Strength WOD:
Push Press:

** On every rep, make sure your rack position is perfection, you’re dipping on the heels with your knees pressed apart and maintaining an upright posture.
Use Your HIPS!  This lift is about the Leg Drive!

Conditioning Accessory Work:
3 Rounds NFT:
20 V-Ups
10 Toes to Bar
20 Supermans with a 2 Second Contraction
20 Seconds Total in an L-Sit

** On the KB SDLHPs, focus on exploding with the hips and maintaining the core to extremity order.
Take your time with them, resting as needed to make sure every rep has the goal in mind…
Think of the translation to the clean – Drive through the heels with a flat back, extend the hip aggressively feeling the power like a shockwave following through to the arms.

**  For the L-Sits, use parallettes, rings if you have a strong support or hang from the Pull-Up bars.  If holding the L is too challenging, hold one leg out, one leg in or do an N sit with both legs tucked.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
–  Thomas Jefferson

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.
–  William Shakespeare

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  1. Jared

    165# for 5×5

    Got some V ups and KB SDHPs and left for work.

    I hate when people say this, but……165 felt good and I will do 170 next time.

    See you all at 9am tomorrow, I expect to see all the 6am people then!

  2. maddyl

    Hi everyone,

    Jimmy and I are in the process of moving. We hope to drop in for a session or two before we leave though.

    In case we cant…We just wanted to say thank you to all the amazing trainers for their knowledge, and great coaching ! Simply the best!

    To all the cfm family members -we will miss you! Thanks for all the encouragement and support ! Good times good friends !

    Elove you really have a good thing going! All the best to everyone on their future endeavors.


    [email protected]
    Keep in touch! Come visit us at the beach 😉

  3. Adam Van Auken

    PP – 160X4 and then 165. I usually don’t bother putting on the oly shoes for pp but I did today. Big difference. 160 felt amazeballs (Brooke, 2012) on set 3 and 4 so moved up on last set. Keeping wrists tight and punching up helped. As I add weight I need to make sure that I’m not jerking this. In conclusion, 160 felt good and I will do 165 next time. Lol, Jared.

    2 rounds of accessory work and my core was fried.

    Check out how explosive this guy is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvuGXPNowvA. Wow.

  4. BAston

    135 for 2 sets, 125 for 3 sets. Not bad for absolutely no sleep (no clue where this current insomnia has come from, but I am now caught up with L&O: SVU). AVA blaring MUSE at the end got me through that last set. Good call man.

    1 round of core work.

    Great to see the 6am group, I missed you guys.

  5. Vikram

    “Amazeballs” (!?) to be back using my shoulder. Tender, but good. Just got done icing.

    Keeping it light at 95. Thanks to Ben for working with me.

    Great after-class chat with Big Mike. The man is an inspiration, especially to us older guys.

    One round of the core workout.

  6. mcohen

    Sticking with a theme. 150 lbs on the 5 x 5 and all felt good. Up 5 lbs. from last time, and 5 more next time.

    I am going to miss you strength cycle, you have been good to me.

    Moving in a new direction, the last two days of OLY work, pre wod, has been amazing. I am really excited to move into this phase. “Goat on 3. 1-2-3 Goat”.

  7. EJ


    Be sure to check the schedule tab for the google cal. It has the Holiday Schedule posted. Tomorrow 9am/3pm sessions only

    EVENTS (all upcoming events can be accessed in the google calendar: https://metropolisfit.com/announcements)

    **WOD-nic – SATURDAY, JULY 7
    Join us for a WOD in Central Park (the Pinetum at the north part of the great lawn) at 10 a.m. and then a picnic.

    Bring lunch for yourself or things to share. Everyone’s welcome!

    Coach Eric S and Melanie will be at Molly on Sunday around 2:30 to celebrate the completion of the NYC TRI. Everyone is welcome. 1641 2nd Ave
    (between 85th St & 86th St)

    Join us next Friday to say goodbye to our very own PlugPilot!

  8. Back squat 255(5) x 5
    Push press 195(5) x 5
    There’s a video somewhere of mikko salo doing 5×5 push press at 255. Humbling. Keep on rockin in the free world.

