Tuesday, June, 11th, 2013


Tuesday, June, 11th, 2013


2 Min On, 1 Min Off x 5 Rounds:
5 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
15 KBS  24/32
…Rest 2 Minutes…
3 Min On, 1 Min Off x 4 Rounds:

5 Burpee Tuck Jumps
30 Double Unders  (90 Singles)

** Pick up where you left off each round for one total score for each couplet **

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This Friday, June 14th
$6 in advance, $10 at the door
Click Here to RSVP
Send any questions to [email protected]
Funky Outfits Very Welcome!!

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  1. Rachel

    Hotel Gym Workout in Dallas
    “Susan” – 8:20
    5 Rounds:
    200M Run (8.1 on treadmill)
    10 Air Squats
    10 Push Ups (70% from knees)


    2 Rounds NFT
    20 DU
    15 Weighted Sit Ups (8 lb Med Ball)

  2. Amylynne

    Clean and jerks 30 sec on 30 sec off for 9 min then 1 min of work: 37 at 83# (fatigued fast)

    Amrap: total 18+ 2 Rds RX’d
    8 Rds with deadhang C2B and 1.5 pood lb then 10+2 Rds RX’d
    (Thought it was 11+ 2 but will round down)

  3. Vikram

    Love today’s picture. All about familia.

    Amrap: 7 + 9 = 16 rounds Rxed

    Mas o menos. Hard to keep count as you’re about to vomit.

    Great programming. Enjoyed this very much.

  4. BAston

    Total rounds: 15 + 2

    Used 1.5 pood. C2B strict dead hang (for first 5). Got a few more here and there depending on where I started a round, pretty much all of them kipping.

    Great workout, totally gassed at the end.

    Big 6am class today.

  5. Nicole

    9+3, or 9+8. Having a rough one, loved B Boys energy at 6am – thanks! Disappointed in my pullups, but there’s always tomorrow. DU’s kinda looked like single-single-double, repeat…took forever to get 30.

  6. Brooke

    Going with the family theme…

    If you haven’t heard, there is a new Metropolis member. Kora Grace was born on 6/9/13 at 4:06 p.m. She weighed equivalent to an 8lb 12oz kettle bell.

    She has already started preparing for the 2035 Crossfit games. She has an excellent grip…good for cleans and pull ups.

    miss you all!

  7. Benjammin

    Congrats Brooke!

    (7+8 & 8+22)

    On 8th rd got 30 unbroken DU. That’s a PR for me. Boom!

  8. Ambrose

    Good stuff today but I could not stay past 7 am. Got 8 rounds on the first part and through 3 on the second part.

  9. mjansen

    13+6 Rx

    Nice job Davey Lederman…he was a beast this morning…all strict pull-ups!

    Congrats Brooke and Neil!

  10. Vikram

    CONGRATS BROOKE!!! HUGE NEWS. Very happy for you guys…! Strap on your seatblets. It’s quite a ride.

    Awesome seeing The Janitor in this AM too. A CFM ledge.

  11. Paige

    Clean and jerks 30 sec on 30 sec off for 9 min then 1 min of work at 73#

    AMRAP: 16 1/2
    Deadhang pull ups, 24kg KB, 1 min D/U

  12. chad

    24kg for kbs
    1 min DU practice and got 15 unbroken for the first time

    great workout, great coaching, great people

  13. DT

    No clue how many rounds I did, lost track of everything. Great wod this am!

    Bboy brought the heat FROMTHEVAULT

  14. dlede

    wow, I definitely need a good ol fashion metcon

    AMRAP 1: 7 Rds + 17 reps (12 KBs), strict C2B

    AMRAP 2: 9 Rds + 5 reps

    Total: 16 rounds + 22 reps, strict RX

  15. EJ

    *ROWATHON FOR BOSTON – date change June 30th (9AM – 1PM)*

    Note the date change

    Reebok Crossfit 5th Ave will host a Rowathon to benefit Boston’s Children’s Hospital where some of the kids who were injured in the bombings were treated. Entry fee is $25, and each person needs to row a min of 5k for a team total of 26.2 miles. You DO NOT have to be good at rowing to participate!


  16. stephmil

    congratulations bregman fam!!! so exciting 🙂

    today was brutal!
    8 + 1 (24 kg but prob not C2B on all the pullups)
    8 +5

  17. sassypants

    9+1 (24kg, regular kipping pullups)
    6 even (rx’d, round 1 unbroken and then fell off the du cliff)

    ***The best coaches in the world do your hair for you before the wod! Thanks for the fancy geisha hair Allie! You give great tips on Oly lifting AND hair styling!***

  18. steinwascher

    13 rounds + 5

    6 rnds 1st couplet. Dead hang pull-ups, 2pood
    7 rnds + 5 burpees 2nd couplet. 90singles

  19. jen

    am: Clean and jerks 30 sec on 30 sec off for 9 min then 1 min of work: 36 at 62#
    Pm: WOD
    15 + 32 total.
    1) 8+5 with kipping c2b-(these actually got easier as wod went on ) and 20kg kb. A little disappointed that i didnt use 24 kg to make this wod Rx, but it seemed like such a big jump from my usual 16kg. 20kg was definitely manageable. Next time- 24!
    2) 7+27.

    Back squats: 2×5 at 90% of 1rm= 108#

  20. AllisonV

    Last WOD before the altar!

    Total rounds = 13+39
    Round 1 = 7+14, Round 2 = 6+35

    Subs: jumping pull ups, KBS @ 16 kg, 60 singles
    Had to take it easy today – first day back from being sick the past 8 days

    See you all next week!

  21. Jon

    Also, if the rumor is true about having a mobility class. I will seriously be there every day of the week that you have it, assuming it is around the night time classes.

  22. TC

    19 rds + 22

    1. 10 rds, subbed 10 GHD sit ups for KB Swings
    2. 9 + 22, double unders flowing today, all 9 rds unbroken

  23. Jess

    As per orders from Dr.Mike, I am forced to rest my right shoulder for a little bit.

    Hopefully tomorrow’s WOD is something I can do 🙂

  24. zompetti

    15 + 89
    12# kb
    jumping to negative on the C2B
    90 singles per round.

    all C2B and KBS were unbroken. s

    forearms are on FIYUH

  25. ERIC S.

    Crossfit 212
    8 rounds with 2min 30sec rest btw rounds of

    5 cleans @ 165
    7 pullups
    10 burpees

    Post time it took to do each round. Goal was under a min.
    1.56 sec
    2. 56 sec
    3. 58 sec
    4. 58 sec
    5. 58 sec
    6. 56 sec
    7. 53 sec
    8. 53 sec

  26. Rolf

    7rds with pull-ups on the short people bar, 2 pood Kbs

    9+2 double unders unbroken excep for one round.

    Total 16+2

    Congrats Brooke!!!

  27. robseda

    14 rounds + 5

    9 rds- subbed 20 air squats for kb swings after the first two rounds
    5 + 5- DUs need work to be more consistent

  28. PJ

    Congrats Brooke!

    Trying to find nice things to say about this WOD. Did 12 rounds and change w 1.5 pood. Callouses were opening up in round 1 which was a big limiter. But really just need to get fitter!