Tuesday, July 26th


Tuesday, July 26th

Heads Up! The Suns Out Guns Out Throwdown is this Saturday, July 30th, from 9-11am! Bring sunblock, we’re going to be throwing down at the basketball courts on 96th and Lex, with barbells and all. Bring your game face and represent!


10 Minutes of Practice
Ice Cream Maker


Five rounds for time of:
30 Burpees
5 Rope Climbs
30 Push-ups

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  1. Melanie

    mix between rope climbs and pull-up negatives – both felt terrible this am
    scaled to 15 push-ups a round

  2. chad

    Snatch/Hang/OHS – 75-95-105-115
    Snatch – 125-135-145-150-155-160-165(f,f)
    Amanda – 11:29 (did rx weights but started with snatch first then MU, not sure if that changed much)
    Bench – 145(5)-160(3)-175(3) 5×[email protected]
    8 Min AMRAP from CF Immortal – 7 Box jumps 24in., 5 Hang power cleans @155 – 8+7rx

  3. Brian Bobby

    3 rounds in 31:23. Subbed 15 pull-ups for rope climbs. (recovering from mechanical bull riding injury)

  4. ledbelly

    29:32 – subbed 8 strict pull-ups for a rope climbs. pull-ups are more useful and functional for me

    hardest push-ups of my young life

  5. JLee

    3 + 44 Rx

    My version of “Redemption” last time we had rope climbs I only got through 7. Must be because I bought these shoes that had “rope-tec” in the description

    Push ups straight back into burpees was rough

  6. PlayGurlPattyG

    Hi! Five Made it In!! 8:30p

    I came in wanting to make ice cream Just a scoop, please … Tons of Fun can’t wait to try again

    26:15? something like that .. Didn’t RX and had to go from banded pull ups to ring row.

    Also, yesterday WOD has me feeling adamantium was put into my spirit