Tuesday, November 14th


Tuesday, November 14th


5 x Max Effort Ring Dips

Then, complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:
200m row
12 burpees
24 KB swings, 32/24-kg.

Post ring dip counts and rounds completed to Comments.

5 minute superman

25 Responses

  1. Liz

    Andfit crossfit in Auckland
    Metcon 3rft: 15 front rack lunge 35kg, 10 bar facing burpees, 10 ttb – 7:59rx
    Skill: 5 sets muscle up transition
    Cash out: 120 cal assault bike in teams of 3. 5:20 rx. Split every 10 cal.

    1. Liz

      Auckland running club bar race: Chug a beer – 5k – Chug a beer. 24:10. Not puking – rx+.
      Crazy first day in New Zealand

  2. Joe

    Tempo ring dips: 3sec down, 3 up, 1 at top

    2+224 rx
    Swings were killer

    5 min Tabata with arms in various extensions

  3. robseda

    Ring dips
    Started with 3 sec down and 3 sec up- devolved into slow negatives and strict dips- all with full lockout at the top

    Metcon: 3+217 rx
    Swings: 15-9, 10-8-6, 8-8-8

    Cashout: ~3:30 accumulated Superman hold

  4. BAston

    Dips: 5 sets of 4 each round. Slow and controlled. Appreciate getting to do these at the beginning of class.

    WOD: 3 rounds rx’d. The 2 pood KB swing struggle continues.

  5. Jon M

    Dips, strict & slow

    Metcon 3rds +200m row + 6 Burpees (28kg)

    Bar muscle up work – Starting to get singles. Thanks Joe and Rob.

  6. dtm

    Accumulate 7 minutes in a plank
    *20 goblet lunges w/ 50# DB after every break
    **start with lunges.
    15:00 on the button URX

    *Slight delay starting the penultimate round due to a math brain fart.

  7. Matt

    Ring Dips, I did bench dips, those felt okay, arbitrary number for quality.

    Metcon: 4 + 127 as rx’d

    Cash-Out: 4 minutes (60 on 20 off), PR

  8. Mickey

    Dips w/ two 30″ boxes
    sets 1,3,5 (5/0/5/0) tempo, sets 2,4 max reps
    6, 35, 4, 21, 3.5

    metcon: 4 rounds subbed KBS with 50lb alt DB snatches

    cash-out: 3:30 superman

  9. Liz

    Wednesday Wod at andfit: all weights in kilo
    7x(3 snatch dl, 2 power snatch, 1 ohs): 30-30-30-25-25-25-27.5
    Metcon: hang squat snatch Isabel @25kg 5:26. About half were good and half were power snatches with an ohs

  10. Tapout

    Ring dips w/red band

    3+202 Rx

    Thanks Chad for not letting me WOD alone…

    Sporadic 5 minutes of Supermans

  11. dquat

    ring work
    1strictmu+3dips w/ turnout+neg muscle up+1strictmu+3dips w/ turnout+neg muscle up
    a little too fast thru last 2sets
    3+204 w/ kb snatch instead of swings