Tuesday, December 6th


Tuesday, December 6th

Skill Work

10 Minutes of Practice
Kipping Handstand Push-Up


3 rounds for time:
20 push press, 95/65
10 bar facing burpees
20 sumo deadlift high pull, 95/65
10 bar facing burpees

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  1. Rekas

    Some handstand practice with Denise
    A little wiggly going up and not liking it

    Conditioning: 14:19rx
    pp and sdlhp in sets of 10 except for the last round sdlhp was 10.5.5

    pppp pull-ups w/band

  2. Alice

    Skill Work: moved through progression up to 2 spotted/supported freestanding kipping HSPU

    Conditioning: 11:22 55#

    5-4-4-3-2 ring dips

  3. JoJo

    HSPU practice that needs work.

    WOD: 9:46 Rx
    Push press all unbroken (stayed with Matt till RD two on push press then lost him on burpees)
    Sumo high pulls sets of 10-10; 10-10; 10-10

    Accessory work:
    FPP 8-7-6-5-4 C2B
    Pegboard 2 climbs

  4. Matt

    skillz: still struggling to balance at the top after a big kip, maybe some spotter work is in order
    metcon: 9:01 rx
    – listening for Eroc’s barbell behind me kept me moving, all push press unbroken

  5. dtm

    I pressed yesterday so I’ll do this WOD tomorrow but until then…

    5 Sets
    6 squats, 4 lunges wit 52.5# dbs

    20Min EMOM
    Even: 10 dumbbell goblet squat 50/25
    Odd: 2 Turkish Get-ups (alt. Arms) 30/15
    **first two sets of TGU at 30, third at 35, remainder at 40#

  6. cdavila


    5RM DL–425
    1:00on/1:00off assault bike cals–27, 20, 15
    10, 9, 8…1 GHD situps (length of gym sprint in between sets)


  7. a) Back squat

    b) 21-15-9 reps for time:
    – 20:28 (kipping, 45s+abmat)

    c) 3 rounds:
    30 ghd sits
    200′ walking lunge

  8. ShollSwole

    Work out in Thomas Jefferson Park today.

    5 mins of straddle stretching
    5 min squat hold

    3 rounds for time
    20 push-ups
    400M run
    20 burpees
    400M run


  9. Denise

    Practiced handstand pushups with Liz
    Maybe one day I’ll get there

    55# and power cleans instead of SDHPs
    (shoulders are a little toasty from all the push presses I did yesterday so I brought the weight down)

    Confirmed: I still dislike burpees over the bar.

  10. Kim

    2 Rounds RX’d in 13:38

    Pro: Kicked up into a handstand against the wall all by myself EVERRR
    Con: Smacked my chin with the barbell. Have the bruise to prove it.

    Only 25 more days to meet my goal of No Urgent Care Trips in 2016

  11. JLee

    HSPU progression – Balance knees on elbows, Get up on the wall, Kip those hips check. Push up not yet. Guess I need more kip.

    WOD – Scaled to 85# and Power Cleans instead of the SDHP – Barely made it under 20 minutes. Lots of cramping

  12. cloudon

    6:11 RX Wait that was 2 rounds and thought I killed it… got up after being informed of the third round and finished at 11:23

  13. dquat

    little shaky getting knees back down to elbows after finishing hspu. got a few singles but no luck getting back up.