Tank Top Tuesday


Tank Top Tuesday

Amy & Rolf enjoying some burpees in the sun.
Uh-Oh, Rolf.. Looks like you need to just a bit higher 😀

Strength WOD:
Back Squat
5 x 5

Conditioning WOD:
30 – 20 – 10
( 10 Minute Cap )
Overhead Walking Lunge  25 / 45
GHD Sit-Up

Click Here For The Last Time We Did Both Of These Workouts

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.
–  Albert Einstein

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  1. Jared

    240# for back squats

    All rounds felt good. Round 2 was the hardest.

    I took the metcon off because of some elbow pain and did some BG instead.

    I will be heading off to Chicago tomorrow to get hitched. Jenny and I will be back on Tuesday. Her new name will be Jenny Walkowitz.

  2. Rolf

    Some serious air Amy! Look like u were shot out of a cannon. I look like I was sucker punched right before takeoff haha. Stay tuned for next weeks installment of couples crossfit…

  3. Vikram

    GOOD LUCK JARED & JENNY!!! Jared, now that you’re getting married – DO NOT let your wife out-burpee you like Rolf. Preserve your burpee dignity – or all is lost.

    BS 5 x 5 at 120 – felt good, getting deep (+5 lbs from last)

    Metcon – 11:36 with 35 lbs plate (1:10 faster than last)

    Hot yoga tomorrow! Namaste! Peace & love!

    Big MIke – thanks for carpooling us home!

  4. Melanie

    BS: 100lbs. Up 5
    Felt pretty good. Need to focus on pushing knees out on my way up as I increase weight

    Metcon: 12:02 compared to 13:39 last time
    – jumping pull ups

    Congratulations to Jenny and Jared!!!!!!!!!!

  5. belbogen

    Congrats Jared. Very cool stuff, this whole marriage thing.

    Did my hip PT while everyone worked on back squats. My pistols are slowly coming back which is good.

    Metcon – lots of scaling
    – 25 lb plate for lunges
    – 12, 8, 4 strict pull ups
    – 20, 15, 10 GHD


  6. mcohen

    Back Squat: 190 lbs. 5 x 5. Up 5 lbs from last time we did this. 5 lbs more next time. I am finally getting comfortable at the proper depth. I did not think it possible for my old bones to get to the correct place, but it is happening.

    Great explanation of the program by Brendan. It all makes sense when you look at it that way.

    11:48 on the metcon.

    And, to the JWalks, congratulations and best of luck. May the light in me honor the light in you. Namaste.

  7. BAston

    Been on for 5 days straight and feeling it. Going to take an active rest day and run the loop.

    Congrats Jared!

  8. Adam Van Auken

    BS – 205 – 5X5. Felt heavy but good depth. 210 next time. I have plenty of time to go up.
    Metcon – 11:47. 37 seconds slower than last time but I’m happy with it because I was tired and unmotivated. Did GHDs in sets of 10 this time which was an improvement.

  9. Brooke

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    So far we have 12 people, there really is no limit, just come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with meat (alicia????)

  10. kabset

    Congratulations Jared! Have a great wedding and all the best to you and Jenny.

    Mike – I thought Vikram and I were the only ones in CFM who would use namaste, but I’m glad to see yoga and V have had their influence on you.

    Great 9am WOD yesterday. Lifting tomorrow so see you folks later in the week.

  11. Paige

    Great picture Amy and Rolf!

    95lbs x1
    100lbs x3
    105lbs x1

    Metcon: 13:30
    25 lb plate for lunges
    jumping p/u and RR

    Big Mike- thanks for the ride home- I got scared when Skinny V said we were jogging back!
    Congratulations Jared and Jenny!

  12. Rolf

    With football season almost upon us, i bring you the rousing words of the great Ravens LB, Ray Lewis “Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort? Nobody can judge effort. Effort is between you and you. Effort ain’t got nothing to do with nobody else. So that team that think they already seen you? They think what they seen you on film. They ain’t saw what film shows. Because every day is a new day. Every moment is a new moment, So now you got to go out and show them that you a different creature now than you was five minutes ago. I’m pissed off for greatness. Because you ain’t pissed off for greatness, that mean you OK with being mediocre.”

