Tuesday, March 27th


Tuesday, March 27th


Back Squat

The 15-rep will be about 75% of your 5-rep.

Then, complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes:
7 Power Cleans, 135/95
7 Burpees Over the Bar

Post all loads and rounds to Comments.

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  1. dtm

    Standing See-Saw Press w/ 50# DBs
    Rest 2 minutes after each set

    Then, complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes:
    7 Hang Power Cleans, 50# DBs
    7 Burpees
    One more than Rekas URx

  2. Matt

    Drop in at CrossFit Bermuda

    First some weighted tempo step ups and single leg glute bridges to prefatigue the butt, then… MORE BUTT:

    AMRAP x 15 mins:
    16 Front Rack Reverse Lunges – 2×1.5 pood
    16 Box Step Ups – 8/s (24”)
    10 Burpees (no jump but to full extension)
    12 Hanging KB SDHP (1.5pood)

    About 5+40 reps, I kept forgetting the hsdhp, and I started with a 20” box, outta my comfort zone.

  3. Lina

    105, 105, 105 then 15 reps @ 85
    WOD: 5+11 @75

    Thank you for the motivation Lizzy, I really enjoyed working out with you! <3

  4. johanna

    @home mini wod
    squats 5-5-5-15
    empty barbell 33#- 50# DB goblet- 60# DB goblet – 33#

    7 hpc at 33# then a screaming child stopped my workout.

  5. Michael.Halsey

    195-205-205-145 (15)
    4+7 (95lbs)

    Second workout back since ACL surgery. Squats felt solid and this was my first time cleaning since the op so kept it light and thankfully there was no pain or instability. Feels good to be getting back to it 🙂

    I had a total brain fart and left my black North Face jacket in the office. If a blackberry alarm is still going off in one of the pockets when AM classes start feel free to turn it off. I’ll come and grab it tomorrow evening.