Strength WOD:
Push Press
5 x 5
** Refer to the link for the last Push Press workout: **

Conditioning WOD:
“Little Nicole”
AMRAP in 10 Minutes:
Run 400m
Max Pull-Ups
** Refer to the link for the last “Little Nicole” **

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
–  Colin Powell

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    PP – 155 X 5. Felt good. 160 next time.
    Little Nicole – 50 pull-ups (Something like 20-10-9-11). Rowed last time so not comparable.

  2. Jared

    155 x 5

    Little Nicki: 54 – I know my minimum amount of pullups was 10 and I think that was in round 2 (of 4).

    Taking a Cohen tomorrow, see you all Thursday!

  3. mcohen

    Came in this morning with the gas tank on empty. Put hitting the push press with PJ elevates your game.

    135 lbs. I felt like I was moving better as we go going.

    Metcon: 50 pullups in 3 rounds. 20-20-10.

    Tomorrow we Yoga….

  4. PJ

    (1) 125# (started at 135 but too heavy

    (2) 25 dead hangs + 1 mile. Left a few reps on the table (the bar?)

    A good 12 hours: deep squats last night, Joy Burger, sleep; today PP w/ the Godfather mcohen and my 6AM brothers & sisters under the watchful eye of Eric “El Guapo” Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mTUmczVdik.

  5. marilina


    Come say good bye to our awesome coach Mark before he heads to Cali.

    Saturday, June 23
    5pm – 8pm (officially)

    Boat Basin (79th Street / Riverside Drive — On the Hudson)

    We will have our own area / bar! Hope everyone can come! CASH ONLY

  6. Amylynne

    80(5)x3 until Eric made me increase to 82(5) then further 85(5)

    Little Nichole: 68 (first 18 strict then 20-15-15)

    Great warmup!

  7. EJ

    One more week sans overhead/kipping

    hang power clean

    21 dead hang pull ups (7-8-6)
    *could have done one more run to attempt one final round of pullups, but called it a day to run off to work. Pretty pleased that I can still do pullups after taking time off for my shoulder.

  8. Jeanine

    4 sets at 85 and dropped to 75 for the last one. Have to get used to lifting heavy things 3 minutes after I’ve woken up 🙁

  9. EJ


    For those of you that ordered, they’re in a grey H&M bag. You can test them out today with today’s strength WOD 🙂

    (Pink wraps are enroute)…be sure to pick up your equipment ASAP. If you won’t be able to get it by this weekend, please let me know.

  10. jmiz

    Well kids, looks like I’m going to be sidelined for a few months: I tore my labrum (I can’t help but giggle a little when i say that…) Have a feeling I have the same thing in my other shoulder but let’s get this one fixed up first and worry about that one later.

    Has definitely sparked some debate in my household over benefits vs. drawbacks of Crossfit. While I certainly don’t regret any time spent at the box, the onset of arthritis in some of my joints and my “play through the pain” mentality makes me wonder about 20, 30 and 40 years from now. There aren’t any long-term studies about Crossfit and its impact on strength/mobility as we age…will arthritis play a bigger part in my life now that I’m pretty roughed up after the last 2.5 years? Will throwing stuff overhead and flipping around a pull-up bar impact my quality of life more positively or negatively?

    It’s easy to dismiss injury(ies) by saying that if you do the exercises right and stretch before/after workouts that you won’t find yourself on the sidelines. But, as in life, sh*t happens; it’s not all in your control. The lesson I am learning is that sometimes you have to stick your ego in your pocket, listen to your Coaches — and especially EJ — and take it easy once in a while. Listen to your pain and take care of it before it bites you in the ass. I’m not saying don’t keep up with regularly scheduled Crossfit programming, just merely suggesting that Crossfit is a lot more fun when you’re participating in a wod and not watching from the sidelines.

    [leaving soapbox]

  11. Vikram

    Jmiz – love the soapbox dude. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Been struggling all morning with shoulder pain. I’ll live and will be back in tomorrow, but it’s tough balancing my child-like (annoying) enthusiasm with the realities of what my body can do. Definitely hear you and Coach EJ (Brad F, Allison…) on the importance of rest.

