Tuesday, July 19th


Tuesday, July 19th


Complete 5 rounds of the following:

With 3 minutes on the clock:
22 Calorie Row
22 Kettlebell Swings, 24/16
Max chest to bar pull-ups

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Post all 5 pull-up counts to comments. For Rx+ do bar muscle-ups.

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  1. ledbelly

    25 rx’d – 5 each round

    Had less time to do pull-ups as the WOD went on, which means I should probably do more in the earlier rounds

  2. dtm

    20 Rx+ (4/4/4/4/4)

    Time to start learning to string MUs together. Probably could have had a few more if I eased up on the first row.

  3. ERIC S.

    Good Mornings 95(10) 115(8) 125(6) 135(4) superset with 10 ring push ups

    wod 3 rounds of
    50 wallballs with 14lbs 🙁
    50 Calories on rower
    50 dubs

    19:17 Happy with wallballs at 14lbs

  4. johanna

    5-3-2-4-4 = 18 Rx (bad post-wod math on the whiteboard)
    that was terrible. now watching masters athletes compete at the games and wishing i pulled harder in the wod.

  5. Liz

    only first pull up was a chest to bar, all others regular pull ups

    many attempts at peg board before and after

  6. Melissa TruHero

    21 Rx’d (7/5/4/3/2) #nolungs

    Peg board attempt before the wod was definitely a better idea than after

  7. 30 Rx

    11 – 6- 5- 4- 4 If you were to draw an Ordinary Least Squares regression line through those points, you’d get a downward sloping line with a slope of -1/4 and an intercept of 8.7

    Lots of time to do CTB’s