Strength WOD:
Push Press 
3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3


Conditioning WOD:


21 Thrusters
Sprint to 3rd Ave and back
15 Thrusters
Sprint to 3rd Ave and back
9 Thrusters
Sprint to 3rd Ave and back

**Refer to April 20th for you latest “Fa-Ran” time. 

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  1. Vikram

    Went to my first ever PM class last night. Super nice crew – Ally and B-boy were amazing. Alas, there’s nothing like coming home to 6 AM. Big Mike, AVA, Pete…all strength and dedication.

    New PR thanks to Mark:

    7:25 metcon @ 65 (about 1:20 faster than last time)

  2. Adam Van Auken

    Push Press – 155(3)-165-(3)-175(3)-185(2, PR attempt)-175(3). Almost had 185. It’s definitely feasible.

    Fa-Ran – 6:55 Rx’d. 6:28 @ 85# last time. I’m not sure if I would call this unbroken since I held the bar quite a bit in the front rack. At least I didn’t drop the bar!

  3. DT

    Front squats meh, fa-ran sub hang pwr cleans like 5.45

    Women of Metropolis: The stud crusing up 100 st right there is Kevin Patrick O’Rourke. This All-American swimmer and MD/PhD candidate from Ohio, USA enjoys crushing WODs and nailing broads. You can reach him at 216-544-5260, but he prob won’t call you back.

    (Ps. sorry if thats too chauvinistic)

  4. Ben

    After yesterday’s sub-par performance, subbed the WOD for extra sleep. Hoping to be back tomorrow.

  5. PJ

    (1) 115; 125; 130; 135; 145 (PR). Nice lifting w/ JR as always. Felt more efficient.

    (2) 8:31 & 85#. No gas tank & really hating on this one (all thrusters).

    6AM, thank you for letting me play classic rock.

  6. lauren


    Total flop on the metcon. 11:15. Started at 65, dropped to 55. Nothing in the tank. Thinking about a do-over.

  7. marilina

    Lovin’ the ladies WOD: a good place to group-torture E.

    push press: 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, getting some shoulder strength back…

    but not enough to want to do Fa-Ran Rx’d
    7:12, 55#

  8. mcohen

    Pushpress: Always have to bring your A Game when you lift with AVA.

    135-145-150-155-165(Pr). And that even felt light.

    As to the metcon, I am going to admit that this was the most I have ever tanked a workout. I really did not want to do this today.

    8:30 Rx’d.

    I am going to excuse this performance under the guise that I am trying to get mentally ready for this weekend’s competition, and wanted to not burn out on anything that starts with the word FRAN in it.

  9. marilina

    Come say good bye to our awesome coach Mark before he heads to Cali.
    Saturday, June 23, 5pm, Boat Basin on 72nd

  10. jhenry

    Missed for 2nd day in a row. Work has been crazy with little sleep. Goal is to make it 2x during the week.

  11. DT

    I just can’t stay off the blog.. DJ PJ bringing heat on the ones and twos this am.

    Love the 6am and all you amazing ppl.. gotta make the 6 more habitual

  12. Vikram

    We love you right back, DT. 6 AM crew has a vibe.

    Although DT – please don’t tell my wife about the “crushing WODs and nailing broads.”

    She might find that mildly offensive. She just thinks I get up early to work out.

  13. Amylynne

    85-90-95-100-105 (PR)

    Always fun lifting with Z who makes it look easy

    No time for Fa-ran. Will allow Marilina to kick my ass in pm run instead.

  14. jaymeson

    Day 8 without CF 🙁
    Strained muscle from murph finally feels ok but I can’t get my ass back in the gym until next week…..someone tell me it won’t feel like square one! I don’t like that square!

  15. EJ

    @Jaymeson – don’t fret..remember, this is a lifestyle and something you want to continue to do for the long haul. It’s better to have a minor set back, than to worsen an injury that would take you out of commission for weeks/months. Your body will adapt quickly once you come back.

    Went to see Dr. Mike Murray yesterday (he’s on the referral list), so taking some time off from overhead work to get my shoulder better. Highly recommended!

  16. nicola

    Big Apple BBQ Fastpass for sale!

    Alas, I can’t make my fav event of the year, so I have a set of Fast pass for sale. Trust me, you want the fast pass if you’re going to skip the regular line (up to 1-2hr waits). These are SOLD OUT!! I’m drooling just thinking about whole hog from Ed Mitchell, sausage from Salt Lick, pulled pork from Big Bob Gibson…

    One set includes 2 passes that get you into the fast pass lines, one with credit for $100 worth of food/merchandise.

    Asking $225 but willing to negotiate.
    [email protected]

    Protein. It’s whats good for you.

    @EJ – Dr. Murray rocks!! So awesome to have someone understand CF and knows exactly where to fix you!

  17. vicnord

    65-70-75-80-85 85# is my (former) 1 RM Yay!

    Fa-Ran – 6:46 w/45# bar Thanks Jason for encouraging the 3 extra lbs.!

  18. sassypants

    Vicky–can you post or message me the name of your little Asian rubbing guy?
    sandywang11 at gmail


  19. Brett

    115(3)-125(3)-135(3)-145(3)-155(1) – could not get 2nd rep at 155. Not using legs enough. Still 145 is a pr.

    Fa-ran – 8:27 with 75 lbs. Was in last place as usual but not by as much as usual so I guess an improvement!

    @ DT – Didn’t realize you were writing a new TV pilot called The Crossfit Bachelor. I think you would be the perfect host for the show. Ending each episode with the politically correct quote “These 8 ho’s got no rose” would surely bring great sponsors like Ashleymadison.com.

    And questions about a variety of topics like Aeronautics (“was it a landing strip?”), Interior Decoration (“or wood floors?”), and History (“or a hitler mustache?”) would play really well in middle america.

