Dale… The Man with the 225lb STRICT press.  Really.

Strength WOD:

** Refer to this link for your weights and times  –   https://metropolisfit.com/wednesday-but-it-might-feel-like-tuesday/ **

Conditioning WOD:
Overhead Walking Lunge  25/45
GHD Sit-Up

This goes out to all the injured people out there.. 
Men’s best successes come after their disappointments.
–  Henry Ward Beecher

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  1. marilina


    Come say good bye to our awesome coach Mark before he heads to Cali.

    Saturday, June 23
    5pm – 8pm (officially)

    Boat Basin (79th Street / Riverside Drive — On the Hudson)

    We will have our own area / bar! Hope everyone can come!

  2. Adam Van Auken

    Press – 145(5),155(3),165(1),170(F),160(1). After PR failures at 5, 3, and 1 last time, I went for tying previous PRs, which was successful. 170 feels a lot heavier than 165.

    “Fade to Black II” – 11:20 (PR by 50 seconds). I executed my plan of doing 7 GHDs consecutively instead of 5 last time which worked well. Lunges unbroken. I think I could shave some time off pull-ups with faster cycle time and less rest of course.

  3. PJ

    (1) 95-105-115-120-125 (F). 120 a PR; sadly.

    (2) 11:44; did 5 GHD then rest hip extensions. My SI joint doesn’t dig on GHDs.

    45# overhead lunges takes me back to CFM v. 1.0. AVA’s mix take me back to the 1990s. Great start to a Tuesday.

  4. Vikram

    Just out of the shower singing old school Destiny’s Child. Love the old Beyonce stuff. I never realized that until AVA schooled us with his playa-list this AM. Scary.

    85(5)-95(3)-100(1)-105(1, but was called on a dip)-105(1)

    Metcon: 11:32 (6 seconds longer than last time, but 35 lbs this time vs. 25 lbs last)

  5. mcohen

    Press: 135(3)-135(3)-145(f)-145(clean rep)-150(f). Some days, you just don’t have it.

    I really should have checked my ego at the door, and worked on form from behind the neck. Maybe next time I will listen to my body.

    Metcon: 10:05.

  6. Markcon

    press 110 (4) -110 (3) -115-120- 125 (f)
    agree with Mike, some days you just don’t have it

    metcon 11:50 @ 35# overhead

    not enough humidity in NYC for me so I’m off to Houston for a few days

  7. Amylynne

    did same rep scheme as last time. was not feeling any PRs today.


    METCON: 7:56 (20 seconds slower than last time)

  8. Ben

    DL: 215(5)-235(3)-255(1)-270(1)-285(F)-280(1-PR)

    Up from 275 two weeks ago.

    Metcon: 1.5x Unweighted Lunges, Ring Rows, GHDs (unbroken), 11:37

  9. mjansen

    Looking good Dale!


    Seriously one of the hardest lifts of my life…my face felt/looked like a completem mess…thanks for the encouragement!

    Metcon: 9:35 Rx’d…get through your OHWL and Pull Ups fast so you can get to the GHD’s…

  10. sara

    50 (5)-55(3)-60(1)-65(1)-70(1) PR
    Really love this lift! Thanks for the tips, Amylynne!

    Metcon: 12:29; 10 seconds slower than last time, but used fewer plates for jumping pull-ups.

  11. BAston


    I got the 130 over my head, then lost it. Strength has been down a bit since I got this bug, but felt better today then I have for the last 2 weeks.

    Metcon: 13:30 rx’d

    Sadly GHD’S were a sticking point since I haven’t really done then much lately. Getting back on track with the bikini challenge.

    Good group at 10am.

  12. Katie


    11:48 Jumping Pull-Ups

    So fun to be in the mid day class, I love you guys! And awesome to actually be totally awake for the WOD.

    Amylynne you are an inspiration! Your RX’d time stood out on the board and we definitely talked about you on the way home!

  13. vicnord

    57(5) 62(3) 67(1 kind of half-assed) 67(1) 69(1 with some foot assistance) 69( no feet F)

    met con – 15 & something – It’s time for me to focus on mastering kipping pull ups – did jumping pull ups from the ground today

  14. Brett

    115(5)-120(3)-130(1)-140(1)-145(1) PR

    Metcom 16:24 with 35 lb plates (25 last time). Also needto master kipping. Half regular pullups and half jumping.

    So I bought about 50 crossfit metropolis T-shirts. I’m putting Brendan’s birthday pic on the back of half of them and Elove’s Sasquatch photo on the back of the other 25. There will be 2 sayings as follows:

    Me Love E-love
    B-Boy be My Boy Toy

    Then I’m passing the shirts out to the homeless. Great idea or what??? There is no such thing as bad publicity, right?

  15. New t-shirts and hoodies are in. 2 different styles of Ts, one style of hoodies. 25$ for t-shirts, 45$ for hoodies. Cash and Carry. Coaches will oversee sales, don’t help yourself you bunch of animals

  16. jhenry

    I keep hearing (and am pumped about) the Olympic cycle starting soon. Does it start next week, or not until July 2nd?

  17. Mike T

    That newsletter edition was amazing! Made my day to read. Looking fwd to putting in some work tonight.

  18. AllisonNYC

    What a treat! Standing ovation, Marilina!

    I already knew there were some amazing people in the gym but it was so fun reading more about them!

  19. Sam B

    Scheduling conflict so globo gym WOD

    10 min AMRAP of:
    250 meter row
    10 KtE

    4 rounds + 250 meters

    Great work Marilina & staff!

  20. PJ

    Newsletter even more outstanding than usual.

