Tuesday, August 27th, 2013


Tuesday, August 27th, 2013


Tommy, Congrats on the first Crash Course at CrossFit Immortal!!
We’re so stoked for you and wish you and your athletes tons of Success!


Amanda Allen:  Strong or Skinny?  The Right Balance?



(find your 2Rm)

after every other set of jerks perform 7 strict L-Pull-Ups.  If you can’t get 7 in one set then complete them in multiple sets.  You must use strict and perfect form on every single rep.  If your legs begin to drop or if any other error begins to happen you must take a small rest and then get back to perfection.  Although breaking the entire sets into singles is acceptable,  really try to avoid it if you can.  The impact of your strength response will be much more powerful if you force yourself to stay away from the single method. (even if your are getting right back up after coming down)



Burpee: 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18……….
Double Under: 5-10-15-20-25-30………

I spoke yesterday in the night classes of getting out of “The Double Under Box”.  This goes of course for those of you who already murder double unders.  Use sessions like today to help get you to that point of straight murdering it so you can have some fun getting out of that box and taking your skills to the level of  guys like Buddy Lee.  Why not?  You can have anything you want if you go after it and never give up.  

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  1. Jon

    Morning oly

    Cleans-2 rep-155-165-175-185-190


    Reverse hypers w/45 lb plates and back extensions-2 sets 10 reps

  2. Vikram

    SJs: Stayed at 2 x 115#

    Metcon: Into the round of 14 (through 8 burps)

    Lots to think about today. Good mental stimulus. Thanks to Bboy.

  3. lauren

    2x 2x 83
    2x 2x 88
    103×1 failed the second

    21-15-9 GHD/back ext. NFT

    (ran out of time to work up to max, but got some good drills in at the beginning)

    2 sets of 2 L pull-ups between rounds

    Metcon: round of 12 burpees – definitely out of steam at this point, I could barely double under.

  4. Nicole

    Squat cleans:
    (2),(2),(2),(2)@88 while B tried to get me to keep my chest/back up when I pull. So much work to be done, thank you B, and everyone this morning, for their patience!
    Couldn’t stay for WOD today.

  5. EJ

    Last week of August! Any membership requests or inquiries need to be in no later than today.



    Gym will be closed Saturday, August 31 through Monday, September 1.

    Schedule change this fall effective TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3. New Schedule Here


    Treat our gym with a little more love.

    We love you all and enjoy spending time coaching you. Now help us help you by cleaning up after yourself at the gym. This will help us devote more energies to working with you and give all the classes after you the same opportunity you had working with a clean slate.

    Put away bands, boxes and anything you use where you got them. Throw out and take home any waterbottles etc.

    Your cooperation is appreciated.


    Come out for a drink or two with your favorite people and make some new friends! All are welcome – friends family, non-CF friends. We’re also inviting some local boxes to come out as well.


  6. Yuan

    Rough and frustrating morning at my first SJ WOD:
    SJ: stayed with empty bar at 33#. A lot to think about and practice… “Find that right one and do it 197 more times!” Thanks for lots of patience and tips, Brendan!

    Metcon: round of 8 burpees (really need to spend time on jumping rope)

    B-boy: “focus on one little thing at a time: first of all, your shoes are wrong” LOL any good recommendation for O lifting newbies?

  7. Darcy

    SJ: empty bar 33# for 4 rounds @53# for 1 and back down to 33# for last one.

    3 L-sits in between sets

    Metcon: round of 12 burpees with DU practice.

  8. patrick

    Early morning Oly

    Work up to 2RM Cleans
    2×2 @165
    2×2 @185
    1×2 @195
    1×2 @205
    1×2 @215

    I think I could have done 225, but ran out of time.

    6am – Work up to 2RM Split Jerks


    Attempted L-sit pullups in between, but that was a mess.
    175 is not my 2RM, but again ran out of time. Worked on form mostly, as I haven’t spent a lot of time on SJ.

    Completed round of 12.

  9. dquat

    anyone seen..

    a beat up pair of size 12 black and white olys?

    orange handle/green rope rx hyper rope?

    6inch medium valeo belt?

    🙁 all gone

  10. dquat

    @vikram haha that equinox video. looks like i’ve finally found a spot to hone my forest based parkour capoiera break dance skills. whew.

  11. BAston

    Split Jerks: worked up to 2×205# (got 210# up for one rep, but waited too long to try the second rep and failed. Need to figure out my breathing before the second rep).

    Metcon: 2 reps into the round of 16 (I believe that’s 7+2?)

    Good group at 4:30pm

  12. Amylynne

    clean doubles: 120

    split jerk doubles: 123 from behind the neck

    METCON: made it through round of 16 + 13 burpees

  13. johanna

    Fun 4:30 class today! Great WOD.

