The coolest girl in the whole world, Aimee Anaya Everett, showing off an ideal rack position.  <3

Strength WOD:
Push Press
5 x 5
** Refer to the link for the last Push Press workout: **

Conditioning WOD:
Run 2 Miles


“Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must move faster than the lion or it will not survive. Every morning a lion wakes up and it knows it must move faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve. It doesn’t matter if you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up, you better be moving.”
– Maurice Greene
(attributed to Roger Bannister shortly after running the first sub-4 mile)



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  1. Vikram

    Awesome 6 AM. Great turnout. Beautiful morning.

    Subbed (gammy shoulder):
    50 pull-ups
    100 push-ups
    50 GHDs

    2 mile run: 12:40

  2. patrick

    Subbed Workout (Shoulder surgery in t-minus 2 weeks)
    50 GHD
    50 Hip Extensions
    30 Back Extensions
    50 pushups
    50 Weighted Abmat Sit-Ups

    CFM 2miler – 19:50.
    Pretty sure I set the mark for slowest time. Make sure not to get caught at 96th and 5th, Park & 90th, or 96th and 3rd. Those lights take a while

  3. lauren

    Happy to make the 6am party, but my right knee is still pretty wonky so…

    5×5 strict presses at 55lbs (had to push press rep #25 b/c I paused at the bottom)

    8 min AMRAP of sorts of 10 dips, 10 pushups, 15 weighted situps.

    Jealous of everyone running this morning. Beautiful day!

  4. PJ

    (1) 125#
    (2) 14:48; started off jogging & by 5th ave got more serious about it.

    Beautiful morning, nice class.

  5. Ben

    Shoulders are pain free, but taking it easy as I build strength back up.

    (12:55 without stoplights)

    The run felt great. Thanks to Courtney for the motivation.

  6. 175# (but failed my very last rep… mental weakness!)

    15:00 run – was on pace with Skinny V until we stopped for a light at lex and 90 and my back tightened up… just part of getting back in shape!

    enjoy the weather!

  7. EJ


    Final week to try to get those goals accomplished! If your goal hasn’t been marked off the list, let me know!

    Good luck!


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    Join us for a WOD followed by a picnic.
    Bring food, drinks, friends, sunblock 🙂

    Time: 10am
    Location: Pinetum in Central Park

    It’s the battle of the NYC affiliates. Anyone can participate (and scale) and only the top Rx scores for each team count. And you don’t have to commit to the whole series to participate.

    8/4 – CrossFit Queens
    8/11 – South Brooklyn
    8/18 – Long Island City
    8/25 – Virtuosity (Post-WOD BBQ, too)

  8. ledbelly

    205# – Push Press – def heavier next time, had no problem

    17:08 on run – gotta factor in the traffic fo sho

    I really don’t like running, but that was actually a nice run, felt good, will go faster next time, not good at pacing – nice weather

    Steph Mill and Melanie dominated me

  9. mcohen

    145 lbs push press. Actually felt lighter every set.

    Went for a 2 mile jog. 17:23. I guess running is a goat.

  10. DT

    CFM was on fuckin fire this am. Old school, new school, 2 miler, perfect temp & nice breeze. FIRE.

    12:33 – Mapmyrun says it’s exactly 2 miles. Comfortinggg.. Got a little agressive w the traffic.

  11. mikey.bialos

    sorry been missing the CFM FIRE so much recently.. focusing a little more on climbing right now. but when olys start up will not be able to resist!

  12. AllisonNYC

    VIKRAM! OMG. That doesn’t sound like you’re letting your shoulder rest to me.

    This is for you & everyone who is dealing with a nagging injury or almost injury..
    REST and when I say rest I mean completely rest that area. If it hurts to push press don’t do pull-ups. It’s aggravating the shoulder and slowing your recovery.

    You should be resting and icing. Focus on squatting and things like that. Didn’t your Mama ever tell you that if you pick at a scab it will leave a scar? Rest and heal Completely. Please.

  13. vicnord

    Started @77# for 5-4 dropped to 75# for 5-3 dropped again to 72# for the last set then did 10 @42#

    18:13 for the run

  14. Brett

    push press at 125 lbs. Same as last week. Actually got easier each set. Will try to go up 5 or 10 lbs next time.

    16:28 for the 2 miles.

  15. EJ


    Hey all,
    If there’s one thing us coaches would like for you to do aside from stay healthy, is knowing your numbers when you go to the gym.

    When many of you started at Metropolis, you probably received a worksheet for benchmarking. In case you’ve lost it, I’ve created one on google docs that you can copy and use to store your workouts


    Keep track of your numbers!! This is the best way to watch your progress.

  16. Vikram

    I can’t get anything right:

    Brendan yells at my (skinny) ass when I squat.

    Allison yells when my (skinny) ass rests.

    I hear ya. Will try. So hard to sit in the back of the gym watching others kill it. I HAVE TO FEEL THE LOVE. I’M ADDICTED TO CFM. Plus I don’t want to lose the little progress I’ve made…

    Will try to sit tight, but can’t promise anything. You guys are too awesome. Sorry, coach – the best I can do.

  17. mcohen

    Skinny, join me for hot yoga tomorrow morning at 6:20. If interested send me an email [email protected]

    And you have to admit, pushups and pullups are not quite a rest for the shoulder.

    Have to love your zealousness….

  18. Crazy work sched. WOD at work Gym

    65 x5 (PR for me, I think last time I did 55)
    Run just under 18 min.

    See the 6am class tomorrow! Then off to Kentucky for a few (again for work)

  19. AllisonNYC

    V.. I did’t mean you should stay away from the gym and miss out! Not at all. And you do LOTS of things right. I saw how hard you worked yesterday to make your squats perfect and it paid off.

