Tuesday, May 17th


Tuesday, May 17th



6 Rounds for Time:
6 Push Press, 185/115
12 Kettlebell Swings, 24/16
200m Row

Take push presses from the rack.
Post time to Comments.

Cash Out

5 Minute Plank Hold

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  1. PlayGurlPattyG

    I am not ready for the chains. I didn’t even get a note from my mom to play with chains so 3×5 at 93lbs cause all I want to do I s play! Box Jump!! Now to journey home peanut butter Please!!

    1. Matt

      I’m guessing Rob did 155? Every pound counts! Love the smack talk. When’s Brian coming to do 160?

    2. BAston

      I’ll be throwing up 160# at 5:30pm today 🙂

      … Unless someone does that already, then it will be 162#.

  2. Darcy

    17:52 @63# bathroom break right before last row????
    Skipped the cash out, just rolled out a little.

    1. Katie

      Wow! Thanks guys! This was my most favorite wod we have ever done. And I only got to 103# with a quick crash course from Mel reminding me about my form

  3. dtm

    A. Trop WOD modified because housewives was a madhouse today
    135# from the ground, 15 burpees subbed for the row

    B. EWOD with some cool cats from CF Solace
    6 x 200M hill sprints (hill behind Strawberry Fields)
    BONUS hill to rabbit for Julia in about 29/30 seconds

  4. chad

    Whoa! Long time since I last posted. Anyone interested in a CSA share? Russell eats a lot but idk if we’d need a full share. Let me know!

    Ps if anyone needs any progenex let me know!


  5. a.Millie

    14:47 88# 6 rounds all unbroken push press, kettle swings, and row.
    maybe a minute and a half total in plank. needs improvement
    awesome 7:30 class with Chad and Cal

  6. PlayGurlPattyG

    Still very confused but 73 X 6 then down to 63 x5 for a slow lottery winning time of 17:50. I don’t know what any of this means but I had pool of sweat to clean up. I think I will be bring a swifter. Oh and I am hungry

    1. dtm

      Assuming I read this correctly, I think what you want to say is:

      17:50 @ 73# for the first round and dropped to 63# for the rest.

  7. JLee

    135 went up easy round 1. 125 barely went up round 6.
    RX on the KB but oof

    3 rounds of 1 min planks. Felt it down to my toes that last 10 seconds. (unless that means my form is broken…)

  8. Melissa TruHero

    19:27 @ 105#
    Only first round unbroken and then I died every which way possible. Couldn’t catch my breath and got an ab cramp.
    – probably too much caffeine today and not fully digested snack…need to find the right equation here.

    Cash out was smashing my ab with a ball