    SJ: 85(2)- 95(2)- 100(2)- 105(2)- 110(Fx2)- 110(2)
    Did split jerks from a back rack because I wasn’t punching straight up overhead.

    Metcon: 31 reps into the round of 14 (6 rounds + 31 or 178 reps). DUs were unbroken through set of 20 and only broke a couple of times after that.

  14. Meredith

    Clean doubles: worked up to 113#

    GHD / Back extensions 21 – 15 – 9

    SJ: worked mostly w/ 73#…not even close to my max but wanted to focus on form/technique today.

    Metcon: got into the 16th round of burpees

  15. sallys

    @lauren – can you email me about shoes too? I need to give my converse a rest and upgrade.

    Here’s to hoping I get off the Acela sometime this century…

  16. steinwascher

    Split jerks x2

    Failed on 1st attempt at 205. Reracked and just got it 2nd try.

    Thanks to Derek for insights.

  17. Melanie

    2RM SJ @ 103lbs
    Went for a single @ 108lbs. Got it but not pretty

    First time getting anything over 100lbs overhead! Woot woot #sadbuttrue

    Metcon: got the round of 14 burpees and 29 DUs

  18. Paige

    2 RM SJ @ 98#…wanted to go for 103 but the barbell mysteriously disappeared

    L pull ups every other 5 and then 2 in the next round

    Metcon: 5 rounds

    cashout with Wang, JCash, Jon, Katie, Carm and mel: 100 ab mat sit ups. Kumbayah

  19. sassypants

    Trying to get my strength back after a month of no lifting. Worked up to 93×2.

    Misspoke at the board for met con: only got through 16 burpees and 11 doubles, not 8 full rounds.

    Cash out: 100 sit-ups

  20. Jenna

    2 rm split jerk: 85

    Felt strong and good. Probably could’ve done a little more, but have only done this lift a couple of times so I’m not as comfortable with it. Something I definitely want to work on.

    Metcon: 6 rounds + 5 burpees

  21. Jon

    Worked up to 185# but my back leg and hips are still so tight that its difficult for me to stick the proper landing…Gotta roll and stretch out more!

    7+2 on conditioning

  22. dlede

    SJ (x2)

    the old Dave would have gone up but kept the same weight to get more confident and not re-hurt my shoulder, all reps actually looked good

    metcon: 7+ 10 burpees, looks like I was just slow and left a round on the table, didnt stop much (only when my rope f-ed up)

  23. Melissa T.

    Split jerk doubles: worked up to 78#
    Shoulder still tweaked so did these from a back rack position. Failed on the 6th round – I’m icing it Alli!

    Metcon: 6 rounds (12 burpees + 30 DUs)

    Cash out: 5×10 GHD sit-ups and 3×10 reverse hyper (Thanks Cat, for the short girl spot! haha)

  24. wingsteroosky

    Just one of those humbling days where you just wanna work harder. Nothing felt good.
    5 rounds

  25. Carmen

    Might could’ve gone heavier but felt kinda disorganized mentally throughout.
    Pull-ups…kipped to L negative but it was so momentum driven, I don’t think it really served the purpose. Last round was jumping to L negative.
    Burpees – 5 rounds + 40. I made a pee pee.

  26. cat

    98#. Got 1 at 103#, failed on the second

    feeling like all of my weights are going down these days.


    cash out-
    5×10 ghds
    3×10 reverse hyper- thanks Mel, Ada and Jess for dragging me back there!

  27. sallys

    Nothing like 9 hours of travel for a 2 hour meeting. Acela back from Boston was delayed so I JUST missed the 8:30. Resorted to globo gym.

    Squat cleans: 10 @65# [email protected]#, then 2 x (80, 85, 90, 95)

    split jerks – 100×2. These were a hot mess of epic proportions.

    metcon – 5 rds

  28. Alicia

    warmup: 45(5)75(5)85(5)
    first time doing SJ doubles, had more in the tank after 130.

    metcon 6+1

    Still trying to get my muscle strain healed up – SJ’s felt good and DU’s were fine, but definitely felt the over compensation on my right side immediately after the metcon. Lots of rolling out at home. Fun small 830 class!

  29. WU: 33(5), 63(5), 73(3)
    Jumping Negative L-sit pull ups

    Metcon: 6+24

    Cash out: 5×10 GHD sit ups
    Handstand holds: 1 @ 45sec

    Tried for more handstand holds but my wrist was feeling it.

    Could have gone a few steps further with the SJ. Had good form and the weight only felt heavy when I brought it down after the jerk. Then I had to convince myself to do it again….

  30. dquat


    felt ok minus the collarbone beating. rushed the last few sets, never felt crisp on 2nd. will try c&j from the floor next time we jerk heavy 2+.