Tuesday, July 16th, 2013


Tuesday, July 16th, 2013



AMRAP in 12 Minutes:
20 KBS  24/32
15 Box Jumps  20″/24″
20 T2B

Cash Out:
3 Rounds, For Quality:
20 True Push-Ups
20 Elevated Ring Rows

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  1. BAston

    AMRAP: 3 rounds + 5 reps. Started with T2B, all jumps. Did not have much in the tank today. Journey’s “Faithfully” got me through the last round.

    3 rounds of quality cash out.

  2. Rachel

    Hotel Gym Workout
    Travel WOD: “Susan”
    5 RFT: 200M Sprint (on treadmill at 8.5), 10 Push Ups, 10 Air Squats
    3 Rounds NFT
    20 DU
    40 Weighted (8#) V-Sits

  3. Yuan

    2 rounds even:
    16kg KB
    Red box + 25lbs plate
    Knees to elbows (totally broken still)

    RR on small box for first 2 rounds and then feet on ground for the last

  4. Paige

    3 rounds +7
    had to switch to step-ups because I got dizzy and didn’t want a Nicole Lee incident.

    cashout was no joke.

  5. DT

    T2B took forever, might should have done it w ghd’s to get the metcon up. But awesome!

    Eroc thanks for ummm ‘loosening my psoas.’ Have fun at the beach bro

  6. Abby

    3 rounds

    16kg KBS
    box jumps
    kipping toes to bar

    First time getting my toes to bar in a WOD.. success!

  7. ledbelly

    2 rounds + 47 rx’d

    I really hate swinging that big KB – the difference between 32KG and 24KG is a lot more than it seems on paper – really gotta thrust those hips! I have decided I am no longer using the 24KG, straight 32 KG until it becomes easy – keep me honest!

    Cash out took all my money and now I am in a cubicle, just down hill – FOCK!

  8. Amylynne

    Snatch doubles EMOM for 10min @ 63#

    skipped the wod because i had to be at work early. did the cashout. tough!

  9. Nicole

    1.5pood, step ups, t2b with some misses.
    Cash out was no joke, although I like the pushup challenge.
    Diggin the accessory work being programmed into the workouts…thanks BBoy!

  10. Vikram

    3 + 16 Rx

    Who knew ring rows could be so hard? Accessory work was killer. Had to leave early…

    Fun 4:30. Ally always rocks.

  11. johanna

    2+37. 12kg KBS to save my back, all box jumps with step downs, kipping T2B- these were my nemesis, but I did them! started to miss a few in the second round, but got through it.

    cash out- did 3 rounds of 10&10. that’s a lot of strict pushups for me! woohoo!

  12. First group run of marathon training.

    1 mile warmup
    20 min tempo run 2.13 miles
    5 30 second sprints
    800m cool down

    My pace has increased by a full minute since this winter and I chalk it all up to crossfit and you crazy kids at Metropolis. Special shout out to Allison, EJ and Lauren for all the encouragement!

  13. zompetti

    with 16kg kb, jump up step downs, t2b first round, then ToesKindaNearBar for other ones….

    2 rounds of accessory work

  14. Alicia

    Wendlers strict press week 7: 60×5/70×3/75×1
    Handstand walking progression courtesy of GymnasticsWOD

    2+26 rx’d – I really need to get faster at box jumps. Dinner didn’t settle either and I was really trying not to puke during this one
    2 rounds of 10/10 on cash out. Really tried to hollow out on the push-ups which were slow singles

  15. sallys

    3+3, 40# KB. T2B continue to elude me.

    cashout 4 rds of 10/10, push ups on the plates.

    My push ups have returned to me! Now I just need my pullup(s)…

  16. Carmen

    Step ups
    40# swings
    Toes near bar at times

    Cash out – 3 rounds of 10, half of push ups on plate. Ring rows is hard.

  17. wingsteroosky

    step ups
    44# KB
    Toes started close to bar, then lowered.

    cash out-4 rounds of 10, push ups on knees, ring rows.

  18. Melissa T.

    –> 3 full rounds: used 16kg KB, rx’d box jumps, T2B were toes together, knees a little apart
    Cash Out:
    –> did 4 rounds of 10 each
    Normally pretty good at wider pushups but training my body to do the push-ups correctly – getting there

  19. sassypants

    3 rounds in 12:14 rx’d
    The only thing I ate all day prior to workout was kale. Clearly not as much protein as they say. I will never be a vegetarian. :-/
    Mel was a machine next to me during that wod!

  20. dquat

    3+3rx. jumped on 34inch stack of plates on against the wall. similar stimulus to 20inch. high box jumps have always felt good, but high or low…they gas me. conditioning needs a lot of work.