Tuesday, August 30th


Tuesday, August 30th


For time:
Run 1200m
12 Bar Muscle Up
Run 800m
8 Bar Muscle Up
Run 400m
4 Bar Muscle Up

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  1. BAston

    19:31 rx’d


    I finally got my kip back during the round of 8, but then I ripped my right hand open and had to reset before each MU. No fails today, so I am thrilled about that.

    My money is on Rich for the fastest time today. This was his wod.

    1. BAston

      Factoring in the 6am math equation, I still give Rich the time of the day. His time at 10am would have been like 9 minutes.


  2. dtm

    15:01 Rx

    Eroc’s kipping advice was very helpful, all BMUs were singles but Chad kept me honest, I couldn’t catch up to him on the 400M run.

  3. ERIC S.

    Oly 10 min emom build
    1 power plus 1 squat clean

    Wod “Betty”
    5 rounds for time of
    12 push press @135
    20 box jumps @24″
    8:36 Rx’d

  4. JLee

    17:36 with low ring rows. Shoulder/rotator cuff still pretty bummed can’t pull up very well but didn’t want to miss out because I looooooooooooooooooooove running.

  5. dquat


    no footspeed records were established in this effort… but i snuck in on j$ on the last set of 4 and got him by a second!

  6. Melissa TruHero

    19:20 with 12/8/4 C2B pull-ups

    J$ is my spirit animal. Hate running. Too many #femaleproblems today.