Tuesday, June 21st

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  1. elizabeth

    Pull ups with the biggest band
    Jumped on first box jumps second set of box jumps I stepped up
    Wall balls with green ball I think 14 or 12 lbs aiming for red mark

  2. JLee

    22:23 RX

    Wasn’t counting splits but probably would be twice as fast without pull ups. Singles by the end and def some highly questionable reps in the mix

  3. dtm

    Yesterday’s OHS:
    145-155-165-175-185(failed jerk, fail squat, then hit it)-195-205


    Rest 4 min, 800M run

  4. Matt

    12:55 Rx, pacing off Justin the entire time. Almost took a rest day, glad I didn’t. The body always needs conditioning.

  5. ERIC S.

    Back squats 5’s 225, 245, 275, 300
    Wod 35s
    35 cal row
    35 box jumps 24″
    35 ghd sit-ups
    35 back squats 135lbs
    35 ghd sit-ups
    35 box jumps 24″
    35 cal row

  6. Melissa TruHero

    19:30 “injured RX”
    – step overs instead of jumps on 20″ box
    – pull-ups in sets of 5
    – wall balls and 2nd row probably took the most out of me

  7. chad

    15:08 or 16:08 (95% sure it was 15:08) but even with my acute memory loss I’ll take either time
    pull ups were my favorite part
    BS 160(5) – 1856(5) – 210(5) – 5×[email protected]
    props to all the ladies who had to go to the 10′ target today

  8. anamaria


    time 20:17

    using 20″ box for jumps, box for pull ups and 10lbs wb

    Great work out I enjoyed myself!