to come to 6 AM? Imagine me squatting in my speedos, knees out, chest up and on my heels. Boom! Can’t wait.

  12. mikey.bialos

    just getting over this nasty cold (i hope!)..

    did a mini wod in my building’s gym with decreasing sets of front squat, KB swings, press, and dips.. and i’m freakin’ winded..
    whatever we end up doing programming-wise, i’ll be happy just to get my strength back after this.

  13. kpo17

    Home workout

    DL 5-5-5-5-5
    225-235(f, lost conc)-235-245-255(PR up from 245 on 8-14-12)

    10 min AMRAP
    3 Bench Press 135 lbs
    5 SOTS 45lb Bar

    Somewhere in the 15-18 round range.

  14. Amylynne

    Quick home wod with lb

    3 min plank hold
    Bench press with 35lb dumbells 5×5

    3/4 pood kb snatch
    1 pood kb swing


  15. LB

    3 min plank hold
    Bench press with 25lb dumbells 5×5

    1 pood kb swing
    Knee Pushups
    3/4 pood kb snatch


  16. jen

    15:06 but very modified so probably should be a 🙂

    22# sots presses
    Handstands against wall balancing with feet off wall. Stood longer than ever off the wall. Fun. Thanks Eroc.
    L-sits sorta on paralettes. Lots of breaks for a 20sec hold.

  17. ERIC S.

    8:57 rx’d.
    Lots of shoulder strength today. L-sits always make me shake. Sots press with Brandy were priceless.
    Looking forward to doing a gymnastic clinic with Ej once we complete our 2day gymnastic cert. Great job 630 and everyone that I helped alongthe way

  18. sassypants

    No clue on time.
    Sotts press: D+
    Handstand holds with Allie: B (for improvement)
    L-sits: B+ (just need to get legs up higher)

    Handstand walk practice: B+ (first time even attempting)
    *thanks Eroc!

  19. cat

    played around-

    -15 lb sots press
    -mix of kicking up against wall and trying to find balance and attempting to kick up without the wall- i get scared and dont kick up enough
    -mostly 1 leg out

  20. BrookeHCooper

    Around 13:30 but didn’t really do this for time
    Standing presses with 22 lb bar (unable to do it in a squat)
    1-2 mins of practice trying to handstand walk (very fun)
    L-sits with knees tucked in

    Wheelbarrow relay race cash out + penalty burpees for not winning

  21. Jon


    – Standing presses with 45 pound bar (not able to do the sots press with safe form yet).

    – A lot of practice with handstands, but don’t have the balance quite yet to do handstand walks.

    – L-sits, first set with legs out, second and third sets with legs in.

  22. Bram

    Home workout:

    5×5 bench presses @ 165
    10-8-6-4-2 DL ending at 255 which was a little disappointing even though I’m weak with them in general.

    8 burpee tuck jumps on the minute for 8 minutes; little too easy.

  23. Nico

    Standing presses with 45 pound bar. Everything else as prescribed. My OHS strength is pitiful!!! Really need to work on these.

  24. sallys

    SOTS @15#, wall walks, L sits with alternating straight legs (need to work on these)

    My head was totally not in the game today. I was practically delirious and could barely remember my own name, let alone the WOD. Need more sleep.

  25. zompetti

    This was my first CF workout!
    Did the SOTS standing with 22#. (Not comfortable doing squat and press yet)
    The handstands I did either walking up the wall or holding myself against it.
    For the L-sits, i did the first set on the benches, then did them hanging off the bars.
    Can’t wait to get some shoulder strength going.

  26. Sarah P.

    14:27 scaled:
    – OH presses with the 22 lb bar
    – Pikes on the wall instead of handstand walks – need to work on these
    – L-sits mainly did them in a ball – need to work on these too!