Tuesday, May 3rd


Tuesday, May 3rd


Benchmark WOD

Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 Kettlebell swing, 32/24
30 Pull-ups

Compare to 4/11/15. Post time to comments.

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  1. Matt

    Looks like the morning classes will be modifying this one, on account of the rain…
    I’ll have a few fun run-subbing options for you to choose from, but you’ll have to show up to find out what they are!

  2. Kim

    OMG EVA is my favorite! Old school CrossFit high volume workout! I’m bringing my rain jacket and running rain or shine at 6:30! Maybe I’ll scale to a 400m run though.

  3. elizabeth

    I threw up a little doing this workout.
    3+815 @16kg
    60 ski jumps
    40 sit ups
    20 box jumps

  4. robseda

    What a trop-ical day… Get it? Eh?
    Got through 4 rounds in 43:35 rx with the mod for run in the first round (60 lateral KB jumps, 40 lunges, 20 box jumps) and then put the jacket on and did the runs the rest of the rounds.
    Two torn hands ✔️
    Probably late for work ✔️✔️

  5. Bucky

    Eva – Sub 800m run with 60 Dubs, 40 Lunges, 20 Box Jumps

    Bucky – Beard = More Aerodynamic

    I need to try this again when my hands aren’t all ripped up from T2B. Also when it is less wet outside.

  6. Darcy

    Sub/scale city this am 😉
    3+ 803 @16kg
    Option B with 1/2 ski jumps and I did, RR.
    Woof! Feeling the deadlift from yesterday.

  7. Matt

    37:59 RX
    Strategy, enjoy myself… result: success!
    A little bit of walking up those hills, broke up the swings and pulls into 3 sets after the first round.

    Feels like I’m sweating pure h20, my body has been purified in the CrossFit fire

    Weight-in: 162.6, down a pound… omelette time

    1. Matt

      Probably not. I think Ockham’s Razor applies here:

      We don’t do more than 100 pullups very often, and our hands are not well conditioned for it.

      If you want to avoid ripping, spend a lot of time on the bar and rings, and your hands get pretty tough. You can also try mixing up your grip between your palm and the base of your fingers. And using less chalk may help. But rips happen sometimes anyway.

      I used to use a pumice stone/clip off dead skin. I don’t anymore, I think that stuff is overrated. I’m sure someone is selling a $60 CrossFit hand care kit online.

      There are a thousand articles about this issue online. Why??? Imagine if all those bloggers had just linked to a prior article… They could all have done Eva, or learned how to play a new sport, or donated blood!

      I ripped today too by the way. A shallow one on my left palm. Dr. Liz gave me some miracle salve.

  8. Muriel

    Looks like I’m missing out on all the fun! My application for my masters is due Thursday so I’m on it 24/7. But I’ll be back Friday!

  9. dtm

    5 Rounds:
    1 minute press/PP @75#
    1 minute row for calories

    I didn’t count but continued to finish 100 cals on the rower after the 10 minutes were up and then did two max sets of strict press.

  10. Melissa TruHero

    Globo gym Equinox Body Sculpt class
    – membership lady kept bugging me so I let her give me a 3-day pass

    Fully intended to go later and do some version of Eva buttttt….TBD

  11. Buy in:
    3 rounds NFT, strict:
    10 pullups
    10 ring dips
    10 t2b

    10 minute AMRAP of:
    10 overhead squats, 95
    10 bar facing burps
    – 7+8 woofadoodledoo

  12. Tapout

    4+800M Run 45:19

    Did 10 pull ups in place of 30.

    Am very excited because have not been able to kip pull ups (or any pull up) for almost a year and strung 3 at a time.
    So only 10 /round but loved all 40 of them!!

  13. angela

    Super scaled for 2nd WOD….

    400m run
    20 kbs @ 12kg
    10 ring rows

    Deliver us from Eva, Amen.

    Thanks Chad!

  14. PlayGurlPattyG

    Dear Eva, I am new to this and we will have to become friends another day. But for now, the scaled down version had me dizzy and in tears time 28:53 5 x 400m run; 8Kg x20; 10 ring rows

    Chad You rock!! Thanks for the advice and checking on me when I was coming up that hill. FYI location, location the hill out and the hill back into Metropolis Crossfit ( cried a few times saying God Please make the earth flat!!) GN

  15. ArnaldoC

    5 Rounds at 44:00

    800 Meters
    30 KB Swings at 12KG
    30 Ring Rows

    I am looking forward to building up to Eva in her final form.

    Special thanks to Chad, Angela and Patty for the support during Round 5!