Tuesday, March 6th


Tuesday, March 6th

After 18.2 and 18.2a, the leaderboard has seen some shake-ups! Here are your new leaders:

1st – Lizzy and Dan
2nd – Alice and Matt
3rd – Erin and Rob

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Women use the 65 lbs. barbell, men use the 95 lbs. barbell.

Post loads and time to comments.
Compare score to 1/19/18

41 Responses

  1. JLee

    8:33 Rx
    Felt weak broke a bunch. Didnt get the full fran lung experience.

    Cash out 5 rounds 30 sec/15 rest
    Superman snow angel things
    Hollow holds (arms at side)

  2. BAston

    5:51 rx’d (5:44 last May)

    The last few times I’ve done this wod, the pull ups have fell apart. Really thought that would be a strength today. Not so much.

    Nice job 6am crew.

  3. AllisonR

    Fran @35lb

    6 weeks ago: same weight and 10:16

    1min 22 sec min sec faster this time

    it felt like 65lb if that means anything. I know it doesn’t. I’ll shoot for heavier next time

  4. Rekas

    5:56 w/75# push-press (as compared to 6:35 last time) woo!

    “You can work on your manicure later”

  5. dtm

    Every 2:30 for 6 Rounds:
    20 Goblet Split Squats w/ 55# KB (10/leg)

    Rest 2 minutes

    Single DB Thrusters w/ 50#
    5:50, lots of sand on the burpees

  6. NCGillott

    12:00 (out of time)
    Rx Thrusters completed (95lbs)
    Strict Pull-ups 7 (of 9) completed on last set

    Cash Out:
    30 second Hollow Holds & 30 second Supermans for 3 minutes