    As in other areas of life, I’m struggling with trying to be an adult about this…

  12. PJ

    @jmiz, preach on brother. Coach Allison had a good speech last night along the same lines.

    To add my 2 cents: I’ve been through a few injuries over the last 2 years and gone through all the phases of denial, blaming Crossfit, I suck, etc. to now acceptance. No doubt some of what we do is higher risk / odds of injury, but it’s up to the individual on a given day whether they should be doing box jumps, kipping pull ups and high rep deadlifts when totally gassed. On the flip side, a lot of what we do is very good for you & therefore should decrease the risk of injury & LT issues. For me it comes back to risk / reward and reject the bad, keep the good.

    We are lucky to have coaches that teach safety, function, form, and a great culture that pushes hard but not stupid aggressive (vs. other boxes I’ve visited).

    To all our CFM buds on the DL, here’s to a speedy recovery and quick return to kicking ass, as safely as possible. Big Brian, bfarrel (the Experiment), jmiz, etc. take heart from the man known as AVA who had a huge knee issue & is now back setting new PRs.

  13. mikey.bialos

    120lb x 5
    metcon 90 pullups
    forearms are pumped!

    Miz- speedy recovery brother. i’m so sorry to hear about this labrum tear.

  14. vicnord

    75-75-75-75-75 push press – felt strong & had a bit left in the tank

    Very sorry to hear about all of the injuries – in particular those requiring surgery. Life is long (hopefully) – Train sensibly for the long haul – Perfecting form on all of these lifts is a worthy goal even if one isn’t ramping up the weight as much as one’s ego would like. The better your form, the less likely you are to be injured.

    Having tried everything out there – Crossfit/Paleo is the Holy Grail & Fountain of Youth combined – I wish it had been around when I was in my 20s & 30s. Speedy recoveries all around!

  15. @jmiz – super bummed to hear this. Rest up, heal up.

    A search of “Injury” in the CrossFit Journal yields a ton of reading. I like these 2 links below as I find them motivational (you may need to be a journal subscriber to access).

    Injuries are an unavoidable part of athletic life. Flag football and kickball have claimed more victims at the gym then heavy weightlifting. Injuries for us novice athletes tend to be from
    a) overuse and
    b) doing stupid shit and
    c) overuse of stupid shit (all of the above)
    I tore my MCL last year. I had a nagging pain but was dead-set on competing in the Open so trained hard through it; boom, out for months. Not CrossFit’s fault, certainly not the squats fault; my fault. Don’t do stupid shit, don’t overtrain.
    And importantly if/when you do get injured, adjust your mind to view the injury as an opportunity to improve. Cant squat? Hows your pull-up and HSPU? Can’t press? How’s your squat. If your injury has you truly incapacitated (ie you got struck by a bus), then find a challenge for your mind; learn Spanish (you’re gonna need it).

    Opportunity and challenge and two sides of the same coin.

    None of the coaches here want to see anybody hurt. It breaks our heart. Training is so much fun, and we don’t like to see anybody have to leave the sand box. If you ever have doubts, questions, concerns; let us know. Hit it hard, hit it smart and get in your rest and recovery; let’s all be like Greg Amundson (in the video below) or our own Coach B – doing this stuff at a high level for the next decade.



  16. EJ

    @jmiz – bummer to hear about the injury. Thanks for tooting the horn on listening to the coaches.

    As Elove mentioned, all of us coaches are here to make you the biggest bad asses out there, but also care about your overall well being.

    Coincidentally, (shamelessly plugging my blog) I posted an entry “Injury – the slippery slope” https://mizsmyles.tumblr.com/post/25292656531/injury-the-slippery-slope

    If you’re currently going through some nagging tweaks/issues, take a moment to reflect on why you decided to do CrossFit. Then decide if it’s something you’d like to continue in the long haul. If so, play it smart, and make the resolve to RECOVER, be healthy and PAIN FREE!

  17. Joe

    Just to jump in from personal experience on something E-Love said:

    Last year for me I had an ankle injury (hence the Cankles nickname), and I turned no lower body stuff for a month into finally getting handstand pushups and Muscle-Ups.

    This year currently finishing up a shoulder injury that I got in the beginning of May. Last night we did 1rm back squats. Pre shoulder injury my 1RM was 185# with crap form. Last night about a month or so later I hit 210# with solid form.

