Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

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  1. Paige

    HSPU on box
    RX deads (girl bar so 153#)…
    QUERY- on behalf of myself and Steph Mills: do they make girl bars? If so, please get us a few, thanks!

  2. EJ


    Please be sure to sign in for classes. Would be greatly appreciated.


    July 4th – 10am WOD in the park (meet at the Pinetum); GYM CLOSED
    July 5th – 9AM and 3:30PM
    July 6th – 10AM CF for Hope; Open Gym 3:30 – 5:00PM
    July 7th – normal

  3. Melanie

    7:23 @ 113lbs

    a full minute slower than the last time.. my habit of avoiding DLs has really paid off

  4. Benjammin

    Diane-7:06 @135

    Still scarred of deadlifts so stayed at 135.
    1 ab mat after 1st round. And Jared said my last few hspu were no reps due to poor standards. I knew going back to 6 am was going to make me a better crosfitter.

    August 18th ninja classic at 5th venue CF. who else is in?

  5. sassypants

    Hot for teacher hour at 4:30. Two principals and a college professor…let the fantasies begin…

    6:00 @155# and feet on grey box w/plates and ab mat

    21-15-9 GHD/hip extension

  6. Julesnextdoor

    Yes, Sandy, I’m also proud to be part of 4:30 principal-teacher hour.

    8:16 at 123#

    HSPUs on grey box, knees.

  7. Alicia

    forced rest day due to work; also giving my right side a rest which I seemed to tweak on Sunday.

  8. Nicole

    First Diane!
    7:44 @ 143#, deads were very broken up – took alot of time…i struggle with form on these still. knees on red box.

    Thanks Paige for making me try 143#, i would have weenied out!

  9. Jon

    7:34 RX…I should go heavier on the dead’s next time around. They were all unbroken and really didn’t do too much to hurt my HSPU’s.

  10. Joe

    Fugazi Diane
    185# deads
    round 1 HSPU – strict but not all the way down stopped at 11
    round 2 and 3 – Derek assisted (more like Derek pulled me off the ground 24 times)


    Not a good day at Metrop for me.

  11. JackW.NY

    7:59 :: Scaled HSPUs off a Box. 135# on the Bar.

    Poorly judged my lifting weight based on a previous WOD. Could have definitely added 20#.

  12. Melissa T.

    First Diane.

    Deadlifts @ 135# – really tried to work on form and to not “squat” the bar down

    Scaled HSPU on gray box – struggled with these. Really need to get over my hand stand phobia.

  13. Jason Castro

    8:26 RX’d
    Deads were all unbroken. Last time I did this wod, I did it in 13:15 so I’m happy about that.

  14. zompetti

    95# for Deadlifts (still not comfortable with this movement)
    did 15 pushups, then tried to do Brendan-assisted HSPU on box, but was able to do them on my own so..
    all HSPUs on grey box on knees. rough rough rough

  15. Meredith


    Squat cleans (95#)
    Ring dips

    19:39 Rx
    Really fought for the Rx and was able to pull it off even though it took me longer! It was a battle but I won 🙂

  16. Carmen

    12:22 @123# – shoulda gone heavier
    HSPUs – toes on red box – really very challenging getting all the way down and up off the bottom. Lots of work to do here.

  17. wingsteroosky

    @sassypants @julesnextdoor HILARIOUS. educators unite! haven’t been to 430 in awhile. fun times!

    started on toes on grey box, switched to knees halfway through.

    GHD cash out with these lovely ladies.