Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

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  1. TC

    20 minutes of skill work: pistols, skin the cats, wall squats, ring holds in push up position, handstand practice

    WOD: 49 Push presses 115 lbs

  2. Amylynne

    20 min of embarrassing myself in hollow position on hand stands and wall squats

    Then AMRAP: 83# 8-8-8-8-8-8-6 (total 54)

  3. BAston

    AMRAP: 11-8-6-5-6-5-6 (47 reps) @ 105# & 1.5 pood

    KB’s unbroken, front squats got ugly towards the end. Push presses felt good but still having some shoulder discomfort in right shoulder. Need to ice.

  4. Ron

    Reading comments, I did this wrong.

    I did 5 rounds rx’d of FS and KBS.

    I never had time remaining in each interval – apparently one does push presses with remaining time?

    Anyway, brutal.

  5. Meredith

    20 minutes of skill work: pistols, skin the cats, wall squats, ring holds in push up position, handstand practice

    26 @ 73#
    Started at 83# for the first round and it felt pretty aggressive so I dropped to 73#….still really tough

    Today was brutal.

  6. Justin B.

    53 reps at 115#. Shoulders are destroyed.

    Unbroken Kbs at 1.5 and front squats. Ideally I could have tried for a heavier weight but this was brutal.

  7. Jenna

    Beach day this Sunday!!

    There is a group of us going out to Long Beach this Sunday. Anyone and everyone should join!

    We are planning on taking the LIRR at 10:09 am out of penn station, and it will get us there by 11 so we will have a full day at the beach!

    Feel free to bring food, booze, games, footballs etc!

    Email me if you are interested in going so that we know we aren’t leaving anyone behind. [email protected]

    Also, if that time doesn’t work but you still want to come, there is a 10:45 and 11:45 train.

  8. Karin

    74 reps at 63lbs followed by a 50 minutes of lap swim. Jumping in the pool after that WOD felt great!

  9. johanna

    Packed up my classroom today! Organized, Packed, Boxed, Lifted, and Moved without asking for any guy’s (Chad) help. RX!

  10. jen

    Core and gymnastics work. Planks in variety of positiond and then 2 rounds of: 12 Pistols, ring pushup holds (variety of arm extensions at bottom of pushup), 3 skin the cats, 1 min handstand holds, 8 wall squats.
    Finally!!! able to do some semblance of a pistol using 10lb plate under heel and assist from other foot on way up. Thanks B!

    [email protected] 68#
    Tough but glad I stuck it out with the 68#

  11. Jared

    55 reps at 135#. First round had 14 reps, 2nd had 11 and then it was downhill from there. Last two rounds with only 4 reps. Rough!

  12. Rachel

    79 reps @ 42# (FS and PP), KBS @ 16kg
    14, 12, 10, 11, 11, 10, 11

    Allison’s tips to not go too heavy and rest smart were really helpful.
    Fun workout!

  13. sassypants

    65 @75#
    12-10-9-9-8-8-9 (or something like that)
    Done with KB and FS by minute one, pp took a while in sets of 3-4

    Oh EJ…

  14. dlede

    68 @ 1.5pood right arm KB push presses
    rehabbing left shoulder for month

    did 9 reps of front squats instead of 7

  15. zompetti

    12 kg for KBS-all unbroken
    53# for FS
    20# for push press. Shoulder wasn’t hurting so much as not responding and I could feel it give under the 53#.

    5-8-9-10-10-10-12= 64 total reps

  16. Alicia

    46 @ 85#, did first two rounds @ 95#

    I’m pretty sure I peed myself in the 3rd round…glad that’s over

  17. sallys

    Subway issues (wtf subway, why did you not get off at 96th st???), so had to do this in NYSE.

    44 @ 65# (16 kg KB)

    Followed by run across the Queensborough bridge and back because I’m avoiding work.

  18. Carmen

    I was the mod squad on this one (as per usual) due to hinky-ness in my right arm that I don’t care to aggravate. So….

    12 kg one-arm KBS
    16 kg goblet squat
    12 kg PP on the left side only

    73 (only because I got 23 in the first round using the 8 kg bell and then switched to 12 for the rest – got 9-10/round thereafter)

    Ladies night, oh what a night…