    If you knew you would add 25lbs to your squat after a month because you worked mostly lower body and protected your injury wouldn’t you want to do that?

    Never once has a coach made me feel bad for hitting the brakes mid-wod or modifying the crap out of a wod to protect an injury.

    When life gives you lemons, turn those lemons into PR’s!!!

  18. sassypants


    Little Nicky: 29 rx’d

    Will be back tonite for skill practice. Still have to reach those 60-day goals!

  19. B-boy

    Hey Guys,

    Talking about injuries I would like to offer my insight. I want everyone at our gym to feel great and be able to enjoy Crossfit for all its benefits for the rest of their lives and I know you all can.

    I have been a Crossfitter for the last 9 years and have managed my training to keep myself feeling amazing the entire time, but let me tell you…. it has taken some work. Here is a list of the rules I live by to keep myself prime.

    1: I spend 15 min each morning after my shower mobilizing and stretching. On the weekends or days when I have more time I may spend a little more but without fail each morning I stretch and mobilize. ( you can’t overstate the value of mobilizing yourself on a SUPER CONSISTENT basis)

    2: I take my warm-ups VERY seriously. Whether I am training on my own or taking one of the classes, for the 15 min we spend warming ourselves up I am focussed and doing EVERYTHING the coaches are asking for. I never ever ever start a workout until my body is primed and at a complete ready state.

    3: I constantly listen to my body and feel out tight spots or painful spots and depending on those feelings I begin to think about ways I may modify or substitute. I will never push through anything that doesn’t feel right. ( Small pain leads to big pain almost without fail if you push through it. This is because you have successfully ignored your body’s waning signal.)

    4: I ice after my workouts without fail. The sooner the better but even if I can’t do it immediately I get ice on my joints at some point after I am done training. Allison and I will sit on the coach after we train with a bag of ice over our shoulders, our knees, and our backs. We look like two injured people sitting there but we are not at all. We are just giving our bodies what they want so we can recover really well. ( This is huge!!, most people only ice once they have hurt themselves. Do it when your injury free and help keep yourself that way.)

    5: With my strength work I almost always leave a little room on the table. If I can hit a 5rm back squat at 385 I will take it to 370. Then the following 5rm back squat session I may take it to 375 and then 380 the session after that. By the time I AM hitting that 385 I am feeling strong enough to be hitting 395/400. This mind frame keeps you pushing forward and keeps you getting stronger but has you working with weight that you can manage, always moving well and reaching full range of motion safely.

    6: With circuits/Amraps/interval training there are two main things I want you all to understand. First…. you gotta be STRONG before you push fast through high rep training. If you are still within your first couple years of training you need to manage your “rep volume” and focus much more on building “rep strength”. Even if your doing push-ups or air squats. Second…. and this ties right into the first. Every rep must be quality. I am not talking about the majority of your workout but EVERY REP.

    LISTEN…. for most of you your ultimate goal should be to move better…. not faster. In fact it is much harder and a much greater accomplishment to become a GREAT moving athlete than it is anything else like stronger or faster. Those always come second. If you overlook what is most important ( in this case moving REALLY well) you will severely blunt your ability to get truly fit and worse yet… injured.

    I would like many of you to re-direct your goals to start moving like an angel. You will be very surprised to see just what that does for your overall performance and well being.

    7: If I end up getting hurt I will take about a week off from training. This has only happened twice in the 9 years of my crossfitting and is due largely to how I train/recover and how I prioritize the way I move above anything else. Two weeks off in 9 years is not too shabby. Watch me train and you will see that I never let myself get sloppy. EVER! I am proud of that.

    9: I spend about 15-30 min EVERY night mobilizing and stretching. The morning stretch/mobility routine is a bit active but this session is much more static. I hold deep positions for extended periods of time. What a great way to end your day. Your body will thank your for it big time.

    10: I recover like you wouldn’t believe. I talk to many people who claim to workout 5 even 6 days in a row. I don’t even do that and I have been doing this forever. Try to take a day off every couple days. If you must come in then be sure to mange the workout down to a day where the total emphasis is on practice.