    My favorite line: “I am going to fuck you up kids” – Brendan

    Least favorite: “Faubus” Love harshing on catholics – what happened to the broad inclusive sunshine?? Bring back the happy ecumenical elove in cargo shorts.

    Looking forward to going fucking berserk with you all – Love, PJ

  21. mcohen

    Another amazing newsletter. Marilina you are amazing.

    I feel like getting into a “fucking deep squat” and reading it again.

  22. MStacia

    Saw the newsletter today and realized how much I miss CF Metropolis…..I’ve been gone for a month now and been to 3 different boxes and NONE even compare to the detailed workouts and the amazing environment of CFM. YOU GUYS ROCK! I can’t wait to come back and visit.

  23. maryseem

    1k row: 3:53

    I have no idea why I could do 3 reps @ 80# but fail at 85# for 1 rep, twice. This matches my previous 3 rep max.

    Metcon: 12:36, ring rows

  24. phillipc


    DNF…2 rounds + 2 pulllups. Lunges were killer

    Best wishes to partner Lee & his bride-to-be for the weekend!

  25. dlede

    125×5, 135×3, 145×1 (all +5 from last time)
    155(f) THIS IS NOW MY GOAL
    150 (1) same 1 rep max as last time… at least I have solidified this

    8:30 on metcon, same as last time but this time major traffic jams so definitely got amount 30 seconds or more off this… I had to f-with GHD placement every round..

    sorry LB for almost running you over!

  26. sassypants

    58(5), 63(3), 70(1), 76(1), 78(F), 77(1)
    *78 was up 98% on right side and only 85% on left. wtf.

    Metcon: 10:06 w/35# OHWL
    *round 1 45# weighted situps bc of clusterf*ck at GHDs
    *rest rx

  27. Xan

    Yoga then a 4 mile run this morning – working toward being able to hold at least a 7:30 mile or better for 4+ miles. Think I ran like a 7:50 or so average today.

    Did 30 min endurance swimming. Last 15 min were with fins, trying to break my ankles/calves into doing long distance with them. Definitely gonna take a couple of weeks.

    5-3-1-1-1 Strict Press: 105-115-135-140-145-145

    WOD: 13:18 – did strict pull ups for all except the last 15 reps in the round of 20.

    Finished it off with pull up speed drilss – 4 rounds of 10 seconds max pull up reps, 20 seconds rest

  28. marilina

    First time on the computer today since pre-wod


    I hope that take attention away from my shitty, reverse-of-what-progress-is press
    5×55, 3×6-. 1×55 (F), 1×55, 1×56
    focus is key

    did about 8 (?) kipping pull ups with AVAs captain hook thing until I felt my tendon go ZINGGG! so I switched to hanging from the elbows off of the black band

  29. Kevin

    Did the strength wod at another gym, hit 115 lbs and it felt good. Still resting my hip. Spent a good half hour stretching everything and foam rolling. feels good man. back soon CFM, gotta snag a t-shirt.

  30. EJ

    busy week has been keeping me from the gym

    1000M row (2:05…meh)
    50 pistols (unbroken)
    15 strict pull ups (took a bit)

    Good news – clearance to do strict pull ups. Even better news, no pain with pull ups!

  31. ERIC S.

    145(5) 150(4) 155(3) 170(1) 175(1) 180(1) PR

    No time for Metcon, headed to see the premiere of “Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap”

  32. marilina

    hi i know this is logged in as weiner but it’s mikey here.. i just read brendan’s thing in the newsletter. i’m so pumped just from reading that- not sure i can fall asleep. anyway i hope i ain’t injured so i can hang with this oly program.

  33. sassypants

    EJ–why did a 2:05 1000m row get a “meh”?! That’s only 15sec over my 500m PR!

    Also, I am so sad I’m going to miss most of the beginning of the Oly cycle due to summer traveling. Oly lifts are my favorite.

  34. DT

    did some pushups then 11:15 on the metcon with ring rows sub.

    @Xan hit me up if you wanna run mad miles under 7:30. I got ya.

  35. vicnord

    Clearly the wrong sort of bedtime reading is the awesome Metropolis Newsletter – Crossfitsyncratic (I have just patented that neologism) syntactical bliss has me too energized to sleep!

  36. cat

    stuck with the 15 lb bar for the press. shoulder is a little sore from warm up and k2e yest..trying to ease back into things slowly and see how the shoulder feels

    metcon- 11:53
    10 lb dumbbells on shoulders
    ring rows

  37. Carmen

    6 train got me to the 6:30 class 15 minutes late so turned around, went home, and came back for 7:30. Nice small group.

    Glad I came in with a plan and was able to execute. It felt just about right.
    55(5) 60(3) 65(1) 68(1) 70(1)
    Metcon, subbed DUs for lunges given hip issues, jumping pull-ups and ring-rows, ab-mat sit-ups. 11:10 smiley face for me.

  38. Mike T

    Press – 135(5), 140(3), 150(1), 155(1), 160(1)(PR).

    Felt strong today in the press. Kept form strict, concentrated on exploding out of the bottom, and hit a new PR! Just wanted to give a shout out for all the awesome coaching we’ve been getting. Brendan & Allison’s coaching tips def work. Once I started listening to them, checking my ego at the door, and keeping the weight jumps between my sets smaller, I started setting new PR’s. Kudos to the both of you for the phenomenal coaching and lifting tips! Now I just gtta get in here more often to take advantage of this.

    Metcon – DNF (yeah my cardio/endurance blows!) Got up to 2 pullups into the 3rd round. Work in progress.

  39. LB

    70×5, 75×3, 80×1, 85×1(F), 82×1(F)
    Did 85×3 a month ago, wasn’t on it tonight

    12 min
    jumping pullups, 2 for 1 sit-ups