Did you know that when Jason isn’t at the gym that he’s hanging out with critters like this?!  So cool!
Maybe this is one of the reasons he’s Always smiling! 🙂

Strength WOD:
Split Jerk from Behind the Neck
Work up to a heavy single

Conditioning WOD:
AMRAP in 8 Minutes:
10 Burpees
10 Pull-Ups

Greg Everett Demo of the Segmented Snatch Pull:

Demo of Split Jerk from Behind the Neck.  Notice how fast he transitions into the landing.:

A little inspiration… Now THIS is what we call speed through the middle…

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
– Beverly Sills

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  1. AllisonNYC

    You guys, thank you so much for the most awesome day yesterday. You’re all seriously the coolest group of hard working people ever. It’s such a pleasure to work with you guys.

    Keep going like you did yesterday and you’re all going to have the best snatches in CrossFit Land!

    I feel super lucky to be part of this amazing group of people.

  2. BAston

    Got up to 155# on the split jerk. Need some form work but that will come.

    AMRAP: 4 rounds plus 4 pull ups (pull ups were weak this morning).

    Nice job 6am crew.

  3. Adam Van Auken

    SJBN – 210. First time doing this so PR. Failed at 215. I started dropping higher and higher as the weight went up which I must work on. Note to self: do not fail a PR attempt and then go for it again without resting because you “think you have it.” This does not turn out well. I really liked this lift as it’s a lot easier to keep the bar path vertical than the regular split jerk. Evening crew – plan to do more weight than you split jerked.

    AMRAP – 4 and 6 pull-ups. I’m with BAston. Two rounds of unbroken pull-ups and I was struggling.

  4. Vikram

    Allison – you are an amazing coach. Thank you for your skill, wisdom – and most of all – patience.

    Confidence builder today. Got up to 130 with the gammy shoulder, and could feel my form getting sloppy so stopped.

    Metcon: 6 rounds even. Great pushing in the back with Big Mike, Plugpilot and Heavy Joe.

    Gorgeous morning. Go get it CFM!

  5. mcohen


    Way too much muscle. I really think that fear is the limitation for me on this lift. I am so affraid of that moment of extension, that I am going to get crushed, that I short cheat the lift and plunge to the bottom quickly.

    Metcon: 7 rounds even

    For everyone going on tomorrow’s hot yoga field trip, the number to reserve your spot is 212-439-9642. The class is on 85th & Lex at 6:20 a.m..

    Lastly, I have to concur with my friend Heavy V, having Allison teach us OLY lifting is a gift that should not be overlooked.

  6. Jared

    I agree with mike, fear is my limiting factor, considering my PP PR is 205. I also feel my mobility issue by going off my back.

    MetCon: 6 + burpees + 4 pullups
    My rests are about 5 seconds too long.

    Yoga w big mike, skinny and mrs skinny tomorrow! Anyone else joining?

  7. Frank

    I got up to 155 but then backed it off to 135 to work on form. It’s fun to work on such athletic movements.

    The am rap was tough. I subbed pushups for burpees because my low back is in tough shape and burpees aggravate it. Come to think of it, bending over aggravates it. I have to keep stretching.

    I’m going to try the Wednesday yoga class. See you guys there.

    Great to be back at the box.

  8. Vikram

    Yoga confirmations thus far:

    1. Big Mike – ring leader
    2. Jared
    3. Joe
    4. Frank
    5. Skinny (wife a ‘maybe’ right now)

    COME ONE, COME ALL! Poor Yoga studio isn’t going to know what hit ’em…

  9. plugpilot

    Behind the neck split jerk: 185 1rm

    Metcon: 4 rounds + 10 burpees + 5 pullups (pullups on the rings)

    Love Allison’s coaching! Gonna miss this place.

  10. EJ



    Come get inspired as we start to get further into the oly lifting cycle.
    If any of you are interested, let me know ([email protected]) I’ve got 10 people right now.


    2. CFM Sendoff for PlugPilot Happy Hour
    Friday, July 13th at 8:30 p.m. (after the WODs).

    Brad Russell is leaving us for his real family. Come say goodbye and tell him how awesome he is.

