Tuesday, January 10th


Tuesday, January 10th

Benchmark WOD


150 Wallballs for Time, 20/14lbs

Compare to 9/22/16.

Extra Strength

14 minute EMOM
Even: 2 Power Snatch
Odd: 5-10 Strict Pull-Ups

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  1. JLee

    10:00 Rx. Everything felt heavy this AM, had to jump the 2nd half. Eat your breakfast.

    Power Snatches @105#, Pull ups 3×5, 4×4

  2. BAston

    Karen: 9:52 rx’d (last time I attempted this wod was 3/23/2013 during the Open and got 119 reps before the 12 minute cap – so a nice PR). My legs are still jell-o.

    Snatches @ 115# / 6 PU’s for the first 5 rounds, 5 for the last 2. I couldn’t jump on the snatches, my legs were finished.

    Rob Seda, RX+ all day.

  3. Just your friendly reminder that the Whole Life Challenge (2017 New Year edition) starts January 21st.
    I have had success with the WLC. I tend to lose about 10# without compromising my strength. I am looking for better ‘gains’ this time as I am starting heavier this year. I really like the structure and the focus the WLC create for me.

    This is not an easy challenge. Ask anyone who has done it before, most people drop out before the final 56th day, or just stop recording their score, which is the same thing. 8 weeks is a long time and it is hard to sustain so many components every day for so long while also juggling your own work and social life. I believe the length to cause you to fall of the wagon and learn how to motivate yourself back into the game. Not everyone can do that.

    If you are considering the WLC, please check out the website: http://www.wholelifechallenge.com and/or reach out to me via the FB or ada[dot]e[dot]smith[at]gmail

    And feel free to join my team, Oh Kale Yeah! The Game begin January 21st. Are you in?

  4. Rekas

    Karen: 7:41rx

    Thanks for the strategy tips JoJo! Also, when Matt is standing behind you yelling, “Keep going, it’s gonna hurt! Pick it up girl!” – that helps too! 🙂 <3

    Snatches @ 75#
    Pull-ups - 5 slow, quality pulls & negatives, w/ a band. Switched grip each round

  5. Matt

    Karen: 6:41 Rx (compared to 7:15 last time)

    Snatches all at 125 because wrecked – Karen is my kryptonite
    Started with 6 strict chest to bar, finished with 6 strict chin over bar

    Weekly weigh-in: 171

  6. Melanie

    11:33 rx’d – I cant find a time anywhere for this but pretty sure this is way off my best

    PS – first 2 rounds at 73 then dropped to 63 for the rest bc it just didn’t feel good

  7. ERIC S.

    Karen – 5:41 rx

    Oly Squat clean 12 min emom @250# (King Kong training)

    5 rounds for time
    250m Row
    10 hspu
    20 ghd situps
    12:39 Rx’d

  8. ShollSwole

    My first Karen, woof.

    Snatches 95#
    Strict pull-ups 8-7-6-5-4-4-3

    Book club tonight at DTUT from 8-10! See you there

  9. johanna

    Karen: 8:26 Rx, PR but not feeling super confident that i counted correctly… those last 30 were the worst.
    started with 20 (PR) then did sets of 10 until the last 40 or so and just tried to not die.

    could barely do a power snatch at first, so added an extra 6 mins to get some extra volume
    2 pullups each time = 20 total strict

  10. Helllllloooooo Karen: 7:55 Rx. A few slight misses with the ball

    Power snatch at 135 for rounds 1-5, 145 rounds 6 and 7

    Strict pull-ups 10×5. Easy

    Tried one power snatch at 165. Got the bar above my head. Almost there, but failed

  11. Mike Wask

    Karen: 13:16 Rx
    EMOM: 75# for the first 3 rounds of snatches, 85# for the last 4, combination of pull-ups and ring rows(just ring rows the last 4 sets)

  12. Darcy

    9:27 8ft. A few minutes off from last time on account I haven’t worked out for a week ????

    EMOM: I did it. Pull ups fell apart after 3rd round.

  13. Chi

    It’s been an encouraging welcome back after being “off-the-wagon” for 8mths. Thanks Matt and all! #solidarity

    14:50 @ 14#
    Snatches #35
    7 ring rows

  14. GabrielleS

    9:45 Karen, switched from 14lbs > 10lbs @ 50 reps because OH MY GOD! :’0

    Hang Power Snatch at 53, 63 for last round.

    Pullups with a green band, definitely not 100% strict, and there were STILL a few rounds where I could only do 4!

    Shaking after this workout!

  15. cullen

    5 Rounds:
    1min max deficit push-ups (27/23/22/20/18)
    10 Bent over fly rows 35# dbs

    Lower back therapy:
    5 x 45 second superman hold

    3.7 mile run

  16. Melissa TruHero

    Too many days off + fighting a cold = a tough first day back

    Karen 8:29 RX’d (not sure if this is a PR)
    – started out too hot, 25 first then sets of 10 until at least 50 left, then sets of 5 till the end. PAIN

    Snatches @ 63 because of ????????and combo of pull-ups and ring rows

  17. chad

    8:37rx big pr but haven’t done this in a long while
    Snatch at 115 and 5 pull ups per round
    1 min max cal – 21

  18. David Perlow

    11:15 – 15# – First set of 30 followed by sets of 10

    Snatch at 85, tried 95 but failed. 2-3 reverse grip pullups per round followed by 6-8 ring rows

  19. PlayGurlPattyG

    Okay “Karen” Last time it took me 14:00 today 13:54 I shaved 6min Yay!!! I do feel like my form is better. I was still sick when it was done. But in a better way. Its still feels like purgatory, but I broke them up into set I could manage. Also doing the circle arm thing for sure helped Thanks Chad 8P We Rocked Out!!!

  20. dquat

    8:36rx , love the rest with the ball against the wall technique.

    ps: 175lb
    pu strict deadhang w chain 8(no chain),6,6,6,5,4,4