Tuesday, July 12th


Tuesday, July 12th


Skill Work

10 Minutes of Practice:
Ice Cream Maker


For time, alternating sets:
21-15-9 reps
Bench Press, 185/115
42-30-18 reps
Wallball, 10ft/8ft

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  1. BAston

    Ice Cream Makers: Fo days

    Wod: 11:22 @ 145#

    Shoulder has been bothering me so kept the bench reasonable. WB’s slow af.

  2. JLee

    hotel wod

    ~500 ft farmer walk with 50 lb DBs
    50 push ups
    farmer walk
    50 sit ups
    farmer walk
    50 lunges
    farmer walk
    25 jumps over bench

    Looks familiar-ish right?

  3. sassypants

    Wod with the bf (not my vacation bf)
    3 rounds: 1k row, 50 du, 10 tgu, 10 double kb sq clean+press
    Finished around 32min

    Some boxing. Need to incorporate this back into my routine. Good cardio good core workout.

  4. Not for Time:
    30 sq snatch, 115
    30 hspu, strict
    20 sq snatch, 135
    20 hspu, strict
    10 @155
    Weighed in at 180 today. I’m melting.

  5. J Cash

    I got that ice cream ladies.
    Legs were too sore to do wall balls so did bench at 185 and burpees 21-15-9

  6. There was no ice cream made tonight. All the ice cream within a ten mile radius melted around 6:40 pm as soon as I got on those rings.

    11:45 @ 135 on the bench. Wall Balls are a #gamechanger when it comes to bench pressing

  7. Tapout

    1/2 an ice cream maker – A “great attempt” said Chad.

    8:59 @ 73#

    Fun with Katie, Angela, Cat and Chad!

  8. Melissa TruHero

    12:16 @ 93#

    Tabata abs: alternating between hollow holds and supermans

    – lactose intolerant

  9. dquat

    french-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe, even caramel sundaes is gettin’ touched
    and scooped in my ice-cream truck, wu tears it up.

    dayum that song is old.


  10. peytonbarr

    Ice cream was fun–first time making it. 16:53 finishing at 135, idk how you all do this cardio stuff. The boys club had fun though