    Location Kinsale (94th and 3rd)


    Let me know if anyone got in ([email protected])


    If anyone is interested in wrist wraps, let me know. Got a new shipment of Strength Wraps. They’re meant to give your wrists extra support when overhead. Email me and I can bring them into the gym the following day.


    If any of you are following the games, check this out. (sent to me from DLede).


  11. sassypants

    Great wod to come back to.

    Sets of 83#x5

    Met con: 5 rounds plus 10 pullups
    (burpees reminded me of popping up onto the board when surfing!)

  12. Carlos

    Today Dr. Mike checked out my Dad’s injured (before CrossFit) shoulder and bicep. It was very helpful and informative. Thank you to everyone who has recommended him!

  13. BAston

    Wod #2: 4 mile loop in Central Park. My hill running has fallen into the shitter.

    If anyone wants to do hill sprints over at Cat Hill or on 91st street sometime, just let me know. Need to get those back.

  14. Benjammin

    Great tuesday! Really pushed the limits with my 75 lbs split jerk…Thanks Allison for the extra help. Great coaching today.

    Metcon: only 3 rds pull ups are still my kryptonite. was owning the burpees though.

  15. Vikram

    Be sure to call ahead for a spot, if you’re ineterested in joining yoga. $26 a pop.

    We’re getting a petition going for either KPO or Jared to get yoga certified. That way we can have our own in-house specialist every Wednesday. Stay tuned.

  16. AmyB

    73 for the split jerks and 4 rounds + 4 ring rows

    Add me to the list Vikram, just called and reserved spots for Joe and myself. Excited to sweat and stretch

  17. ashleigh

    Practiced technique with 42lbs and feeling much more confident 🙂

    5 rounds + 2 (ring rows)

  18. Tommy

    Great class w/ Brendan coaching. Split jerks starting to feel more natural.

    WOD: 5 rounds + 10 burps + 8 pull ups

    WOD 2: carry large book case up 5 flights of stairs w/ Ledderman for a CFM neighbor…. Haha not fun

  19. dlede

    different than the AM sessions… wod 1: drills

    wod 2: 7 +12 reps

    wod 3: with tommy, we tried to keep CFM’s image nice and clean and did some manual labor

  20. Jason Castro

    WOD: 4+15
    First time doing split jerks, was kind of weird the first time doing it but with practice, got better.

    On another note, thanks for posting that pic. Wildlife Conservation Society!!!!! Protecting wildlife and their habitat.

  21. Amylynne

    yeah, PM was different than AM

    Wod 1: drilled with 63

    Wod 2: 4 + 17 (dead hang pullups felt weak today)

    Wod 3: cleaning up vomit all over my apartment. thanks, duke.

  22. marilina

    Split jerk 83# and nervous. Thanks Allison for the great coaching.

    WOD 2: 3 rounds 9 pull ups. Strict pull ups off of wrists on ring.

  23. PJ

    Drilled w 95 and 75#. Can see how more weight is doable behind the neck vs normal jerk. Knee is crunchy.

    4.5 rounds. As usual did extra burpees bc I lose count. Mix of deadhangs.

  24. nicola

    Drill: worked up to 63.
    Wod 2: 4 rds + 4
    Did that with all kipping pullups, for the first time. Wow.

  25. rafael

    8:30pm class started with AMRAP; got in late: 5 rounds plus 2 pull ups in 5 minutes

    Split Jerks – stayed at 65lbs throughout. Working on form; tendency to lean slightly forward but consistent explosiveness

  26. sam

    65lbs on the split jerks. Probably should have stayed at 45lbs to concentrate on technique. Left quad is in a lot of pain – currently icing it. Goes to show you need to have the form and technique down.

    4+7 on the metcon. Split between dead hang and jumping.

  27. Mike T

    Split Jerk: Practiced technique with just the bar. Need to work on staying stable in the land and concentrate on feet placement.

    Metcon: 4+15 (dead hangs and kips)