Tuesday, July 9th, 2013


Tuesday, July 9th, 2013



5 Rounds:
Complete the Following in 3 Minutes, Then Rest for 2 Minutes & Repeat:
Sprint Up the Hill
7 Push Presses  110/155
Max Strict Pull-Ups

**  Score is Total Strict Pull-Ups  **

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  1. BAston

    Pull Ups:
    Total: 60

    Push Press @ 135# (would have liked to go heavier but I knew I’d have nothing on the cleans after the sprints, which I didn’t).

  2. patrick


    Subbed feet elevated Ring Rows for pullups

    Push Press @155. Could have gone heavier. Did all but the third round unbroken.

  3. Yuan

    Ring Rows:
    8, 12, 9, 9, 6 = 44 (38 on small box)
    Push Press @ 47#

    First time running since injured in March– thanks for making me do the hill sprints, Brendan!

  4. dlede

    56 strict dead hangs, back is scorched

    subbed 275# deadlifts but thought it was 9 reps so I was an idiot and did 9 per round

    accessory work afterwards
    3×8 bent rows 1.5 pood
    2×5 bent rows 2 pood

  5. PJ

    44 strict pull ups; used 115# & treadmill at work. Not ideal conditions but glad to get this one in.

  6. Vikram

    56 reps at 135#

    Definitely not strict PUs at the end. And had some issues locking out on the PP in the later rounds. Maybe 125# would’ve been better, but wanted to push.

    Fun 4:30 class! Coach Ally is my hero.

  7. jen

    55 @ 73# pp
    All pp unbroken
    Strict pullups with tiny kips toward the end to get chin over the bar

    Best I ever felt sprinting up that hill. I am attributing it to ”holding the baby birds’ 😉

  8. Ben O

    11-10-7-6-5 @ 105# with jumping pull-ups. All push press were unbroken.

    I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t throw up. On the other hand, I had to sit in front of the office for a good twenty minutes before I could move.

  9. Kat

    44 pullups with a green band
    67# unbroken (9# heavier than my previous three rep max for this lift, so I am pretty delighted with that!)

  10. Darcy

    54 reps
    I’ve graduated to the small box with a little jump as suggested by coach Allison. Thanks!! ☺
    PP @55#

  11. Melissa T.

    Total was 53.
    Started with elevated ring rows for pull-ups and went to jumping pull-ups on plates.
    Shoulders and wrists felt pretty tight today so only did 63# on the push press.

    Shockingly, the hill sprints were my friend today!

  12. Rolf

    Push press 105#

    Pull-ups/chin-ups. 13-13-13-13-13 total 65 kept them all pretty strict except or a couple at the end…

  13. Alicia

    34 @ 85# stayed on the lighter side, red band pull-ups. PP’s unbroken – I’m pooped

    Rest day tomorrow! Weather permitting, headed to Randall’s Island driving range after work if anyone wants to join. Email me : [email protected]

  14. Carmen

    Happy I made it home from Hot-lanta in time to catch a big ole 8:30 class!
    PP @63#
    9-7-8-8-9 (black? band – kipped last 3 rounds)
    First hill sprint felt great, then the rest felt like doody.

  15. Steve

    115# PP – first overhead work in a while, kept it relatively light, hope my shoulder holds up tomorrow
    PUs – 17-15-13-11-10 = 66, small kips in there
    Hill sprints slightly paced to save energy for PP

  16. phillipc

    At GE Globo

    #95 p.press…wimp
    0.13km run (followed Ron’s lead above)

    12, 17*, 16*, 11, 10

    * hand-release pushups as someone was using only pullup station