Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

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  1. loveAKG

    Left my earrings at the gym tonight. Dangly hearts with a lil stone. Please secure them for me 😉

  2. BAston

    11:11 @ 120#. Didn’t feel great in warm up, probably should have gone to 125#. Pull ups felt great.

    25 GHD’s

  3. Nicole

    16:30 @63. Pullups (a few chinups in there) the first 3 rounds. By round 4, I was needing to kip up on the set of 5, and by round 5, it fell apart by the 3rep set and i weakly finished on ring rows.

    press was light to help me get my pullups, but it was still alot of pullups for me.
    tough one.

  4. Meredith


    3×5 finding 5RM deadlift
    Max dead hang pull-ups b/w sets
    115 – 145 – 165 – 175

    EMOM for 10min
    3 power cleans @ 80% of 3RM
    2 broad jumps @ 10′ each
    Rest remainder of minute
    * used 75# but def should’ve gone heavier (b/w 85#-95#). Did Elizabeth last night so was feelin a lil taxed this morning on my cleans.

    Meetin up w/ Helen later so stay tuned 🙂

  5. Julia

    Left a set of keys at the gym last week on the office counter and now they are missing. If you happened to pick up a set of three keys on a ring that don’t open your apartment… please bring em back! 🙂

  6. Alicia

    hey guys, I’m still a few donations short of my goal to raise $321 for Crossfit for Hope on Saturday. It’s for a great cause to combat children’s illnesses and should be a great wod. If you feel like donating, please do so at my site:

    Thank you to Wing & Nicole who have already graciously donated! 🙂

  7. Melissa T.

    Sleepwalked my way into the 6am class!

    PP @ 58# – these are feeling a little better, did 2 reps in the last two rounds

    Sub’d horizontal ring rows on small box for pull-ups.

    Team #MeliMel!

  8. DT

    Tuesday, even on Wednesday.

    Bboy you shamed me this am. You’re 1000% right too. I need some goddamn strength work. Shame on me.

  9. zompetti

    I would just like to say thank you for all the links today.
    each one actually made me stop and think after reading them.
    from taking rest days-to not caring about how my legs look in shorts-to making sure the next generation of young girls don’t worry so much about their bodies.


  10. 14:27 @ 55#. Failed on the last press 🙁
    BUT first time in a long time that I didn’t feel like I could have gone heavier. Definitely taking Brendan’s pointers to heart!

  11. sallys

    Seeing Book of Mormon tonight, and apparently I’m incapable of waking up before 8am, so I snuck in an afternoon workout at NYSC.

    Yesterday’s WOD, modified – DL @ 135#; regular push ups – 10:27

    strict press – 45×8, 55×5, 65×5, 70×3, 75×1, 80×1

  12. Alicia

    16:14 @ 70#, 6 1/2 lbs off 90%. Red band strict pull-ups then switched to blue the last round of 3 and 5 to focus more on using my lats

    Body is still so sore and I don’t know why. Ugh lame

  13. Alicia

    Also a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated today! Not only did I meet my goal, but I surpassed it!!! Thanks you CFM!!! 😀

  14. sassypants

    13:34 @70# (2# less than my 1RM oops)
    Strict pull-ups turned into little kip to start. Those went fast!

  15. Jon

    Today I did the 6:30 AND 7:30 WOD because Jcash was the only one in the 7:30 class and I couldn’t let him WOD alone in good conscious.

    145# Press with L-Pullups-10:56 though I thought it was 10:34…

    Then 2 rounds to failure of 20# wallballs to the ceiling

    145# PP with 20# Weighted Pullups-9:50

    Abs Cashout-5 rounds of Parallete L-Holds then AbMat situps

  16. Jason Castro

    Thanks for staying for the 7:30 wod Jon, your a good friend lol.
    10:46 press weight @ 150 and L-sit pull ups
    Abs cashout: what Jon said.

  17. Kat

    14:16 at 63# and a veritable rainbow of rubberbanded pullups (purple and red for 1, blue and purple for 3, red blue and purple for 5)

    Thanks to Allie for helping me get into and out of the rubber bands. At one point I had my left leg directly rubberbanded into the air and was hopping on my right foot, so I noted to her that I looked like the world’s worst Rockette. (PR poise and elegance)

  18. seanm

    12:33 @ 105#
    Ended up feeling lighter than I thought it would. After WOD, worked up to 125#, heavy but still ok. All strict pull-ups, but had to do singles by the end.