    I think a career change is just the thing for you. Let me be your agent.

  20. DT

    @Heavy V- Sounds like you got the crushing WOD’s part down pat!

    @Brett- Love it. Where do I sign? “Rose Fo Da Ho’s?”

    PS. The woman who started Spanx is worth a billion dollars. I’ve been hung up on this point all day. My mind is numb.

    PSS. Three post club!

  21. patrick

    165(3) 180(3) 190(3) 195(3)PR 155(3)

    Fa-Ran – 6:50RX
    Fell apart on the last round of this. I seriously need to work on my cardio

  22. Tommy

    Push Press: 115-125-130-140-150

    Metcon: 6:40 RX’D
    Shaved 55 seconds off my time from the last time we did this wod!

  23. EJ

    Globo Gym – Monday Squat Make up

    *Stayed conservative – didn’t want to go heavy without a spotter.

    then row
    250Mx5 with 1 min rest

    finished it out with a 500M row
    4:26 – 0 gas in the tank

  24. jmiz

    135-145-150-155-160 (PR)

    10:05 as rx’ed (0:06 off from last time). Still frickin sore from yoga.

  25. mikey.bialos

    finally over body weight for this rep scheme!

    metcon: 6:15 at75lb
    yeah i should have done it rx’d like a man

  26. kpo17



    Today’s coordination breakthrough: contracting your scapulas will stabilize the bar whens its overhead and brings your chest up when your deep in a squat.

    Fa-Ran: 6:25 at 75 lbs. Big shoutout to 5:30pm – Patrick, Patrick, Tommy, Mary, Carlos, Xan, Chris, that bro in the LA hat dropping knowledge bombs… if I’m missing someone sorry. Today was one of those magical “attitude potluck” classes when we all brought our best to the table and it tasted great.

    @DT, Skinny V, Brett – you guys are hilarious. This blog is so $.

  27. maddyl

    Didn’t have a 3 rep max
    Think I could have went heavier but listen to coach B advice & Kept at 85#

    Met con: 8:[email protected] 45#
    Last time I did this was at 32# and faster
    Happy I went up in weight though

  28. sassypants

    So, B kept telling us to “look back at May 15, his birthday” for the last time we did this WOD so we know what rep scheme to use. I think that was all a ruse to get us to look at the Chippendale’s picture. And of course I got fooled.

    Push Press:
    *I think I’m overthinking the dip on rep 3. The first two are so smooth, and then I psych myself out. Feel okay though, since my 1RM was 100.

    Pu-Ran: 7:45
    (Subbed 21-15-9 pullups for thrusters. Getting my knee drained on Thursday. Sexy, I know.)

    Okay now for the good news! 2 PR’s to end the night.
    1. 11 consecutive pullups to start the metcon. EJ, I’m almost there!
    2. HSPU practice–first kipping HSPU with 1abmat+10#plate! (did about 10 individual reps)

    okay, thanks for listening. good night.

  29. nicola

    PP: 75-85-90-95 (PR)-95
    I’ll leave it at one PR, since that’s the daily allotment.

    Fa-Ran: 8:30 @ 55#

    Big Apple BBQ Fastpass sold. Thanks for playing!

  30. EdG


    FaRan: DNF. Ran out of time but first time rx’d this weight. First 2 rounds completed.

  31. Joe

    no overhead work still so:
    subbed Power cleans
    95×3 – hang
    105×3 – hang
    115×3 – hang
    125×3 – ground
    145×3 – ground (PR+10)

    even with the balky shoulder I PR’d. I think the strength cycle is awesome.

    Metcon: No thrusters – sub 85# hang cleans
    instead: 5:32.

  32. dlede

    135×5 warm up
    155, 165, 175, 185 (2), 185 PR!
    its all in keeping my chest up

    metcon: 6:50 rxed.. still trying to find my lungs after last weekend, at least I found my strength after yesterday’s debacle

  33. ledbelly

    PP – 205-225-245-265(2)- had three half way up but bar out in front, tisk tisk

    Metcon: 7:15 rx’d

    props to dlede, good clean thrusters every rep, no sloppy shit- respect!

  34. maryseem

    Hadn’t done a 3 rep max before so:

    110 is 5# off my 1 rep max which is obviously not my 1 rep max anymore.

    Metcon – 6:23 done w/ 22# so stupid light but worked on moving fast but keeping upright coming out of the bottom of the squat which is where I feel the most lower back pain.

  35. Ang

    75-85-90- 95 (2, F on 3)- 90

    Got to continue to work on not pushing out but straight up and back.

    Fa-Ran: 55# 6:46, last time faster, but with a lighter weight.

  36. tgray

    push press: 135-140-145-150-155(1)

    been laying low on overhead days and it shows. didn’t feel it today.

    metcon: 8:00 rx

  37. Xan

    5k run then 15 minutes of HIIT swimming: 25m full sprint, 50m recover

    Push Press: 135-135-145-155-155

    Sad I had to leave before the conditioning WOD, this looked awesome if you’re a masochist. Will have to do at some point this week.

  38. rafael

    Push Press
    *felt easy but lost focus at top of 3rd rep – put the head through

    Metcon 7:15 Rx’d

  39. Mike T

    Push Press:
    160(3)-165(3)-170(Fail..let the bar get in front of me)-170(3)(PR!)-155(3)

    That 3rd rep on the 170lb PR was a really hard fought battle for me. Got stuck mid movement, but I was able to grind through it, press it out, and get a successful lift. That head through thing really was the only thing getting me through that last rep! Would’ve been another fail if it weren’t for focusing on that aspect of the movement.

    Metcon: 8:36 @ 75lb Thrusters