Tuesday .. (not to be confused with TankTop Tuesdays! ;)


Tuesday .. (not to be confused with TankTop Tuesdays! ;)

Ed & Carlos doing what friends do… stretching together!

Strength WOD:
Snatch Pulls
5 x 3

Find a weight that’s heavy and stick with it across.
Make sure you keep your butts down and chests up.. Be patient, get the bar to the right spot, then fire the hips!

Conditioning WOD:
4 Rounds ; 30 Second Intervals:
Alternating Jump Lunges
Kettlebell Swings
AbMat Sit-Ups

**  Score is Total Reps  **

Snatch Pull Video Demo

No one gossips about other people’s secret virtues.
–  Bertrand Russell

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
–  Robert Louis Stevenson

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  1. sassypants

    The verdict is in: no meniscus tear! breathing a sigh of relief…and hitting the boxing gym tonight.

  2. lauren

    Yay, Sandy!!! Great news.

    On a related note, as much as it kills me to miss anything snatch related, my right knee is saying it needs a rest day. So I will read my Olympic lifting book and watch videos and make this up later.

  3. Jared

    awesome news sandy!

    115# for the snatch pull.

    228 for the MetCon

    Side Note: CF Open WOD #2 (snatch WOD) was a huge wake up call. My 135# snatch was disgustingly ugly and probably a bit dangerous. I am happy to be breaking down these snatches and hopefully I will be snatching my bodyweight one day.

  4. Jared

    oh yeah: I wore a sweet pink tank top. Vikram also unveiled a tank top. There are also a few surprise Triple T participants joining in next week.

  5. mcohen

    145 lbs on the snatch pull. Several sets at 115 to work on the form as well.

    I am going to give this another go at the 5:30 class to work on the form.

    178 on the metcon. Great lung burner.

  6. jmiz

    I went spinning this morning. Now I feel compelled to get a mani/pedi, have lunch at Bloomingdale’s and then overload my child with extracurricular activities. #iheartnyc

  7. stephmil

    85# on the snatch pull
    185ish on the metcon

    totally forgot it was Tuesday until Jared walked in with a pink tank on..

  8. AllisonNYC

    Seriously, what’s next?! Booty short Thursdays? Belly shirt Wednesdays? Hammer Pant (a.k.a Bodybuilding Pants) Saturdays?

    I’m officially switching Tuesday’s to suit my own wants and needs…. I’m re-declaring Tuesday as TIARA Tuesdays. Just wait for next week.

    All I know is that if I see SPAGHETTI Straps I’m kicking someone out and then Eric will be really mad at me so please.. lets not go there!! AND you guys can’t say a word when fall rolls around and I start wearing my leg warmers everyday! 😀

  9. Jared

    Allison-stop hating fun. Tank tops are what Tuesday’s are about. Sorry you hate guys that wear tank tops, but it’s what we do now.

    If you’re not careful, I may institute another special day of the week. Sleeveless Saturday, saturday v hour, shirts off Sunday. I can go on forever.

  10. brandy.pearson

    Booty short Thursdays!!!! Oh wait…..that’s every day for me according to Jeanine and Alicia.

  11. AllisonNYC

    Shirts off Sunday?? Now you’re talkin’!! Make it happen, trendsetter! 🙂

    On another awesome note.. That’s great news, Sandy! So happy to hear that. <3

  12. Stace

    snatch pull 53#
    metcon 198
    pull up still WIP so did jumpin instead.. was hoping to hit 200 but just suck at the pull up bar…

  13. Stace

    And if anyone sees a pair of skullcandy earbuds on the floor, please don’t throw them away they are mine…

  14. vicnord

    snatch pulls at 53#
    Hearing “sweet” from Brendan about any portion of my lifting form absolutely makes my day!!

    I love Olympic lifting!! It was really great to hear Cheryl Haworth last night live & in person at the viewing of ‘STRONG” state that the Olympic lifts are more about technique than heavy loads.

    metcon – 169

  15. DT

    CFM Family!!

    Thank you so much for your support over the last couple months. Your generous contributions to Standing Tall and the love you all give were pretty much what got me through the 2nd half of the Ironman run!

    Ironman was a great race, not quite as fast as I would have liked, but great nonetheless. A special special thanks to Team DTF for pushing me all day and running me in at the end. You can see them working the magic here:


    Thank you all so much!!


  16. Vikram

    Awesome job, DT.

    Pretty hilarious clip. It’s like our 6 AM banter – but in the afternoon.

    B Farrell needs to get back in here. Someone also needs to tell KPO that USA bandana headbands – when not doing Crossfit – are a litle odd (at least in New York state).

  17. Kim

    80 lb snatch pull. I was really excited for these after seeing the movie Strong last night. I think Cheryl might be just a tad stronger than me….

    MetCon: 171, I think. A few dead hangs and the remainder were Jumping pull-ups.

  18. Alicia

    awesome news Sandy!
    Great job DT!

    rest day today – totally inspired by last nights “Strong,” but when I fell asleep at work today, it was a sign I had to get to bed early.

  19. mcohen

    Friendly reminder, 6 a.m. takes it on the road on Wednesday mornings. 6:20 a.m. hot yoga, 85th & Lex. I promise you, if you have mobility issues, this is the one true answer. Please join us.

    Went back for some more snatch work this afternoon. As always, thanks to Allison & Brendan. You guys are amazing.

  20. dlede

    trying to find the right balance between CF and marathon training but today was a marathon day due to work

    6 miles at 7:33 pace, trying to work on pacing

    plan to do 2 runs 4-6 miles during the week and one long on weekend, we shall see if it works

  21. ledbelly

    155 on snatch pulls – def understand the motion, just takes practice.

    Lost count on the metcon but I did swing the 70 pound KB

  22. nicola

    63# snatch pulls
    This jumping thing is starting to click, just need more power behind it.

    Metcon: 164, Rx’d

  23. jen

    60# snatch pulls. Gotta jump harder but def feel better about getting bar to hips

    Metcon: 215 Rx’d.

  24. Tommy

    115 lbs Snatch Pulls. Starting to feel more and more comfortable.

    metcon: 219, all pull ups dead hang

  25. Melanie

    73lb snatch pulls. I think I need to focus on picking my chest up more once bar passes knees to keep bar closer to body. Thanks for the tips Allison

    197 – jumping pullups

  26. sassypants

    thanks for the comments on my knee you guys! i’m happy to not need surgery for sure! boxed for an hour and a half last night. metcon conditioning from CF definitely made 3 minute rounds feel like cake. i used to be so winded after each round, last night i felt like i had just done one of our warmups! 😉

    looking forward to joining you all for this Oly practice in a few weeks!

  27. rafael

    Snatch Pulls – 135lbs
    5 x 3

    Metcom – 198 Rx’d
    Kettle bells felt light, hit 18 on each round
    Getting the hang of kipping pullups

  28. Mike T

    Snatch pulls @ 115lbs.

    Metcon – 185 reps (but I only used a 16kg KB due to a hand tear on my last round of snatch pulls.. pull ups didn’t help that either. Not fun having an open hole in your hand)