  13. SoCalAndrew

    I probably only have a few weeks left at CFM, but I finally bit the bullet and registered to comment today.

    Back sqaut:


  14. amy edelman

    Congrats Jared & Jenny! Take in every minute!

    85# BS
    Metcon 13:29
    25lb lunge
    Pull Ups: split btw jumping pull ups & RR

  15. Nico

    BS: 105lbs

    Felt pretty good. Should be able to increase weight progressively but need to make sure I stay on my heels on my way up.

    Metcon: 13:52 -> the lunges with 45 lbs challenges my cardio and my leg strength for sure -> bottom need to improve cardio and leg strength if I want to improve timing.


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  16. Michael.Halsey

    BS-155lbs, 5 lighter than last time but technique was much better this time around; focused on initiating the movement by shifting my bum back which helped to keep my back straight all the way down.

    Metcon-17.22. Lots of work to be done there.

  17. plugpilot

    Congrats Jared! From a long timed married man, I only have one piece of advice:

    Happy wife, Happy life!

  18. Tommy

    Back squat: 230lbs (+5 from last time)

    Metcon: DNF, should of finished this one. I finished the last round of pull ups at 11:30 and all the GHDs were occupied 🙁

  19. PJ

    Team rehab: 115# x5. No pain, just a bit weak and unstable
    Modified metcon w hip extensions, GHDs and strict pull ups
    Always a treat to have Brendan dropping knowledge.

  20. Lara F

    Me the newbie today, thanks all so much for making me feel so welcome and not as scared as i was walking in!

    back squat 50 lbs

    15 lb plate
    ab mat sit ups
    ring rows

    reminder….my first day 😉

    Thanks Mike for the ride home!

  21. kpo17


    Did these as DLs (worked 3-3-3-3-3 BSQ at cfit southie yesterday) as 5-5-5-5-5 at 225-245-255(fail at 3)-225-225

    11:50 Rx’d. 20 sec drop from 5-30-12.

  22. Alicia

    compare to 3/7/12 @ 165#

    cash out: 1+29, 35# walking lunges, jumping pullups

    Disappointed in my squat – worked up to 135 in the warmup, but dropped to build up some confidence. Far from what I did in March – goes to show that eating clean & working out consistently builds strength. After all my time off (and eating poorly), I feel like I’m back to square one. Not to mention “DT” kicked the shit out of me yesterday and I felt like death today. Onwards to tomorrow!

  23. MikeM

    200#, up 10 from last time.

    Metcon: disgusted face, rx’d.
    Round of 30, then 20/20/12 pullups.
    No comparison to last time as I had to sub due to a shoulder problem.

  24. nicola

    115 x 3 sets, 120 x 2

    Metcon was a DNF, did sth to my shoulder on the first round of pull ups, no bueno. But the first 8 kipping pull ups felt awesome.

    Happy wedding Jared!!

  25. AllisonV

    5×5 @ 73# (80% of 5RM)
    +20# since 7/16
    Form was not the best it should have been due to body feeling out of it, probably should have only gone up 15# today

    Metcon = DNF
    Finished 30 round + 20 OHWL + 3 ring rows
    Subs: OHWL w/ 10#, ring rows, abmat sit-ups w/ 15
    +23 reps from 7/16

    Congrats Jared!

  26. EdG

    Backsquat: 135#. Was a struggle after vacation. Should try 145 next time when I’m feeling better.

    Metcon: 1round plus 46. rx’d

  27. LB

    BS: 115
    2 +10
    25lb and jumping pullups

    So much heart, love and dedication in 5:30 class tonight, words can’t express

  28. dlede

    250# squats (+5 lbs from last time)

    13:20 GHD annie as metcon (hands are too torn to do pullups)

    agree with LB, 5:30 was pure inspiration

  29. sassypants

    120# squats
    *down 15# from last 5×5, but that was before i thought i had a meniscus tear so i’m easing back into heavy squatting

    9:35 on metcon rx’d

    LB, i expected more from you.

  30. 5×5 @ 85#

    Metcon: 12:22 (some combination of real pull-ups, jumping pull-ups, and ring rows). Time was 1:00+ faster than last time, but different combination of pull-up scaling so not sure the two can really be compared. Someday I’ll be able to do one of these things RX’d!