Tuesday, January 24th


Tuesday, January 24th


“Filthy Fifty”

For time:
50 box jumps, 24/20-inch box
50 jumping pull-ups
50 kettlebell swings, 53/35
50 walking-lunge steps
50 knees-to-elbows
50 push presses, 45/35 lb.
50 back extensions on floor
50 wall-ball shots, 20/14-lb. ball
50 burpees
50 double-unders

Compare to 9/10/16. Post time to Comments.

48 Responses

  1. JLee

    A late night (PST) work off some steam hotel recreation

    bench jumpovers
    bounce on bosu ball jump pull ups
    50# DB (russian) swings
    Knees not quite 2 elbow
    2×15# DB thrusters

    Stopped there ???? lost steam. Stuff involving pull up bars def took the longest. No official timer but somewhere in the neighborhood of 27 mins

  2. AllisonR

    31:40 with some scaling along the route. knees to chest, 16lb kb, 10lb wall ball and the rest was rx i think

    Tried keeping up with everyone, but everything prevented that…

  3. Rekas

    32:24 rx (pr – never been able to finish this before, so I’ll take it!)

    k2e and burpees were the hardest/longest part. That one hurt.

  4. Ron

    Peppermill Reno:

    decent gym, but short on time:

    5 rounds for time:
    5 PU
    5 Dumbbell press at 60#
    5 squats at 135
    row 500


    Rest 2 minutes

    Dumbell C&J at 45 for a total of 30 reps: 3:03

  5. Michele Adler

    So this was tough especially after yesterday’s workout. I. Ink someone is trying to kill us (Matt)
    Anywho, 38:36 subbed 100 single unders bc I can’t do double unders yet. Wall balls are always THE worst for me. Thanks Eric for the encouragement when I wanted to lay down and stay there (Supermans). ????????????

  6. patrick

    DNF in 35min

    Completed 15 of the burpees. The entire thing was a struggle for me. I’d like to blame yesterday and I’m sure that contributed,but mostly i’m just fat and have no cardio

  7. David Perlow

    24:30 – scaled to 30 reps

    Did about 15 solid knees to elbows then leg lifts for the rest
    20kg KB
    30 single/double

  8. johanna

    26:58Rx big PR
    helped that it only took me 6 mins to do the K2E this time compared to at least 10 last time.
    totally died on the WBs and burpees, just tried to keep moving…

  9. Roberts

    25 Knees to elbow
    150 single unders BC I was not even attempting DUS after burpees

    I will never do this wod again

  10. Andy

    30:51 Rx

    The song in my head: “Just keep swimming…..”

    Things that killed and took forever: K2Es- did them one at a time. Wall balls-did in sets of 5. Burpees-also in sets of 5.

  11. Tapout


    last time 38 so figure I would have been it even if it took me 8 min to do an additional k2e.
    Will work to kip those

    Oh shit. Just realized I forgot the pull ups!!! So much for that theory.

    Sorry Melissa…

  12. Filthy fifty done today. A very long 46 minutes! Rx except:
    ????Wall balls at 16lbs (couldn’t find a 14lb ball)
    ????Strict knees to elbows because I don’t have the technique yet.
    ????Subbed 500m row for double unders 1:54.