Tuesday, May 10th


Tuesday, May 10th

16.1Friends that train together, gain together.


Clean and Jerk
1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1


3 Rounds for time of:
20 Wallballs to a 12/10ft target
10 Power Cleans 155/105

Post loads, time to Comments.

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  1. ERIC S.

    Yasssss! See ya’ll tomorrow for 6am, 7am and 10 am!
    Clean and Jerks, let’s see some p.r.s for May!

  2. ledbelly

    C&J – 225-245-265-285
    WOD – 5:56 rx’d

    Cleans felt excellent today. Push Jerks felt weak. I thought it would be the opposite, so probs a good thing.

  3. Liz

    Drop in at Crossfit discovery in Charleston, SC
    30 min emom
    3 rep back squat 123
    12 Cal row
    20 sit ups

  4. steph_N

    Clean and jerk- worked up up to 108 (pr)
    Wod: 9:24 at 95# with the high wall balls (those were interesting)

  5. amandajnz

    C&J #73
    WOD 5:06 # 63; all wall balls to 10ft

    Katie gave me evil looks during the WOD for not going heavier on cleans. Next time.

    Great Tuesday 10! Thanks Eric.

    I left my sugar babies.

  6. RichS

    150 C&J
    Metcon 10:59 @ 135, 15# wall balls started off at RX but that didn’t last long, had to launch off the floor each rep.

  7. Matt

    C&J 135-165-185-205-225(old PR, felt pretty easy!)-245(f)-235(f)-235(f)
    Metcon: 7:13Rx, gross combo

    1. robseda

      I was struggling too- there’s really only one thing that could have been adjusted… Soundtrack

  8. J Cash

    Power clean and jerk
    Air squats instead of wallballs
    Power cleans @155

  9. BigTuck

    C&J: 135(3)-155(3)-175-195-205(2). Today’s lesson: you’re not good at cleans.

    Wod: 10:31rx

  10. Melissa TruHero

    C&J: 115-125-135-140-145f
    Felt rusty but made it to my previous PR 140#

    Metcon- 9:24 rx’d
    Spent a lot of time on those higher wall balls

    Cash out: 100 abmat sit-ups for time

  11. PlayGurlPattyG

    I already forgot the ball was 10lbs /10ft and the bar was hmmm 42 and my time was like 6
    I am freaked out about having to add more weight. I feel rhythmless and it’s a hard thing to remember. It’s just a blur and I am just a sweat monster