    I just mean if you need to rest your shoulder, rest your shoulder. Squat, Sit-Up, Back Extension, Lunge, Run, Box Jump… So on. Stay away from ALL shoulder exercises so that your healing process speeds up instead of getting worse.

    Come to the classes just sub out a different lift or other exercises during MetCons. Everyone would miss you too much if you didn’t come!

    But think about how much progress you’ll lose if you keep pushing it instead of resting. You’ll have to REST with a major injury for MONTHS instead of just resting, icing & subbing for a week or so.

    I hope you know I’m saying this because I care about you and your gains!

  20. Jared

    I have a feeling that Skinny V is confusing pain for soreness. I think he should push through hard and really see if this is an injury. Anyone agree?

  21. Vikram

    Jared is just intimidated by the new ‘Protein Shake V’…

    Crossed the 150 lbs body weight threshold this weekend. 151.6 lbs and counting.

    Thanks to Coach Allison, Coach EJ, Big Mike…basically all of you except Jared.

  22. kpo17

    Warm up
    500m row , b-boy’s squat mobility workout, 500m row, ej’s hip mobility workout, 1000k row for time (3:31)

    Push Press 105-105-110-110-110 (up 15 from 6-19-12)

    Deadlift 205-215-225-235-245(up 15 from 6-1-12)-255(f at 3, this is also a 3RM pr)

    Tabata hollow rocks (more like hollow chubby (i didn’t stay fully erect)).

  23. Amylynne

    trying to fight off a cold so slept in this morning instead of wodding. later at my apartment with LB:

    5k run on tmill (23ish)
    bench press (with dumbells): 5-5-5-5-5

    50-50-60-70-80 (PR)

    will live to wod another day

  24. Adam Van Auken

    Hiking in Colorado. Summitted Grays and Torreys Peaks today. Happy with fitness obtained from CrossFit. Thought I was elite until I saw a 9 year-old and 75 year-old pass me.

  25. alexsnape

    120# for the push press, up 5 pounds from last week. Failed on the last last last rep, but rested a minute and finished strong.

    17:09 on the two mile (and the evening two miles consisted of 8 las of the block ie 1/2 mile up the 100th street hill).

  26. mikey.bialos

    crossfit in my hometown Madison, CT:

    skin the cat on rings
    weighted pullups
    12min amrap 7 thrusters/14 front squat/21 deads at 95 lb
    100 situps
    i’ll spare you the boring details, but a great workout.
    I was surprised that i was stronger than all these big young guys there.. nice folks but they are definitely not breeding an army of darkness like Brendan is.

  27. sassypants

    During the first set I was thinking that all the beer I drank over the weekend must have sapped my strength. And then I realized I had 10# more than intended! My math skills are embarrassing.

    84# (PR by 1#) def could have done 85 but was so discombobulated by my terrible set up.

    No run due to knee. 2K row @8:50
    Never done this, so there is my benchmark.

  28. marilina

    Mad About Crossfit, Madison, CT

    Got goaded by Mikey to do some skin the cat, and now I have shooting pains in my arm.

    12 min amrap
    7 push press 65#
    14 front squats 65#
    21 deads – subbed with good mornings
    5 rounds 4 PP

    100 sit ups for time: 2:45 unbroken

  29. rafael

    Push press: 155 lbs 5×5
    Rows: 2k 8:03

    Plantar fasciitis now connected to the pulled calf muscle…grinding through

  30. Kim

    Rafael I feel your pain. Same problemo for me but I don’t think I pulled the calf but rather something along the inside of the shin close to the ankle. Needless to say this workout was subbed for

    Strict Press 5×5 @ 62 Lbs
    3 Rounds
    10 Negative Ring dips
    15 GHD
    20 Abmat

    Followed by 15 minutes of fantastic instruction from Courtney on how to Improve my rowing technique!

  31. dlede

    160 5×5 (+5 from last time), felt good, maybe could have done 165

    run, :-).. cramped up (clearly dehydrated, like an idiot) at 90th and 3rd.. think I had a good pace going but decided to stretch it out.. literally on the corner for 10 minutes and walked back.. no point in running with a cramped up leg

  32. AllisonV

    Couldn’t have been more excited to see this workout this morning. A run! Something I could finally do well! And then I tripped and broke my toe(s) at the office. Sigh.

    45# push press

    Weight was light, but focused on good form and keeping weight in heels to avoid further pain in toes. Slamming the bar into my jaw on my last rep was the cherry on top of today.

    Subbed run for 2K row: 9:27

  33. bfarrel

    16:10 on 8 laps around the block. I decided I’m just going to get really fucking good at hill sprints and dead hang pull ups until in better.

    @mikey: “that’s my boomstick. On sale for 39.99 at S- mart. Shop smart, shop… S… Mart!”

  34. Xan

    5 mile run this morning, moderate pace, forgot a watch so not quite sure on the time

    35 min. endurance swim, did the 1st 1000m w/ fins then finished the time up without them

    5×5 Push Press @ 115
    2K row: 7:33

  35. NoMarlboros


    It was light and could of definitly done more, but was limited on sleep and couldn’t find the strength.

    19:30 for 2 mile run.

  36. EJ

    #105 – Back on track. Last time I did overhead was in May @ 100.
    Conditioning WOD:
    Run 2 Miles

    17:21 – can’t count…Thought I was done after 7 laps, until I realized no one else had finished…lost my rhythm and just slugged through the final loop

  37. Carmen

    A little out of the swing given my week of rest and not confident I knew a good weight to go 5X5 so did 60-63-65-68-68. Yay incremental plates.

    18:28 on the 8 laps run.