    For anybody who is still within their first 2 or 3 years of Crossfit I want you all to focus on movement. NOT THE CLOCK. Yes we are going to time your workouts but we only want to know what your work capacity is maintaing super high quality technique. Just like always we are going to constantly reinforce proper movement and proper loading cycles. Please take it upon yourself to really listen to us and set your priorities in the right direction.

  20. Adam Van Auken

    I enjoyed the posts on injuries. If you have a history of chronic pain, multiple injuries, injuries that don’t heal, etc. I would highly recommend the works of my doctor, John Sarno: https://johnesarnomd.com/. I’ve had a torn meniscus and herniated disc and was able to heal both with my mind using Dr. Sarno’s strategies. Physical pain does not always mean there is a physical problem.

  21. mcohen

    A great day on the blog. First and foremost, best of luck Miz. Get better soon.

    And now for my 2 cents. Injuries are rarely if ever about the isolated instance that we think they are.

    If a shoulder hurts, its probably the result of a tight thoracic spine, forcing you to be internally rotated. A knee injury is probably the result of tight hips, which cause you to cave in and put strain on the miniscus. And, the list goes on and on.

    I have worked with a PT for almost 2 years, and have been doing mobilitywod videos for just as long. Recently, I have started working with the Egoscue Clinic and I am already seeing a release of the tightness in my hips, spine and shoulders.

    What I am really saying is that resting after the onset of pain is great. But to avoid pain the first place we need to be constantly mobilizing our joints and using proper bio mechanics.

    In sum, we really need to listen to Eric, Brendan, EJ and all our great coaches who do an amazing job warming us up and teaching us proper form.

    Okay, and now I will step down from my soap box.

  22. JimmyL

    185×5 185×4 165×5 165×5 165×5
    25 pull ups 15 crappy strict 10 kipping
    I really really suck at strict pull ups

  23. mjansen

    @Elove where is the video…was there a witness?!

    Hope everyone feels better…ICE the fuck out of your body!

    165 PP

    28 SPUs

    David Lederman has the best SPUs in the world!

    Congrats BS on a 165LB C&J!

    Rachael says: She is fucking hungry & wants a shot of whiskey!

  24. EdG

    Push press: 115 lbs.
    Work on keeping wrists straight and pushing elbows forward on way down. Widen grip a little bit.

    30 dead hang pull ups. All broken up. Try keeping elbows back.

  25. dlede

    155# PP

    46 strict dead hang pull-ups.. 18+12+10+6

    BG action to end the day, good GHD work

    stay classy metropolis

  26. cat

    35 lbs. baby steps.

    35 ring rows. finished that third round at 9:30 and called it a day, my shoulder needed some stretching.

  27. sam

    Dropped the weight from 105 to 75 as coach B pointed out my knees had been coming forward. Concentrated on sitting back on my heels and pushing knees out. Need to work on form.

    30 pull ups (mixture of dead hangs and jumping)

  28. marilina

    @jmiz: I wish you a speedy recovery. Big bummer.

    I need to get better about posting soon after the wod as opposed to as-I-go-to-bed move.

    70# PP

    met-con: 40 about half strict, with the hook thing. I “gave up” early on these, since really, I should be limiting any pull on my hand. On the flip side, I’m happy I can still do pull ups after all this time off!

    My injury soap box:
    time off is good
    time off past painless time is important too. your body is still recovering.
    Be careful not to overcompensate while injured, thus causing another injury.
    Don’t get hit by a car while running the 400/800/hill sprints – that’s likely to be worse than any injury.
    Everything else has been said.

  29. Laura

    Unsure about weight to use for PP: 80-85-85-90-90
    25 pull up negatives since my dead hangs still need serious work. 60 day goal challenge being pushed to 90.

  30. Xan

    Wodded with some friends in Philly

    4 Rounds:
    12 KB Thruster (6 each arm) @ 1.5
    80m sled drag @ 60 lbs
    80m sprint
    2 min rest

    Then 20 clean and press @ 135
    Followed by 20 cleans @ 135

    For Time: 1-2-3…9-10-9…3-2-1 of
    Fat bar pull ups
    Ring dips
    Time: 15:45

    Finished it up with some swimming:
    500m warm up
    10x50m fin sprints
    Drown proof practicing
    6 X 30m underwaters