  9. dlede

    Push Press: 165# 5×5, kinda cool to go up from 155 to 160 to 165 in 2 weeks

    Front Squat: 225# 5×2 (did 3 reps on last set to get another solid rep and it felt strong).. felt better than when I did my 1-rep for sure

    21-15-9 GHD / Hip Extension to get some core work in

    have a good holiday CFM

  10. Benjammin

    Skinny V!! Thanks for the motivation this morning. Wish I had more time for the core work. Do you think work will take a coach’s note next time or does that only work with doctors?

    Happy 4th everyone!!

    America! F yeah!

  11. vicnord

    PP – 70(5) 72 5 x 4rds I am going to consider the fact that I started with the 45# barbell i/o the 22# barbell progress.

    Love that we are starting Olympic lifting! Excellent core series!

  12. Kim

    Crossfit Cape Cod
    L-Pull-ups and Good Mornings!

    Since I can’t do strict L Pull-ups the modification was hanging leg raises followed by band Pull-ups. Rough on the forearms but great to get a workout in!

    Missing our Metropolis crew

  13. ERIC S.

    PP 185 5×5
    Dumbbell snatch 3-3-3-3-3
    #65, 75, 85, 90, 95(2)failed with the left arm

    finished with a 5k on the URG -21:30

  14. kpo17

    School Gym Workout

    500m Row, Ej’s hip opener, 500m Row, B-Boy’s squat mobility, 250m Row for time: 47.0 #ipodproblems

    5 x 5 : 125 lbs. My 4th set and 5th set required a 6th rep because I jerked it once. I am excited about this weight because a week ago I was 110, and last Friday I was 115. I think the improvement came largely from a better setup which enabled my to transfer the explosive movement from hips to an upward bar movement over my head. The cues here are setting it up on my chest and a grip closer to my shoulders.

    Bench Press: warmed up to a 20RM. Tried it at 135 and got 18 and a half reps. Felt great.

    Burgener warm up. 6 sets of 6 reps of the first 3 movements. Then one practice round of each movement slowly, then one fast round. Cues to work on – internal rotation of my shoulders deep in the squat, chest up during explosive lifting and shrugging my shoulders to follow up the initial explosion.

    Working out in front of a mirror is so globo gym, but really helpful to check angles on your back, if the bar is actually above your head, etc.

    PS – All your youtube links pale in comparison to Bill Pullman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l31UUl5SyXk

  15. ledbelly

    5X5 – 225 push press – 205 last time – GET SOME, that is how America does it!

    couldnt do other wod, Southampton bound!

    Happy 4th!!

  16. kpo17

    Eroc- I’m waking up early to do a 5k before the 9am WOD. I am coming for you. ‘Merica brings the competitive spirit out!

  17. Brett


    Went down to work on form because I was simply pressing nt push pressing. Still needs work.

  18. cat

    45 lbs. up from 35!

    Form needs work. Benefit of starting over is I can fix it before I add lots of weight! Last set felt better so hopefully I start there next time.

    Thanks for the help Ali and B!

  19. GusFerg

    Elbows up needs major work and should be dreaming of shoulder dislocations!
    First push press rendered 100lbs 5×5.
    Looking forward to the 4th July morning session.
    “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

  20. phillipc

    Coach:Student ratio was high tonight!

    120 pp with reasonable form
    1 round of ab-work with diabolical form

    Happy 4th from the evil English guy.

    P.s. The wife is currently on magazine #3 looking for a dish to rustle up on Saturday. Brooke you’ve unleashed a monster

  21. AllisonV

    Cash-in: 1.4 mile run to gym

    Warm-Ups = 22# (7), 42# (5), 47# (1)

    WOD = 47#
    1:30ish rest between sets
    Right shoulder tightened up after 2nd set

    Conditioning WOD = 1.5 rounds, abs already in pain

  22. EJ

    #108 – up 3 lbs

    2 rounds – took a kb into the lady parts during the warmup..OYE!

    *super excited we have women’s bars now! Great class @ 6:30!